some fun with words

Can a tart have a tort?

Can a lawyer leak a brief?

Is Simon a simple person or a deep thinker?

If e equals mc squared can it dance in a square dance?

I used to be square said the amorphous creature but not morphed into a triangle?

If Superman marries Super girl and cheats on her with Cat Woman would that result in a cat fight?

Do birds blink?  What about fish?

Did they really use cat’s guts to make the early tennis rackets?  When you hit a ball with them did they meow?

What if everybody in the band wore a band aid.  Would they play at the hospital and put everyone in stitches?

If Jack be nimble and Jack be quick, why did he get impaled by a candle stick?

Did Mary really lose her sheep or sold them and then claimed they were stolen for the insurance?

Can you goose Mother Goose?  Have you ever sat on a tuppet?

Why did the mice go up the clock?

Why is there a well on top of the hill< would you not dig on the bottom of the hill< and who pushed Jack and Jill down the hill< sounds like a stalker?

Why is MacDonald fascinated by eieio?  Where is a and u?

If Al went through a portal does he need a passport or a porta potty?



Sitting back and looking at the future

Grandchild number three is almost two.  Michael is the first now almost seventeen.  He drives a car and is thinking of college.  He will actively look at them and decide which one next year.  Granddaughter Ariella is now fourteen and becoming a teenager.  She is at a dance competition.  And the third grandie is almost two.

The difference in having children and grandchildren is that on the second you can have them for just a while and give them back.  Children, well you have no one to give them too.

I think we need a Grandparent bank.  Children who have no Grandparents can be helped by those who have no one.  Just a thought.  It must be worked out. 

To many children out there have no one.  On the other hand, many older people have no one.  Now you would need a neutral place where the visits would be monitored to keep it safe, but could it be done. 

Back to my own grandchildren.  Ariella is at high school in her first year.  There is tension in the air as she fears of a shooter.  In all the thousands of schools across the country there is fear that the bad guy is coming.  The chances are low but the chance is there.  How do you protect your love ones?  Trump has pushed that teachers should pack guns.  I am a retired teacher and that is not a good idea.  Not everyone will handle the situation correctly.  Having more guns adds to the confusion. How many teachers could shoot someone?  We are not John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.  Teachers teach and are ill prepared for guns.  Half of them are just kids themselves.

Twenty-year-old young girls in elementary school.  You expect them to do GI Jane if an intruder comes into the school.  Most of them are brave enough to usher their students to safety but to take on an intruder with a rapidly firing gun is a little extreme.  Just think about a 45 versus a AR 15.  One shot versus thirty in a matter of ten seconds.  No contest.  Under stress the average shooter will miss.  Even with target practice the emotions change when confronted with an active situation.  Hell, we are not in SWAT. 

The next generation will confront different challenges than I did.  May they pick good solutions.  My generation thought we would change the world for the better and for some things we did.  On other things we did poorly.

At least we held off World War Three.  But the small wars have killed millions.  Millions still starve.  We still waste a lot of resources and we are running in too many directions at one time.  We need to slow down and think.

Think about the future.  In other countries they have bullet trains.  Here we just have bullets.  Hopefully my grandchildren and millions like them will come up with solutions. 

Humans and animals

In the movie “The Shape of Water” the girl falls in love with a fish.  Now, I will admit it is a big fish and has some human physicality but it is a fish.  It swims like a fish, thinks like a fish and probably smells like a fish.

I can never look at fish sticks again.  I think I will dress them up.  At least there is still tator tots which are the children of the spud.

I wonder what the fish parents think of their “daughter-in-law.  What kind of kids will these two create.  Will the kids be crabby or flounder in life?

We have seen this before in Hell Boy. His friend is a aqua man, of sorts.  He too fell in love with a person of a different race.  But the result was tragic.

Then we have had the legend of a girl kissing a frog and getting a prince with warts.

The ancient Greeks had a lot of inter species stuff.  The guy and girl half horse and half human.  When the girl resisted her stud she would yell, “neigh”

Then there is the Bird Man of Alcatraz who loved his birds. When they died he had them put in the stew.

Tarzan had his gorillas and interplayed with them.  Before Jane did he have monkey shine with a banana peeler?

Never could understand the attraction of King Kong to a girl.  Maybe she was more than finger food but she could get stuck between his teeth and he would have to use  a tree as a toothpick.

The writer of this stuff have a vivid imagination.  Humans falling for animals.  Oh, I got to feed my cats, walk my dog and sprinkle stuff on the surface of the water in the fish bowl.

Gun Control

I am a retired teacher.  I was in the classroom for over thirty years.  Some teachers could handle a gun.  Many could not.  The problems are if you give some teachers guns where do they carry them. 

