Death be Kind

When we die should it not be on a high note?

The tenor voice or the soprano scream of primal rage.

The point of no return, the moment of anguish,

The reading of the final book and its very last page.


Should we not go out in dignity with family around the bed?

With love in the room and not a word of negativity thought or said.


But that would be the unrealistic world for many die in the heat of battle,

We think of ourselves as humans and not mindless like a herd of cattle.

And so we raise our glasses for the final toast,

We yell for the room to hear one last boast.


And now it is quiet in the room of pastel, the bed empty and the body a shell.

And all those around us in quiet resolve thinking thoughts quietly to themselves,

The remnants of a life, many mementos on those crowded shelves.

The plaques on the wall, the photo albums filled with snaps,

The internet Facebook with all the minute updates of life’s facts.


And soon the fading begins and the memories get distorted,

Did he or she do that or is that a story that was courted?

Generations from now the mind plays tricks and the facts get twisted,

Some truths are lies, and lies are become facts and those all get listed.


But for some reason there is a smile when the name comes up and the stories told,

He or she was strong in some ways and in some ways strange and in some bold.

The strains of the ghost are hard to take hold,

Gone too soon, and now the story will unfold.

Punning for fun. Sometimes you gotta just have fun.

Manatee. The man having tea or playing golf”

Can one play golf in the gulf”

Weave on said the man making the quilt.

Sometimes the words are tongue tied and we wonder what kind of knot is tongue tied.

The range of the buffalo on the range varies with the sound of the herd as it is heard on the range.

Strange but true the turf wars are not fought with tooth and nail but dirt with spades.

Why is David Spade white, I thought spades are black. I know a joke which is politically incorrect. But then when have politics really been correct.

Is hell where the soul is incarcerated for eternity with no chance of parole?

Is he automatically in heaven?

Is he automatically in hell?

Both start with he, why not her, herven, and herell?

Call me Ismael and I will not respond? Call me late for diner and I will.

How does she come around the mountain on six white horses, is she in the circus?

Is supper super and what is it called if eaten by the superintendent? Super supper for the super.

I pun you knot.


We are going downhill fast and it is not skiing the Alps.

  1. How many states are there?
  2. What sunk the Titanic?
  3. In what war was Vicksburg?
  4. If the president and vice-president are incapacitated, who takes over?
  5. Who is Rosa Parks?
  6. Is Puerto Rico a state?
  7. Finish the statement, “All men are created __________”
  8. What is the number of the original colonies?
  9. Where is the Liberty Bell?

Simple questions. Should a high school senior know them?

The probability is that there is a good percentage who do not know the answers. Do we teach the answers to these questions?

How can one not know the answers?

We are a nation of trivia. We know more about the television shows then the answers to these questions. We know the words to music and that is essentially nonsense. Yet we do not know some of the essentials on our own country. Sad, pathetic and a rift on our educational system.

Note I did not give your number ten. It is usually, “who is the vice president of the United States?”

Now if you read my blog you probably know the answers because my readers are above the average bear. But ask your fellow Americans and be shocked.

We have morphed into the uncomfort zone.

Comfort Zone.

I will start with some movies and then move up the line. I tend to like the old movies shown on the channel showing old movies. My favorite is Charlie Chan. But there is a smudge against the comfort zone.

Charlie is depicted with bundles of kids. I believe he is shown with twenty plus. Is that a comfort zone hit? Was it a slight indicating the prolific amount of children the Chinese use to have?

Look at the old movies and do not cringe at their display of Black People. Step and Fetch It is in Charlie Chan in Egypt. A slow witted man used for comedy relief? It causes my neck hairs to stand up.

Look at any World War Two movies with the Japanese. The teeth prominent and that look. Are all Japanese so distorted?

The Spanish suffer with The Treasure of Sierra Madre. The accent and the bad teeth. It causes the same shudder.

The Jews, what can be said. The stereotype is repulsive.

But now they are mild in comparison with the new envelopes that are emerging.

I recently saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She is raped, sodomized and is made in a type of prostitute. Her revenge is to Taser the bastard and carve into his chest and stomach his crime.

In Bill One, the girl is raped while she is in a coma.

In Jugs and Speed with Bill Cosby, a girl is raped in the back of an ambulance and she is dead.

In so many movies the drunks appear to be having a good time and cannot remember even getting a tattoo or who they slept with.

Is it me or is the envelope expanded? Love to hear your comments on that concept.

Now for the gist of this blog. We have now had a Black President?

Good or bad is not the question. The question is how far is the envelope going to expand? A woman president certainly is conceivable. How about an Asian president? A Jewish president? A homosexual president? Does that matter? What are your thoughts?

Taking a Chances

We, the people, assume the right to take chances. We will celebrate and shoot off fireworks thinking we know what we are doing. It is our right

Of course we are smart enough to use fireworks that are safe. We buy the cheapest and most dangerous toys of all on this day. The result is a few fingers and maybe an eye or two. But we will not leave it all to the professionals. We take chances.

I too have taken chances. We all do. I was on a trip to Mexico in the 1980’s. As a side trip I went to Acapulco to see the divers. During the day I was walking along the beach and I saw something I wanted to do. A boat towing people para sailing looked promising. I went to the young man in charge. I indicated in my broken Spanish that I was willing to do the deed. He kept saying “Gordo” over and over. I assumed that meant brave so I pounded my chest and said “Gordo, Gordo.”

