A few nonsense observations.

It is funny how the way a word is used changes everything,

He was blank can mean a blank stare with no one conscious of their surroundings.

But a blank check can mean the ability to spend without consequence.

Can a seafarer have sea sickness in a calm sea.  Can he also be calm while eating a clam?  Can the clam be clammed up?

How virgin is virgin oil?  Why do religious zealots sacrifice the virgins and not the harlots?

In reality one does not really go under in quicksand and it is not quick nor just sand.

Sea cucumbers do come from the sea but they are squirmy like caterpillars and are not veggies.

How wonderful is wonder woman?  Does she have a pilot license to fly the invisible jet?  How does she see the controls on the jet if it is invisible?

The news is composed of north, east, west and south.

Somewhere there is a paradise, Ponce de Leon looked for the Fountain of Youth.  He went to Florida.  The Fountain of Youth eluded him and he died an old man? I went to Florida too, but the taxes took away the chance for me to build that fountain.  I can afford a faucet but that does not give me youth.

I have wrinkles.  I tried to iron them by taking iron pills.  To no avail.

The record of my life

Life is like a record spinning on the old phonographs of old,

Remember when you started out and you were young and bold.

Trying new things, listening to the rhythms of your heart,

Adding new things to your life like buying at ala carte.

Listening to love songs and feeling the ups and downs of emotion,

A unique pattern of life, looking for your pairing, someone worthy of devotion.

Patterns of life illustrated on a plastic disk with a needle making noise,

The interweaving of life, love and supposed happiness between the girls and the boys.

And then finally you hit the perfect groove, the matching balance of love and affection,

The ups and downs of courting and marriage, filled with hopes and rejection.

Do animals in the wild feel the emotions of mankind,

They do on occasion show affection for one another, they give us a sign.

There is drama in the world like a record broken and worn,

There is nothing as depressing as a heart which has been torn.

And then after many years, the record faded without grooves or thread,

It fades from memory, broken like a book torn and unread.

I have been married for forty five years and my record is thin,

Bang me with a hammer and I am brittle, my skin like tin.

But it has been an incredible ride and I would not change my life,

I have been blessed by a good woman, children, and even some strife.

A good spin on the old record player, the needle still playing a song,

A life of many ups and some downs, but a life still going strong.

A few points of conjecture.

Trump:  I have noticed a crack in the armor.  He has now said, “That if he tanks, he will withdraw.”   You never show weakness and here we have a boisterous man, and he admits he could tank?  He is ahead in the polls.  The people behind him have heavy flaws that he can play on.  Why this statement?  Why now?

I question how much of his fortune Trump has used?  Is he cutting his loses?  Just wondering.

Can we defeat ISIS?  I do not know.  I am still amazed that we have only had a few incidents in the United States.  We house millions of Muslims and some could be persuaded to go radical on us and yet we have just a few examples of carnage?  Our FBI and others are either doing a great job and we are in the not to know category or we are just plain lucky.

We are obsessed with the news.  We watch and wait.  Look at a newscast.  They have an hour to fill.  Therefore it is scripted to what they show you.  They repeat ad nausea a story until we cannot stand it anymore.  In the background are the stories of the past.  The man who shot a man in a movie theater, the slaughter in the other movie theater, the Davis situation and not giving out marriage licenses to Gays.  More and more unresolved stuff.  But what goes on an hour of news.

We love retro.  Kids are now seeing the crap I watched when I was a kid.  They are seeing old Batman, old Superman, and Gilligan and his Island.  Everybody knows the theme of the island.  Hell, Gilligan, the Skipper and the Howells are gone, only Mary Ann and Ginger are left and they are in their sixties.  Time goes on.

They are arguing on who will be on the bill.  What woman best represents America.  Rosa Parks, Ms. Roosevelt, or who?  I think it should be a woman.  Just a regular mom who works raising the kids and does the amazing job of running a house, has a job, raises the kids and listens to her husband on occasion.  I agree it is not easy being a woman.  Under the gun and under paid.

A few observations

I wonder what they call a bank on the Outer Banks?  The Bank of Far Out?  Money would have different guys and gals on it.  Lucille Ball on the one, Tiny Tim on the five, Donald Duck on the ten, and of course Donald Trump on the Hundred.

There is a company that is going to build islands.  The islands will be grounded to the bedrock under the ocean and then a floating land mass like a floating floor will be on the top.

Television is changing.  The reality shows which were quite unreality are going away.  Cheap to make but after a while boring as hell.

Buying a house, I do not care about who buys what.  They are not moving into my area.  How do these people afford a million dollar house when he is a postman and she a housewife?  The shows are predicable to the point of absurdity.  Idol became a bore.  I never knew there was so many deluded people who think they can sing.

Baseball is going downhill.  The game has lost its punch.  The big guys last only a short time and then they get hurt and become has beens.

Steroids killed off their spark.  The older guys are going the route of fading out.  Yogi is gone and the young people know him only as the guy from commercials.  Some of our youth never heard of Mantle and Maris, Sammy Sosa lost visibility.  Fifteen minutes of fame concept on steroids.

The concept of putting a group of people together and then eliminating them by some stupid chore has run its course.  The problem is the people are boring and in most cases irritating.

A small bit

The body lay on the floor.  A knife stuck into the chest.  Death was not pretty.

The knife had fingerprints.  It was the fingerprints of the person who had just buttered a piece of bread.  Mixed with the blood were traces of butter.

But this was not the knife the killer had used.  For also in the wound was water, cold water.

The killer had used a frozen icicle that was kept in the freezer.. Then used in the killing.  It melted.  Afterwards and to throw in a red herring, the killer used the butter knife and slide it into the wound.

