Stats of the earthquakes of Mexico

 Stats of the earthquakes of Mexico.  Sad to have a city built on a lake bed.  But the story of Mexico City is tradition.  They saw a snake in a cactus eating a snake and that is why they built the city where it is today.  One stat messes with me.  1985 and the dead are between 5,000 and 40.000.  Why such a weird figure?  Certainly you can figure out how many died within a hundred.  Such a span and the question is why?  Anybody have an explanation?  Yesterdays stats look really bad for so many are buried under the rubble.  Pray for the people and hopefully some will be found alive.

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Date Area Mag. MMI Deaths Injuries Total damage / notes
2017-09-19 Puebla 7.1 Mw VIII 248 800+
2017-09-07 Chiapas 8.1 Mw IX 98 300 Tsunami
2014-04-18 Guerrero 7.2 Mw VII 1
2012-03-20 Guerrero, Oaxaca 7.4 Mw VII 2 11
2011-12-10 Guerrero 6.5 Mw VII 3 10
2011-05-05 Guerrero 5.7 Mw VI
2010-06-30 Oaxaca 6.2 Mw 1
2010-04-04 Baja California 7.2 Mw VII 2–4 100–233 $1.15 billion
2009-04-27 Guerrero 5.8 Mw V 2
2003-01-22 Colima 7.5 Mw VIII 29 300 Severe / tsunami
1999-09-30 Oaxaca 7.4 Mw VIII 35
1999-06-15 Tehuacán 7.0 Mw 14
1995-10-21 Chiapas 7.1 Mw VI
1995-10-09 Colima, Jalisco 8.0 Mw VIII 49–58 100 Tsunami
1995-09-14 Guerrero 7.4 Mw VII 3
1985-09-19 Mexico City 8.1 Mw IX 5,000–45,000 30,000 Extreme / tsunami
1981-10-25 Michoacán 7.2 Mw 3
1980-10-24 Oaxaca 7.0 Ms 300
1979-10-15 Baja California 6.4 Mw IX 91
1973-08-28 Puebla, Veracruz 7.0 ML VIII 539–1,000 Thousands Severe
1973-01-30 Colima 7.5 Ms 56 390 Moderate / non-destructive tsunami NGDC
1968-08-02 Guerrero, Oaxaca 7.3 VII
1965-08-23 Oaxaca 7.5 Mw 6
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Three foods associated with the Jewish people

Classic Gefilte Fish recipe



  1. Place the reserved bones, skin, and fish heads in a wide, very large saucepan with a cover. …
  2. Slice 1 onion in rounds and add along with 3 of the carrots. …
  3. Place the ground fish in a bowl. …
  4. Add the eggs, one at a time, the remaining teaspoon of salt, pepper, and the cold water, and mix

Matzoh Ball Soup Recipe

Bring the salted water to a boil. Add the matzoh balls, cover, and cook for 20 minutes (don’t even peek!). Bring the chicken broth to a simmer. Remove matzoh balls from hot water with a slotted spoon and add to the simmering chicken broth just a few minutes before serving.

Matzo Brei Recipe



  1. Take the matzo and break into small pieces into a bowl. Cover with hot water for a minute. Then squeeze out the water.
  2. In a small bowl, beat one egg with salt and pepper to taste and add to matzo. Mix well.
  3. Heat frying pan with a little oil. Pour mixture into the pan. Brown one side and turn over.

Eat this for a nosh to remember






The run around with a filter for a refrigerator.

The hurricane put our freezer into a fit.  It seemed to mess up the cycle to make ice cubes.  So, we went to home depot to ask them what to do.  Replace the filter for the freezer.  We brought the number of the fridge to them and they looked up the filter on their computer.  We bought it.  It cost around fifty bucks.

Then we bought the filter back to the house.  We searched for hours where to put the device.  We looked on the internet on how to install it.  Nothing worked.  Hours went down the drain.

And then we called the refrigerator company and to our surprise our fridge does not use a filter.  So why do you ask did the home depot sell us a filter?  We bought it back and got a full refund.  But how do you get back hours spent wasted to find out something that does not exist.

Round and round, we go and we do not catch our tail.

I bet this has happened to a lot of us.  What do you think.

Here is the fridge giving us the fingers!

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Tongue or french kissing a cow, sheep or pig

Pork Tongue


Tongue is a lean meat usually from veal, beef, sheep or pig. Many people don’t look the look of it, or the texture, saying it is too chewy, but if it’s cooked properly, it shouldn’t be chewy.

The Mexican Tongue

Tongue is usually peeled after cooking, then sliced thinly and served cold in sandwiches. In Mexico, tongue meat is used in “tacos de lengua

The Jewish Tongue


Have you ever had a tongue sandwich at a deli? If not please go have one now because they are becoming extinct. Jewish deli food like tongue sandwiches, chopped liver, pickled salmon and kippered lox has been dying out as all the elderly Jews have..uh..moved on. I remember going to the Rascal House in Miami with my great grandparents as a child and waiting in long lines to eat. Then when they were no longer here I went with my grandparents – no lines. Now they are out of business and replaced with an upscale supermarket.

The only people left who eat this food are elderly Jews retiring in Miami or younger ones like me who grew up in the NYC metro area and ate appetizing Sunday morning and stuffed derma at the Delicatessen. Since I moved to Florida though all the Florida raised Jews I met who are my age haven’t even heard of this stuff and it really is a shame they missed out on all this good stuff. It is available in South Florida if you search for it but the Jewish Deli food culture doesn’t surround you naturally like it does out in Long Island or the Lower East Side.

The Marble

I loved my grandfather.  I tried to emulate him and hold up his high standards.  He worked extremely hard.  When he died I was devastated.

But then something happened that tore me apart.  He left everybody a lot of money.  But his favorite grandson got a small amount of $100 and a marble.  I was pissed.  Was our relationship strained with something I did not know about?

Time passed and I grew up.  The $100 went quickly on something stupid.  The marble was put in my crap drawer where I put all sorts of nonsense.  I went to college going deeply in debt, got married and had three kids and went further in debt.  I was drowning in debt.

Just as I thought it could not get any worse.  It did.  My wife needed an operation and our insurance had a high deductible. I sold everything I could.  I put all the jewelry and put it in a bag.  I emptied what I thought could be valuable from the crap drawer and added it to the bag.  I went to the pawn shop and sold everything I could.  The pawn broker opened the jewelry bag and examined its contents.

Most of the jewelry was cheap stuff and I did not get a lot for it.

But then he looked at that stupid marble and uttered, “Damn!” “You have here an Onion Skin Blizzard Marble. I will give you five grand for it.”

I accepted the offer as a loan.  The deductible was covered and my wife recovered.

I worked diligently to pay off the five grand and the interest.  That marble now meant the world to me.  My grandfather had not slighted me but given me an heirloom and that would now go from the crap drawer to a nice box in the China cabinet.

Sometimes you lose sight of what is important.

Onion Skin Blizzard Marble

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See the sea cucumber

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Years ago I had a friend, Danny Wong.  There was a group of us and we hung around together.  Danny was a good guy and we really never made a big deal that he was Chinese.  Years later he got married to a wealthy family who owned a huge restaurant.
The guys were invited to the festivities at this restaurant.
We ate food that was foreign to us.  There was rice with birds heads in it.  A soup made with eels and the thing above.  Sea cucumber.  It tasted like plastic with lubricant on it.
That happened years ago.  I figure at least fifty years ago.  Life is strange with bumping into people like ships in the night.  Most drift away.  And so it goes.