Reluctantly the young man strapped the appliance around my body hooking me up to the parachute that was attached by cable to the motor boat. Within seconds I was in the air like a bird. It was beautiful and quite an experience. As I floated over the water I looked down. There was the water below me and I suddenly realized that if the cable broke I would be drifting into the water which may contain sharks and on top of that I am a poor swimmer. I thought of myself as chump food for the sharks and a chump for taking a chance. Finally the boat headed for shore. Then I realized I had not been given any instruction on how to land. I plopped into the water and scrapped up my leg. By the by I learned later that Gordo meant heavy or overweight not brave.

I wrote this story because people take chances and sometimes pay with their lives. We do it all the time. We climb up on a roof. We did not mean to fall. We text and drive. We did not mean to have the accident. We pull pranks that when we look at them were really foolish. We close the government and think people will reelect us in spite of our stupidity. We put our faces in the mouth of the lion and do not expect him to bite us. Ah people, we believe we are invincible and we are not.


Cancer and the Miracle of Life

The purpose of this particular blog is give a boost to all those out there who are facing the dilemma of illness. Do not give up!

My son, Sam and his wife, Lexi, had a baby boy. At the age of two it was quite evident that his head was larger than normal. We thought maybe water on the brain. The doctor’s diagnoses was much more devastating. Cancer. Brain Cancer. It was in the brain of our two year old grandson. Michael was facing a grim battle.

I better write this right away or you will not read on. Michael survives.

My son and daughter-in-law live in Tampa. They took Michael to St. Joseph’s Hospital where they attempted to enter the brain and remove the cancer. They could not get it all out. Devastation descended on the family. When you hit the wall it takes your breath away. Fortunately my son took the reins. He called every doctor he could find that could handle brain cancer in a two year old. There was a very limited number of doctors who fit this category. Finally there was Doctor Finley, working out of New York University Hospital who accepted Michael as a patient.

The Kids went up by rail. Flying would put too much pressure on the brain. Mike stayed at the hospital and went through five chemotherapy sessions. He had stem cell procedures. All through this ordeal the family received support from the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel. These people are unbelievable to their dedication and ability to handle such terrifying events. Michael was released from the hospital just after 9-11, the hospital is located near this disaster and treated many of the people who went through that ordeal.

Today Michael fourteen. The amazing thing is the ability of the brain to reboot itself. Michael plays baseball and does well in school. His ability to comprehend and learn was not affected. His balance was but has seemed to adjust. A small decree of fortune is that he was so young that he does not seem to remember a lot of that time. There is a good probability that he will lead a normal life.

I wrote this under heavy duress. But like I mentioned in the beginning if this gets one person to get through the day or helps someone adjust their mental attitude to going on than it was worth it. Of the twenty odd children who were part of the experiment at that time Michael and two others survived and that is why I consider him a miracle.

I saw Michael yesterday. His mental process are on line. His physical abilities are okay. If it were not for a scar where they opened his head to remove cancer and a portal near his belly button you would not know how close he came to dying. The scar is covered by hair but hair does not cover it completely and I can spot the incision. Somehow Michael survived, is it a miracle? You decide. The success rate we were told was under a twenty percent chance of survival. There were no stats on how incapacitated he would be. Yet he survived and there appears no complications. Michael goes twice a year for a checkup. So far so good. I will brief you every once in a while. But believe in miracles and fight. To all you out there in a similar situation I pray for you and know what you are going through. Take each day, one day at a time, and live it as well as you can.

Michael is now at Berkley Prep School in Tampa heading for the high school. He is learning Chinese and is a typical kid. My son puts effort into working with people who have had similar situations and is on the web at Sam Wax at Easy Mortgage. Com.   Michael is now into golf and walks the course in Tampa. Michael is going in the next few days to the Dominican Republic. He is assigned with forty other students from the school to go and do good.

Cancer is a bitch. Michael’s mother, Lexi is now battling colon cancer. Her colon has been removed and her level is getting lower. But chemo now is the main goal of her day to day life. Her head is bald and she wears wigs. I wonder if cancer can run in families. I wonder if there is a gene in the makeup that fights cancer. Lexi is tough and she is a wonderful daughter-in-law. I pray one day this disease will be a thing of the past. I will let you know how she is doing in the future. Had lunch with her yesterday. She is a positive person and takes it one day at a time. Prayers are asked for.

Sam and Lexi are going to Puerto Rico for a week. Later this year Italy is on the schedule. It is a bucket list. Either way it is a positive for her and that is all that one can ask for.

The Secret Within.

Do we carry a secret that needs to be uncovered?

Or maybe, just maybe keep it under wraps, the lover muttered.

The secret desire for a romance with another,

The secret that that person was not your real mother.


All families have them, the quiet pauses in the conversation,

The fact that something is amiss, maybe some long forgotten revelation.

We keep it quiet and pray at night that it lies in deep and there is fright,

For if it came out what the percussions would be in the glare of the light.


The drama unfolds and the days take the toll,

The secret within, the breathe of the mole.