What is in the still of the night?  Is it a person standing in a booze still at midnight?

If a Chinese person has the first name starting with A. and is a Lee is he alee.

Hail ale should be the name of a beer.

Does one beat a drum eating beets?

What is the purpose of a penny?  They cost more than a nickel to make.


Becoming a Man Part Two. The Chai.

Bat Mitzvah in Tampa this afternoon.  My Grandson, Michael is joining the ranks of manhood.  Suit time. 

There are some events which stand out as you run the roads of life.  Some are great and some not so great.  There are things to check off.

My Grandfather taught me how to drive.  I wondered now how he had the patience to do that.

Dating was a nightmare.  No one teaches you anything that helps.  You fumble at it like a football game.

Accepting the fact that you have to pay the bills as  they come in a deluge into your hands is another thing you learn.

Accepting that most of the time you are not in the drivers seat but just a passenger in the car is another thing one learns with time.

What to tell my Grandson?   What are your suggestions?

P.S.  It was a grand time but also sad.  Michael’s mom is in the hospital and they tried to pod cast it to her.  It was a presence that was sweet and bitter in the atmosphere of the ceremony.  There were no dry eyes in the temple.  Hankies were in everyone’s hand.

The Rabbi was amazed at my Grandson.  He learned a years worth of work in a month to accomplish the readings.  He was fantastic.  Now, Michael is a man.  Actually it is a rite of passage.  But the words said, Pride is the only word I can describe my Grandson with.  Today, Sunday is the party.  We gave our Grandson a Chai.

Chai, which means “Life” is one of the most recognizable symbols of Judaism. Comprised of the letters Chet and Yud, together they form the word “Chai” – a word that reflects the importance of life in Judaism. The “ch” in Chai is pronounced like the -ch in the word, “Bach” and NOT like the “ch” in the word “choo-choo.”

According to the Gematria, a Jewish mystical tradition that assigns a numerological value to Hebrew letters, the Chet has a value of 8 and the Yud has a value of 10, adding up to the number 18 (Hebrew is read from right to left). Because of this, the number 18 represents good luck and gifts are often given in multiples of Chai, or 18. It symbolizes giving the recipient the gift of “life” or luck.

The Chai symbol is often worn on a necklace, like other Jewish symbols such as the Star of David and the hamsa. It is a popular symbol also seen in sculptures, paintings, plaques, and tapestries.

May he wear it well.


  • Chai: Hebrew Symbol of Life Embroidery Design


The day after Valentine’s Day

It is the day after Valentine’s Day and the gloves are off,

Time to get back to the love and hate relationships of life, matel tov.

Why Do People Have to Harp?

Why do people yell, scream and carp?

It is bad enough when you are right but then you continue to gloat,

You harp on and on and force the fact you are right down my throat.

It does not matter what the subject is or whether it matters or not,

I just resent it like hell when you constantly act like the big shot.

You won the battle now rub my nose in it till it is raw and bloody,

It is a clear cut victory for you and now I am battered and muddy.

I need a break to come back to a semblance of ego,

I need a win of some sorts, a moment to say BINGO.

So the next time we fight for whatever the cause or the fact,

Give me a chance to win, make this a kind of conciliatory act.

Remember I need a win for the Gipper in me,

Something I can put under my Christmas tree.

Okay I will admit you win in ninety percent of the cases that is true,

But let me win once in a while and remember that it is because I love you.

Life is a bowl of cherries

I will lie on occasions to suit my whim of fancy,

To conjure up some imaginary twist on a life dull and boring,

How many of us exaggerate the fish we supposedly caught,

How many of us have lied about that which we bought.

My diamond ring on my finger is bigger than yours,

My vacation had the most wonderful tours,

My life is that of Riley and my silver spoon tastes grand,

My hotel is on the ocean so I can have access to the beach and sand.

I am the best, I am above all the rest and you should be envious of my position,

Life was a blessing from the start and I am the apple of Gods eye, life is my mission.

But the truth is a tug at the heart of the root.

One who proclaims greatness is on his horn,  just a toot.

Life is grime and pain and bruises, with shame.

Life is not pristine and its nuances will give you pain.

Just as you ascend the top of the world someone dumps crap on your parade,

You find out that life is a game which has chutes and ladders and circumstance to how it is played.

You can do all the right things, get fortune and fame,

You can have the big house and that trophy wife, who is like a flame,

And then something dumb happens and you get egg on your face,

Such is life, my friend, get ready for blood on your face.

A love poem for Valentine

From the archives of his mind buried in the folds of the frontal lobe,

On the back burner of his thought processes, located on a slow cook stove.

Was the song he composed to a love so dear, gone forever, never to be seen again, I fear.

It had been a love of his young life, then the war interrupted his romance,

He was rushed to the front and they never had their last dance.

The war was brutal and he came back rough and off beam,

He was back only a day and in a bar there was a murder, a horror scene.

And before he knew it the prison walls were his home and he lost sight of his old love.

Thirty years and finally pardoned, he went back to the world he knew little of.

Old now, withered and wrinkled, an old man in a rocking chair,

In an old age home alone, no hopes, no brightness there,

And they placed him on a balcony with an old lady with a hat,

She also in a wheel chair and a blank stare, a harsh issue and fact.

They died that day within ten feet of each other,

Two old to remember their love, their minds filled with clutter.

They had no relatives to speak of and buried in a potter’s grave,

No memory of their love remains, nothing of them saved.

We come, we go, some go fast and some go slow.

But in the ocean of life and the tides that rule our direction on the waves,

We bump into each other and for that moment we are saved,

And then time comes and leaves and we are adrift again on the sea,

And all that is left on our lips is remember me, remember me!

Liars Galore

Throughout history we have the stars of evil and hate,

Some are draped in a flag and some declare their men of fate.

They promise to correct the situation at hand,

They promise to take the moral and correct stand.


But I have seen these men and women before,

They lie out of both side of their mouths, Bastards galore.

Once in office they veer off the course of truth,

They are like the precious drink made of vermouth.


It tastes good going down and then there is the pain in the gut.

These people lie to us by the dozen lie a road with a rut.

I will make this country grand again and we will have everything you need,

We will have health insurance, a great economy, defeat ISIS and all this with speed.


Do I believe them?, I surely want them to be true.

But I have heard this rhetoric before, it is not new, out of the blue.

Man I am tired of this election and the half truths of all concerned,

These people treat us like children and the ashes of the pyre does burn.

Bad Day

The worse day ever and I feel beat down,

Nothing went right, I was like an unfunny clown.

I lost at a scratch off, and my numbers did not come in,

I lied to my wife and that is an unpardonable sin.


My car had a dead battery, and when I got it charged,

It would not move because of no gas, stuck in the garage.

I was late to work but it did not matter,

I was fired and packed up my desk, my boss the mad hatter.


My kids got in trouble at school and I got the call I dread,

From the Principal, a person named Doctor Fred,

Skipped classes and talked back to the teach,

One day my boys skipped school and went to the beach.


It was late at night and I laid down for the night,

A bad day for me and a day to forget, out of sight.

The next morning seemed better and I awoke like a bat out of hell,

I had a good day, an angel visited me and rang my bell.