I could wear a jacket and wear it under it.  Maybe a side arm like the old west.  Could you see a teacher in a room with a gun at his side teaching and the children not freaking out by the sight.

Then think of a AR15 shooting twenty bullets out in a second and the teacher goes against this with a six shooter.  Sorry I do not see it.  I believe there are other answers to the question.

One answer is take the machine gun off the market.  Why are we making this country into a war zone? It is not a sports gun.

You do not go hunting with a machine gun.  Should I extend the right to arms to tanks.  A private individual has the right to arm themselves with a tank.  Sounds adsorb but so does an automatic weapon which dispenses death by the second.

Raise the age limit up will not do much.  The younger people will get older people to buy it for them.  Take the temptation away completely.  Is a twenty-one-year-old okay but a twenty-year-old not okay. 

There are usually tell-tale signals that a person is going to the river and take a leak.  They do things that are destructive to themselves and telegraph their intentions on social media.  They make no secret of their desires.  Ignoring them is a major problem.  The second amendment did not give carte blanche to own any weapon.  It states a militia in case of a pending attack.  Do we really think that the Russians will attack us from landing crafts?  And how would being armed protect you from a nuclear attack by North Korea?

When the incident occurred in Hawaii did people run for their guns or run to a safe area? 


Teddy Bear

Richard Steiff

Richard Steiff
Richard Steiff was a German designer, known for helping create the teddy bear. Steiff was born in Giengen, and entered his aunt Margarete’s toymaking enterprise in 1897. While attending the School of Arts and Crafts in Stuttgart, he would regularly visit the nearby Nill’scher Zoo and spend much of his time drawing the residents of the bear enclosure. His sketches of the bears were incorporated into the prototype of the toy bear he created in 1902 and codenamed Steiff Bär.
Now the history books put the teddy bear as an outreach of Teddy  Roosevelt.  The myth was the toy was in his honor.  But the truth gets smudge with time.  History is what is remembered and it is  constantly changing with agendas.
What you are learning in school is an approximation of what is real and what is plausible.  The real General Washington was not covered in a halo.  He made mistakes and he paid dearly for them.  His life was not a cherry pie.  It was tough and filled with sorrow.  The same is true of Abraham Lincoln.  Being married to Mary Todd was strained by her mental problems.  War creates pain which is always there and never goes away.
Time erases the truth and stretches it to heights of what is true and what is made up.
Some of history is “fake”  As I said to many of my students, “Would I lie to you?”

Will the scab ever heal.

At least he listened.  At least some representatives talked to the children.  At least Rubio met with the children.  I remember the Nam War.  We marched, we screamed, we yelled but they did not meet with us.  They ignored the children who were mandated to go to that war and acted like they did not care.  They sat in their cocoons and knowing that their children did not have to go because of special reasons, they ignored those forced to go into the dicing machine of death.

You had to be there to feel the anxiety of the country at that time.  At first there was the excitement of a glorious war to keep South Vietnam in the pro democratic column.  We were there to help those people.  And then the casualties started to come in.  Many of them on that Black Wall in Washington.  But the names faded in memory even though they are engraved in stone.  Fifty thousand guys died.  They were for the most part young, just out of high school.  There was crazy things happening too.  A march on Kent University and four children killed by accident.

Now, the machine guns are turned on ourselves.  And we do not have the guts to listen to the children again.  We ignored their protests in the war and now we ignore them as they plead for school safety.  Over thirty thousand people are killed by guns in the United States.

The reason we do not ban the weapons is money.  Lots of it.  We are bought and sold by support from the NRA.  They won’t even give in on weapons that fire rounds into their own populace.

To turn it around.  Congress needs to ban AR15 period.  No age limit, period.  So a person hits twenty-one.  That does not mean the people won’t go nuts in a mall or a movie house.

Watch out for the mental health issue.  It will be used for and against people.  Any quirks and we will throw you in a mental hospital.  A divorce will lead to rumors and rumors will lead to a room at the Crazy Hilton.  Innuendoes will go nuts and an industry will circle people who for any  reason will be incarcerated by the thousands.  Get caught up and yell and scream at the electric company.  Send them a vicious email or social media showing they are charging you incorrectly and there will be a cop at your door evaluating your sanity.  Parents will be turning in their teenagers over a spat.  Husbands will get rid of their wives and wives will say adieu to their husbands.  A slippery slope of Vaseline.

Welcome to the first stages of Nazi America.  Where what you say and do will be used against you.  The hell, with the first amendment.  It may come before the second amendment but only on paper.