K is for Keep it real

A is for it comes around

R is for revenge

M is for Madness

A is for always


Karma is coming, and it will not be pretty,

It will be like entering the world of Walter Mitty.

You better watch out and you better be good,

Remember in the animal kingdom we all end up food.


Santa Claus is coming after waiting for a year on cold ice,

He will award you accordingly for being bad or being nice.

The Karma maker, he is, says Yoda with his schtick,

Santa can be a stroker of gentleness or give you a swift kick.


Karma in and Karma out,

Do good deeds and you will not have to pout.

But do evil and the result will not be kind,

Look under the tree and hope your gifts will be fine.


Happy Birthday Me: at seventy two I figure I can get away at my take of the best movies from Hollywood. Hope I offend no one.

Gone with the wind or Having sex at ninety
Singing in the Rain or what drugs will do for you.
Grapes of Wrath or having an allergic reaction to wine
Doctor Strangelove or the doctor you go to for that bad rash
It happened one Night or Everyone has a first time. or they have nun.
MIdnight Cowboy or Ridding the raging bronco

Doctor Zhivago or Adventures of a gynecolgist.

Rear Window A peeper film
King Kong size does matter
The Birth of a Nation tough on the mother
A Streetcar Named Desire a kinky place to make love

The Sound of Music achieving the most from a cresendo

The Third Man a threesome

Vertigo some people do not like being on top

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? everybody Richard Burton —Marc Anthony Julius Caesar —the three piggies


The putting down of the president

Whether I am a fan of the President or not is not the question.  This is so wrong.

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For some reason I find this very sad.  The President put down also puts down our country.  Can you imagine this for the head of Japan, a thing like this in Russia or even in China.  We are already the laughing stock of the world.  It is time for America to stop being the jester and be the leader.

The Case of the feet on the beach. Come Sally play on the seashore.

The human foot with part of a leg still attached that washed ashore in British Columbia last week is reportedly the 13th disembodied foot to wash up on the province’s coastline in the last decade.

Mike Johns, 56, was walking his dog along the Jordan River beach, roughly 70 miles southwest of Vancouver, when he made the grisly discovery.

“It’s just a freak thing that it happened to be here,” he told The New York Times.

The coroner’s office is examining the remains, the Vancouver Sun reports.

“Our early analysis suggests these are human remains and we will do further investigation and testing to help to determine identification in the coming weeks,” said spokesman Andy Watson.

Of the other 12 feet that have been found along the B.C. coast since 2007, 10 have been identified as belonging to people who died by accident or suicide. Another belonged to a missing man whose boat capsized more than two decades ago, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“The forensic anthropologists can be really sure of that because they can tell looking at the ends of the bones whether they disarticulated naturally or whether there’s any sign that any mechanical force has been applied to them, whether there’s any trauma, whether there’s any tool marks on them,” she said. “And none of them have had anything like that. All the evidence is pointed to just this natural articulation process.”

But some people still have questions – like why did the feet only start turning up after 2007? The answer may be advancing shoe technology. More and more sports shoes are using air pockets or light foam in their designs, which “eventually allows them to be light enough to float and to wash up on shore”.

The coast of British Columbia sees many of these cases because of tide and current patterns, according to McLintock. And while the odd foot pops up elsewhere in the world – for example, several have come ashore in Washington State – British Columbia remains in the spotlight. But McLintock has no doubt that this occurs worldwide, and not just on her coast.

“Presumably there probably are a bunch of running shoes bouncing around out there,” she said. “But no one’s ever going to find them.”


A trainer containing a foot that washed ashore in British Columbia.


Now I have tried to get into this story with an open mind.  Questions surface to my non detective brain.

It was postulated that the shoe floats and the leg had somehow got parted from the body by decomposition.  Sounds real right?  I mean some shoes float and the body decomposes.  But why only feet?  If it is based on the bouncy of a shoe test the theory with Myth Busters.  The article states ten cases are accidental or suicides.  That leaves seven unknown.  How did they determine the accidents?

Who committed suicide?  No names, no identification or just speculation.  This article is so poorly written with no real validity that it proofs no research was done.  Why feet?  And if noe theory is a shoe or sneaker why not both feet?  Do any of the feet match and are therefore from one person.  Is there any proof on nationality here.  Send the bones to the Bone Institute at the Smithsonian.  Sounds like third class detectives at work.