Paula Dean was convicted and sent to prison to eat a diet high on butter content.

A small idea that crept into my mind,

Something foolish but a concept with design.

Someone out there may use it and write a script,

Caused by my idea, a project to be done from this tip.

Confusion in the words of communication

Facebook: Is that a book of faces? Will the next phase be I book, a book on eyes?  What about the lip book on rumors and lies?

Manure puzzles me.  Do we spread it on crops?  Is not manure really shit?  Do the farmers wear gloves and wash their hands continually.  Is there a station on the trees with disinfect solution to keep the hands sanitized.  No wonder there is a rash of diseases infecting our population.

People puzzle me. They are weather freaks.  It is too hot, too cold, and too humid.  Occasionally it is just right.  Do you think the cavemen talked about the weather?  Or the dinosaurs they were eating?  The concept there was no dinosaurs around that time is wrong.  Some dinosaurs exist today.  The alligator is an example, and so is the shark.

Why lawyers are called sharks.  Do they circle the court as they talk?

How can weather be bad?  If it is bad can it be punished?

Meditation starts with med.  Is it a form of medication?

I am looking for a de sign.  De means from.  Therefore design should mean a sign from somewhere?

I was taught breakdown a word and get the meaning.  How come when people talk they have secret meanings?  My wife says things with secret meanings.  Do this but she means do not do that. Confusion reigns when we communicate.  It is like the car salesmen who says believe I will not lie to you.  When someone says, “To be honest” I figure that they also mean that if they do not say that they are being dishonest and therefore dissing me.

Dodging the bullet of Cancer

Cancer and the Miracle of Life

The purpose of this particular blog is give a boost to all those out there who are facing the dilemma of illness.  Do not give up!

My son, Sam and his wife, Lexi, had a baby boy. At the age of two it was quite evident that his head was larger than normal. We thought maybe water on the brain. The doctor’s diagnoses was much more devastating. Cancer. Brain Cancer. It was in the brain of our two year old grandson. Michael was facing a grim battle.

I better write this right away or you will not read on. Michael survives.

My son and daughter-in-law live in Tampa. They took Michael to St. Joseph’s Hospital where they attempted to enter the brain and remove the cancer. They could not get it all out. Devastation descended on the family. When you hit the wall it takes your breath away. Fortunately my son took the reins. He called every doctor he could find that could handle brain cancer in a two year old. There was a very limited number of doctors who fit this category. Finally there was Doctor Finley, working out of New York University Hospital who accepted Michael as a patient.

The Kids went up by rail. Flying would put too much pressure on the brain. Mike stayed at the hospital and went through five chemotherapy sessions. He had stem cell procedures. All through this ordeal the family received support from the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel. These people are unbelievable to their dedication and ability to handle such terrifying events. Michael was released from the hospital just after 9-11, the hospital is located near this disaster and treated many of the people who went through that ordeal.

Today Michael fourteen. The amazing thing is the ability of the brain to reboot itself. Michael plays baseball and does well in school. His ability to comprehend and learn was not affected. His balance was but has seemed to adjust. A small decree of fortune is that he was so young that he does not seem to remember a lot of that time. There is a good probability that he will lead a normal life.

I wrote this under heavy duress. But like I mentioned in the beginning if this gets one person to get through the day or helps someone adjust their mental attitude to going on than it was worth it. Of the twenty odd children who were part of the experiment at that time Michael and two others survived and that is why I consider him a miracle.

I saw Michael yesterday.  His mental process are on line.  His physical abilities are okay.  If it were not for a scar where they opened his head to remove cancer and a portal near his belly button you would not know how close he came to dying.  The scar is covered by hair but hair does not cover it completely and I can spot the incision.  Somehow Michael survived, is it a miracle?  You decide.  The success rate we were told was under a twenty percent chance of survival.  There were no stats on how incapacitated he would be.  Yet he survived and there appears no complications.  Michael goes twice a year for a checkup.  So far so good.  I will brief you every once in a while.  But believe in miracles and fight.  To all you out there in a similar situation I pray for you and know what you are going through. Take each day, one day at a time, and live it as well as you can.

Michael is now at Berkley Prep School in Tampa heading for the high school.  He is learning Chinese and is a typical kid.  My son puts effort into working with people who have had similar situations and is on the web at Sam Wax at Easy Mortgage. Com.   Michael is now into golf and walks the course in Tampa.  Michael is going in the next few days to the Dominican Republic.  He is assigned with forty other students from the school to go and do good.

Cancer is a bitch.  Michael’s mother, Lexi is now battling colon cancer.  Her colon has been removed and her level is getting lower.  But chemo now is the main goal of her day to day life.  Her head is bald and she wears wigs.  I wonder if cancer can run in families.  I wonder if there is a gene in the makeup that fights cancer.  Lexi is tough and she is a wonderful daughter-in-law.  I pray one day this disease will be a thing of the past.  I will let you know how she is doing in the future.  Had lunch with her yesterday.  She is a positive person and takes it one day at a time.  Prayers are asked for.

Update:  All is well.  Everyone holding their own.

Yesterday Michael had exploratory surgery.  The doctor took a biopsy of a mass in his abdomen.  Secondary cancer is a problem.  The doctor feels this one is benign.  We feel as if we ducked the bullet.  Five hours on the operating table.  But was there a choice?

Saw Lexi yesterday and she is recuperating from her surgery.

It is ironic but both my daughter-in-law and my grandson will have the same scar.

A kudo to MacDonald house which put Sam up.

There are a lot of good corporations out there.  A lot of good people.