Some Cat words that do not stray from the mark.

Alley cat – A stray or homeless cat.

The “alley” portion probably refers to prostitutes, who at one point literally carried a mattress around with them.  The “cat” probably alludes to the mating habits of female cats.

This probably includes a reference to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


As nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs The problem is the tail.  I guess the Lynx is safer in that room.


Cat burglar – A nimble, silent, sneaky thief

Refers to the way cats are able to sneak up and steal their prey

Cary Grant had cat features in To Cat-ch a Thief.


Caterwauling – Making harsh noises or cries

Probably came from Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night: “What a caterwauling do you keep here!”  (see also Cat’s cats / cat’s melody / cats in chorus)

Shakespeare was a cat lover.


Cat got your tongue – Why aren’t you talking?

The phrase probably comes from a custom in the Mideast hundreds of years ago, when it was common to punish a thief by cutting off their right hand, and a liar by ripping out their tongue.  These severed body parts were given to the king’s pet cats as their daily food.

Sounds delicious.


Catnap – Sleeping for a short period of time

Reference to the ability of a cat to sleep frequently and lightly

Humans take catnaps. Deep down we have cat imbedded in our DNA.


Cat o’nine tails – A whip

In olden days, people were flogged by a nasty device made up of three separate knottings of three stands attached to the whip’s handle. While the strands may have been made from the hide of cats, the multiple of 9 had already been associated with cats; presumably if a person being flogged survived, they were as lucky as a cat with 9 lives.

Whipped like cream.


Cat’s pajamas – Something considered to be outstanding

The term “cat’s pajamas” comes from E.B. Katz, an English tailor of the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, who made the finest silk pajamas for royalty and other wealth patrons.  Nothing like a cat nap in Kat’z pjs. (from the book, “Cats out of the Bag” compiled by Terry, Don and Ken Beck)
Alternative:  A slang phrase coined by Thomas A. Dorgan in the 1920s when the word “cat” was used as a term to describe the unconventional flappers from the jazz era. This was combined with the word pyjamas (a relatively new fashion in the 1920s) to form a phrase used to describe something that is the best at what it does, thus making it highly sought and desirable.

Cat’s paw – To be labeled a “cat’s paw” means someone has taken advantage of you and you weren’t smart enough to “cat”ch on.   Also (for sailors): Cat’s paw means a brisk, skittish breeze that might catch you unawares ~ the way a playful cat might paw you.

The phrase has its origins in an old folk tale in which a clever monkey tricks a cat into reaching into a fireplace to pull out some roasting chestnuts.  The monkey got the chestnuts, but the cat got burned.

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Beware the mutant cat.


We are fascinated with the cat, the soothing purr,

The amazing colors mixed or not of the fur.

An animal of amazing grace,

Almost a half of the world has members of their race.

Types abound and names vary,

They cross the lines of dynamic or merry.

Whiskers used to determine the width of a hole,

They are soft and cuddly as if an extension of our sole.

And there are some feral and alone,

Hiding in mans world gnawing on the rat and his bone.

Petting them and hearing the purr,

Puss and Boots with soft grace, against the cur.

Love is deep

My love is deeper than the sea,

I would swim it but I cannot swim.

I would climb the highest mountain,

But I get dizzy with heights.

I would write the great novel,

But my spelling is poor.

I would prove my love in so many ways,

But I know you know I love you.

I do not have to prove anything,

I am one lucky guy.

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Phases of Life

When I was a young lad working and being in school,

I fantasied being retired and having no worry and nothing to do.


No money problems, no issues, no one nagging me to the core,

No problems to confront me, no nay -sayers hanging around.


Then I hit thirty, three kids and a wife anchored me in the sea,

I had learned that my penis had a function more than to pee.


I worked three jobs to get through those precious years of strife,

Worked from the early morning to the nighttime and cursed my life.


At forty I figured I was getting ahead of the game,

Gray hairs started to appear and my mind heard voices, how inane.


At fifty I looked forward to retirement and at sixty I tried it for a while,

But the bills kept a coming and the IRS man had a crocodile smile.


And then at sixty- five I figured I was done and could sit in the rocker with no care,

Stupid me, bald and toothless, the mind drifting to senility, life is not fair.


Now I am seventy- one and back to work, the body needs to move,

The mind needs to be worked, stop and die, stay in the groove.


No more thoughts of the rocker, I see it as a place to die,

I seek the tranquility of using the body and mind, as I soar towards the sky.

Things I find hard to believe.

There are two sides to every story.  Most people can rationalize their position.  Even if  it sounds nutty to me or someone else, to them it sounds true.  One in four Americans favor Trump even after he has done countless strange things which have caused drama.  They view him as a savior to America and nothing one can say will change that.

Remember Trump said, “I can shoot someone on the street and my people will be okay with that”  Remember the statement, “I can group women because they allow me that privilege”  Remember all those who are his friends are on a string which can break at any time.  Our leader is flawed and will lie.  To him the flaws are his strength and the lies are excused because in his mind they are truths.

This is not something rare.  I saw this in teaching many times.  One child hits the other and the other retaliates  It gets out of hand quickly.  Neither child can understand the other child’s mind set.

But this is drama and meanwhile nothing is being done in our stagnated Congress.

In fact Congress reminds me of a stagnated pool.  Drain it and treat it for mosquitoes.  But the new water is contaminated by the putrid water and soon back to zero.

How do we resolve this?  And where can we find a few good men and women who will vote with their conscious and not be affected by the evil of power and position?

Every country had a golden age and then it collapsed.  I fear that there are cracks in our golden age and the brass is showing through.  Will the two sides ever work together?