Life in a broken bottle

Everybody out there wants a piece of me.

Every section of my body from my brain to my knee.

My brain they want to pickle it for science,

My blood for its cholesterol in analysis.


My eyes so a blindman can see,

My remaining ashes to be thrown out to the sea.

My bank account to be hammered by IRS,

My accomplishments to be examined like a test.


My car will sit there to rust and eventually crumble,

My legacy written on the gravestone, not ornate but humble.

All my possessions to be distributed to my relatives who acted like a vulture,

A blip on the screen of life, a smear on the concept of culture.


And in time no one will remember that I even existed,

The truth of my life distorted by time and so twisted.


Christmas Ornament and Tradition: A Christmas story for you

It was in the family for over one hundred years. A statute about one foot tall of Santa carrying a bag of toys. It was old and the paint was fading. It had a few chips in it. It had originally come over from the old country when our original ancestors had come to America. Now there were generations of their offspring. The Santa was given to a family for a few days at a time during the month of December. Some families got it the next year or the year after that. To have it for December twenty-fifth was a high honor.

We had it for the week before Christmas Night. It was at the base of our tree. Mother was so proud to have it. I did not understand the fuss around this glass reminder of the past. Big deal.

And then while fooling around with my younger brother, he was ten, and I eleven, well the ball we were tossing around bounced funny. We did not mean it. I swear it. But it hit Santa square and he busted into a hundred pieces. My brother and I were scared. We were afraid we would be beaten or at least thrown out of the family.

We went into the kitchen to tell Momma what had happened. Dad was still at work but coming home soon. She was rolling the pie crest with a rolling pin. My brother was crying like a baby, I wiped away some dirt that was at the corner of my eye. She turned a shade of white and her hand on the rolling pin seemed to squeeze and her veins in her arm stood out. Then she sighed.

A release of some sort occurred and she said for us not to be upset.

She went into the living room and with a broom and dust pan gathered all the pieces. She dumped them into a paper bag and then told us to go to our room.  She would explain the situation to Dad when he got home.

Dad came home an hour later.  We heard the door downstairs. Then in a few minutes he was out again. We cautiously went down stairs and asked Momma where he went. She explained he was going to Uncle Roberts factory where he made dishes. And that was it. No yelling, no fuss, no end of the world.

The next day was Saturday and we piled into the car and went to Uncle Roberts factory. There we saw many of our relatives. Uncle Robert had made ornaments for the Christmas trees of the many families that were our relatives. In each clear ornament was a  piece of the original Santa. Now instead of a Santa passed around from one family to the next, we all had an ornament for our trees.

It happened so long ago. Now many years later, I have my own family. I take out our ornament with our piece of Santa in it and hang it on the tree and explain the significance to my children. My wife says that when I do that I wipe my eyes, the dust you know. And then again, I think of my departed Momma and the wisdom she showed on that day so long ago.

Publishing books

Finally, I took the time and published two books.  They are both on  Amazon.com

Go to Amazon, go to books.  Type in Short Stories and other stuff and my second book will come up.  It is a compilation of material I used on my blog for the past five years.  I kept the price low.  It is a great read for people on the go.  Short stories are only one to three pages long.  I hope you guys like it.

The other venture I did was a serial killer novel with a twist.  It is only a hundred or so pages.  If you are into serial killers give it a try.  Finally I am in the pursuit of doing my third venture.  It is a trilogy on the birth of a Jew and the history he goes through from 1900 to the birth of Israel.  I figure it will take me the next six months to do it.  If you do buy one of the books please let me know if you liked it.

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I would appreciate feedback and can be reached at awax@tampabay.rr.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.  If you want to know how I published the books please let me know.  It is not hard and you can do it easily and for little money involvement.


Almost finished with the third book.  It is called The Wandering Jew and is about the birth of a Jew in Russia and his forced exit to America.  It has Rasputin, the tsar, and American gangsters in it.  It has taken me over eight months to get it down on paper.

Big question.  I am looking at putting my work on Kindle.  Anybody have any suggests on doing that?  Is it worth it?