The enticement of gold and the greed doth unfold,

Some many have died and so many have given up their soul,

The illusion of wealth has plummeted the value of life and taken its toll,

Who gathers the wealth and then says I have had enough,

No to walk away from the riches that is the issue that is tough,

You have the cars with tremendous speed,

The house on the hill and all the furniture you need.

The model wife and two kids with plenty,

Yet the dollars must multiply for the need corrupts many.

Enough is not enough, the vault must overflow,

The fear of losing the dough is more than one can know.

And yet there are many with no food in their gut,

Just a meal would suffice and maybe a butt.

A cup of Joe would be nice and maybe a sweet,

There is such a discrepancy rich and poor, where do they meet?

In the hospital bed lies a rich man with money in the bank,

He is now dying from eating so much that is body doth stank,

His liver bloated and his lungs filled with fine smoke,

His urine has blood, and his breathe doth choke,

And in attendance is an aide who barely makes a living wage,

He has the body of a Greek God and his mind has sage.

And as the rich man chokes on his spittle and wishes to live,

He envies the aide and would give anything to be him.

Rich man, poor man, beggar man and thief, we are all the same,

Blood, tissue and flesh, a mind that is bordering on sanity or the insane.

We fear death and yet it is inevitable and around the corner with glee,

Immortality is a dream and not reachable for the rich or poor or alas not even me.

The cat’s meow

The cat purrs and then meows,

He has my attention and so I bow,

To pet his soft furry skin,

To hear his sound and see his sly grin.

For he is my friend and rarely complains,

And then he communicated with me, am I insane,

He did not say meow, he spoke and I listened,

His eyes were bright, they almost glistened,

Sharing the Secret (bulimia)

He complained the cat food was really bland,

That I need to buy him something else, a better can,

I went to the store and bought the best that they had,

It had salmon and tuna in it and it was grand,

I paid a pretty penny for it and put it in the dish,

I figured he would find it swell, it smelled like fish.

But up his nose went and he said it stunk,

He said he would not eat it, I went into a funk,

What you wish, I said in desperation,

I want the food of champions, the best in the nation,

Vegetables mashed in a can of perfection,

I want a mixture of them and the best selection,

I want Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli in a special sauce,

He told me as if I was the peasant and he was the boss,

So I cooked the veggies he wished and mashed them into a dish,

He ate it and thanked me and said it was delish,

So now the situation is reversed and I cow tow to him,

My cat has got the best deal, life is a whim.

A man called Able and his admission to the toil of work

It’s all my fault and I am ready to admit it,

My body aches when I exercise for I did not stay fit,

My stomach growls and my heart burn burns,

My head is throbbing and my neck aches when it turns.

I ate too much crap and called it a meal,

The money spent on it was added up and it is surreal,

The MacDonald’s now cost a paycheck and a half,

Burger King and Wendi’s expenditure, proof that I am daff.

Eating out is not the pleasure it was,

I Hop is expensive and the food is meek,

Eggs and pancake mix must be at a price peak,

And coffee at Seven Eleven is a hard hit just for one cup,

I can afford only one cup and that is at dinner’s sup,

The gasoline I put in my tank makes my engine roar,

But the cost of it makes my bank account hit the floor.

Nothing is cheap and that is no lie,

Water is bottled and price tagged, I just want to die.

I work for the man night and day,

Tennessee Ernie Ford was right you cannot have it your way,

It is sixteen tons and I owe my soul to the company store,

Publix has my soul and my body is slumping to the floor,

I would declare my independence from the daily toil,

But that would mean burial and I cannot afford the coffin and soil,

So it is off to work I go, a smile on my face, and a Hi Ho like the dwarfs of fable,

I will work myself everyday as long as I am Able.

My annoying wife

My Wife is Annoying

Cartoon illustration of an angry elderly lady  Stock Vector - 17375762

My wife annoys me when she says I cannot drink soda,

It has sugar, aerated water and is not good for you.

My wife is annoying when she condemns sandwiches with meat,

They are filled with nitrates, fillers, and other poisons that are not good for you.

My wife is annoying when she made me quite smoking my pipe,

You have asthma and you need to stop bringing crap into your lungs.

My wife is extremely annoying when she made me give up cheese,

I use to love the stuff but she says it has too much cholesterol and salt.

My wife annoys me by making me take walks and doing some exercises,

The body needs to be stretched and you need you need to work on circulation.

Because of my wife I probably will live longer.

Her annoying is because she loves me and wants me around.

For that reason she can be annoying as she wants.

And I thank her.

A short story with a twist ala O’Henry.

The shaman was faced with a dilemma. The British were on the hill and fortified. His village was in jeopardy. They were armed with guns and bullets and his villagers only had their spears. He needed a way to get them to attack the British. Going uphill was not the problem. The men of the village were warriors and in good shape. But against bullets?

He devised his plan. He had the women of the village make a necklace with a bead hanging in the middle. He then presented the necklaces to the men and blessed the amulets. He said that if the men truly believed they would be protected from the bullets. He then had the men dance around the fire and drink from the plant that made them exceedingly high.

Now high and protected the men of the village attacked. They went slow for they feared for their lives.

The British on the hill saw the villagers and figuring to scare them shot over their heads.

The bullets whizzed by and the villager men held the spears up and with the other hand grabbed their amulets. The amulets had obviously protected them. They gained speed and moved swifter. Then the British had no choose. They fired directly into the villagers and some bullets hit their mark.

But now the villagers figured that those hit had not believed and that is why they were hit.

Within minutes they took the hill. On return to the village they were in belief that the shaman was most powerful and it was he who had given them the ability to defeat a mighty enemy.

Puns for fun of it.

On an island of the Cyclops do they drive on the left or right side of the road?

How one act does when a person is subservient to others, are they underwater?

In financial terms does ones money get wet when they are under water?

Did Donald Meek have any roles where he did not act meek?

If the teller at the bank disclosed information can they be sued for telling?

Is finishing school a school for those who are Finnish?

Does one toil when one works with the soil? Old MacDonald therefore was a toiler and he had a farm with e,i,e,i,o. Five business partners who were silent but put up the money for farm operations?

They paid for the equipment that split the peas.   They chiseled the granite with Deere Plows? Bambi protested but she did it because she was a peaceful doe.

If one is rolling in dough are they rolling with Bambi?

If one has a duck factory is it a down enterprize?

Why does one Lick the Split, lickity split?

Was the Thin Man in Thinner?

Did the asp that killed Cleo bite her in the ass?

I had whole milk in a teacup? Should it not have been whole tea?

How does one drink Scotch? Does he puree a Scotchman?

Was King Kong a royal ape?

The destruction of Love

It is just a word, simple and true but the feeling behind it is strong,

The word itself is just a few letters but sometimes it is interpreted wrong.

The word is Love and it sometimes means hate,

Go to most divorces and see if you could relate.

Yes, there was love and maybe that is why hate is in the air,

For now there is mistrust, cheating and pulling hair,

Violence at times and meanness personified,

Words spit out with venom, no love has now been denied.

We hate to be betrayed and yet it is rampant out there,

It has caused destruction of relationships, behind the back with little care,

Cheating on the person we said we would spend the rest of our lives with,

Now the cause of many marriage failures and that divide the divorce split.

We worked so hard to create an endowment of trust,

We shared a bank account and credit cards, joint custody a must,

And now we linger in a limbo of mistrust and denial,

We now have a grimace where instead was a smile.