A rotten tree

A tree broke off and it cost me a pretty cent,

It lay over the road severely twisted and bent.

The removal was costly and a headache to boot,

Now I am deprived from the beauty of a tree and a sack of loot.


No one was hurt and I am glad of that fact,

But the electricity went out and the house went black.

No television, no computer and no lights in the dark,

Having no electricity is no a pain and no walk in the park.


Back up to snuff two days later, and we sigh in relief,

Bad karma for some transgression is not what I believe,

Just a tree eaten by termites eating and having stomachs full,

Should have been proactive and not acted like a smug fool.


The moral of the story is things get old and rot out,

Something to deal with and since there is no other route,

It is the circle of life and you take it on the chin,

Nothing else to do but accept the inevitable, age is a sin.


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