I feel that a secret ballot could be used.  This way the congress people will be able to vote and no one will know how they voted.  Just a thought.

Where am I in life? An update to my condition.

I am now seventy one.  I have blogged for over three years, about two to four times a day.  I have over twenty thousand hits and over five hundred people who read some of my blogs.  I notice that some people tend to come and go.  They get into the blogging concept and then go away for a while or drop out completely.  Blogging seems to me like fun and I hope you are entertained by my writings.  I tend to preach to much, educate some and go off on a rant every once in a while.  I have gotten a small full time job at an amusement park.  I live in Winter Haven so you can give the place a name.  Orlando is up the road.  I have met people from all over the world.  We are not the same.  We have some connecting values but there are nuances.  I have learned that many people do not like puns, some hate jokes and no one likes to be made fun at.  I will endeavor to put that into practice on my blog.  I never mean to offend but something said in jest can come off badly.  I love comments.  It gives me an indication what you like or do not like and I can reflect that in the blog.  I am thrilled to have met some of you in cyberspace.  You are a fantastic bunch of people.


I was a teacher for over forty years.  They went by fast.  Some were good years and some not so good.  I taught seventh grade (in Florida it is called Middle School).  I did my best and sometimes it worked and some times I felt depressed and feeling I had not accomplished anything.  I also taught at the college level.  I liked this because the students wanted to learn.  Discipline was not an issue.  It was rewarding because you can see dreams being realized.  I also did summer school, recreation, and taught tennis.  I have worked a salad bar in a restaurant, sold insurance and even worked in a convenience store.  As I was growing up I worked with stocks and bonds at Lehman Brothers and for my Grandfather making jewelery at his plant in New York City.  I have shoveled snow, flown in a copter, and collect baseball cards for my Grandson.  I like blogging because it activates my brain cells.  I hope you like my stuff because I do go all over the table and beyond.  I like sci-fi, dislike real horror stores and like my blood thin.  My family tree is slender to say the least and many in it disowned me many years ago.  I know grief and disappointment on a first name basis.  I have been to many funerals, a few weddings and a lot of birthday parties.  We grow old and the circle of life is real.

In the beginning I taught at two junior high schools in BedSty Brooklyn, New York.

I am married, three children, and three grandchildren.  All in all life has been interesting and I wish to share my experiences and thoughts on this blog.  There have been ups and downs.  Would I change anything?  Probably.  Any rate if I can put a smile on your face I will feel good about this blog.

It is time to add to my about.  I have in the past six  months blogged pretty much every day.  Sometimes two or three posts a day.  I try to vary my posts, some funny, some just fluff and one post on the educational system as I view it.  I am being listened to again just as I was in the classroom and that is most satisfying. You may agree with me or not but most of you have been gentle and nice.  Thank you for the hits and like selections I appreciate them.  Your humble servant Barry

An add on to my about.  I have the honor to state I receive an award for my volunteer work at the Winter Haven Theater.  It was really fun to be recognized for some good work.  It made my day. You can look it up on the internet and see the issue with me in it, back page.  It also keeps me active as does the blogging which stimulate the brain cells.  I have done my best to get back to everyone and if I miss I do not mean to. It is purely an oversight.  Please feel free to make comments for that is the only way I know what is liked or not.


P. S.  I got a few comments that I used big letters.  I tend to use #16 instead of the common #12 because at 67 I do not see as well.  It aids me to correct my numerous mistakes.  Unfortunately many of you young people may understand that in thirty or forty years.  Now I am older and I am considering going to #18.  If I keep blogging I may one day hit #25.  Sincerely, Barry

I am working the elections.  The governor race in Florida is big here and so is the amendment two on the issue of Pot.     We give out those little stickers that state you voted and people take them with pride.  There is something about voting which is really important to people.  Those who do will understand this.  Those who do not are missing out.  It is important to count.  You are not alone.  You have importance.  It is funny an old man in a walker comes in.  He has voted in every election since the World War.  He takes pride in it.  Yet the young take it as why bother.  To me he is the poster child of the election process.  He will vote even with pain and will smile when he gets the sticker.  I wish the youth would understand the mental picture of that man.

The elections are over.  A lot of people voted but on the other hand a lot did not.  I guess if we loss the right to vote it will be missed.  We had in Florida a race for gov. which was quite close.  The pot issue was up for vote.  Yet over half stayed home.  .  Absentee voting was heavy.  Yet people did not put in the few minutes of time to register how they felt about the issues.  How do we get people involved?  It is beyond me.

Back to Lego Land.  Where smiles are the daily activity.  Been doing a lot of island in the sky.  I like going up one hundred and fifty feet and viewing the scene.    Still going strong even with the stroke twelve years ago.  I recovered and think I am back to ninety percent.  I lost ninety pounds and Lego Land is a place I workout at.

Life is a mystery.  Now my daughter in law has recurrent colon cancer and that is tough.  Her attitude is good and the chemo treatments seem to be abating the cancer.  We all feel for her.  But her spirits are good and she is planning a big Thanksgiving get together.  And then she died.  It hurt.  She was a kind person and we will miss her.  My son is now a widower and my Grandson lost his mother.  Life is never fair.

Adding to about.  I am lucky to have landed a full time position at Legoland.  I am working for the resort.  I have gone into it and it is awesome.  I am extremely excited to help open up this resort.  Did this for two years and then my heart gave out.  Went in for a triple by pass two months ago.  Surgery is a bitch.  No real pain but you realize you are just a piece of meat with some brain cells.  Tomorrow I get my echo test and if it is okay I go back to Lego Land.