Drama and Comedy

Drama and comedy the two faces of life,

One is the funny way of looking at things, one just strife.

And yet life is a complex mixture of the two,

Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are blue.

There are days when we are on top of the world and then there are days the world is on top of you.

There are days when you are a winner of the lottery and then there are days when you get sued.

May the days of the laugh supersede the days of the tears,

May the days of safety and peace supersede the days of fears.

The Ying and Yang of the Universe is calling your soul with silence and trepidation.

Your response maybe muted or an echo in the chasm of time, a reverberation of your perceived reputation.

We are what we perceive to be and what we hope others vision us,

We hope for praise and redemption and we pray we are not the object of the cuss.

God, may I walk in the shadow of evil and not see its darkness,

May I not submit to greed and may I be eliminate the starkness,

May I always use reason and never resort to crude and nasty remarks,

May I fly not with the evil ravens but with the meadow larks.

The Ocean Rebellion

A deep sea lancetfish washed up alive on a Nags Head, North Carolina beach on Monday. WGHP Fox 8 reports that because it is an open ocean fish, lancetfish are rarely seen near shore. North Carolina Aquarium worker Daryl Law sent photos of the lancetfish to the station. He said that the fish was released after the photos were taken.

Panamic Sand Lance fish picture

The oceans are rebelling and there is hell to pay.

The pollution we have vomited into them through rivers and the bay.

The gulf burst oil through and the casual tossing of cans,

Has made the king of the seas, Neptune mad and he is attacking the lands.

Here is evidence of the crap that we have done,

We have been callous and some call it fun,

But the creatures of the deep, hurting and sick,

Now are attacking us, one shark attack after another, bites that are quick.

Scientist are puzzled by the amount of these attacks,

But not I, for the proof of the pudding is the evidence in the cracks.

Japan released radiation through the reactor leaks,

The gulf released the oil and the Atlantic and Pacific doeth stink.

Put two and two together and wonder why there is a rebellion of sorts,

This is the seas of Neptune rebelling through their virtual courts.

More bites will be coming and more strange twists will be seen,

For what we have done to the oceans is above reproach and obscene.

Puns and More

The new rage in Italian food is spaghetti straps.

I was held up by traffic and they took me for all I had.

Overtime is a strange concept. They pay you an extra dime and kill a lot of your time.

I ran away from the news on Iran. If I want gibberish I will turn on the network which shows Congress in no action.

They speak and yet nothing comes of it.

Iran is like the kid who puts a no entrance sign on his room but knows his parents go in there when he is out.

Is radiation rad?

If something is off the wall does it mean the nail holding the picture up broke?

The path to freedom is a bumpy road.

If I had a secret ability would I broadcast it. So why does everyone know Superman’s abilities?

One day steroids in sports will be accepted.

Check who makes the Confederate Flag and note it is China. It is a knock off so why the hub bub?

We are playing around with a hollow deck and fell into the Black Hole.

Put steroids into tiny lizards that run across my lawn and I will have dinosaurs eating my house.

Do pit men changing tires at Nascar have hairy pits?

Do cavemen play with rocks and call it rock and roll?

When will Isis be in crisis and the noise of drones scare them?

The Wild One

Ballad of the Trouble Kid.

I am the one that rises the hairs on the back of your neck and make you scratch your head in disbelieve,

I am the one that causes you hard ache and headaches that have your mind in a quandary when you think.

I do things that make people wonder why he did that and that which is not rational,

I do things off limits, weird and peculiar, off the wall, not reasonable and surely not fashionable.

I am the Marlon Brando riding into town on a motorcycle with my posse, filled with spice and vigor,

I am James Cagney playing the bad guy and doing irrational things with my finger on the trigger.

I get the good girl in trouble, I cause the parents to scream and the sheriff is after me for everything,

I steal the car, rob the convenience store for small change, I am the one they call deranged.

My destination is prison that is not a fact that I cannot dispute,

For my intentions are evil and my mind does not rationally compute.

Most wished I had never been born, I give nothing to this society,

But do not waste your time on my soul, for I have no room for piety.

Elliot and the end of the world

A little Elliot with my coffee.

This is how the world will end with “a whimper not a bang!”

So wrote T.S. Elliot in Hallow Men, the bells have rang.

The trumpet have blown and the faces of those I have known,

Fade into the mist of the past, nothing, and nothing ever lasts.

The dinosaurs surely never thought they would die,

The civilizations of the Mayan, Ming Dynasty, America, sigh,

We come, we go and what is left is little to know,

A scrape of paper, a record on a computer screen,

The facts of whether we were fair or just plain mean.

It matters little, it is just a mere fact, what once was and now a distant fact.

We are in trivia and a few names ring out clear and true,

But slowly we will disappear into oblivion, gone the human view.

Some puns early in the morning

Are misgivings the presents you did not get?

Misdemeanor sounds like you missed the meaner and got more pleasant.

Can a peasant eat pheasant?

My tongue swelled with gratitude.

“My Achilles Heel hit my funny bone” and thus I perished said Achilles.

I bet the rough riders wanted softer saddles.

What is a chop stake, a karate slice of meat?

One cow said to the utter, “I have a beef to chew with you”

Godzilla had a tooth ache but the dentist could not go in his mouth for his breath was so hot.

King Kong had high anxiety.

Do cows moo to tell the farmer to milk them?

Do bees in a hive get the hives?

Does the drink Sex on the Beach have sand as one of its ingredients?

Can you pull out a plum with your thumb?

How do you apply ply wood? With a level?

I have been in a lot of bars but never saw a crow bar.

I tried to raise a crop of hair on my head but there was a lack of moisture.

A penny for your thoughts has been changed to a dime to cover inflation.

This is not the future

Donald Trump won the presidency. The rose garden is uprooted and becomes the cactus sanctuary. He meets his enemies there and rubs their noses on the thorns.

He declares war on Isis and world war three starts. The Muslim countries align against us.

He is deposed and sent to live in Trump Tower where his escape is thwarted because he cannot let his hair down.

The Republican Party overthrows his Presidency and nominates Hillary Clinton as their party favorite. She wins and the first order of business is to remodel the White House into a coral color.

We bail out Greece and the dollar plunges into a Euro fiasco.

The Republican field widens as Joe the Plumber and Rosie the Riveter enter the race. His motto is he will clean the filth out of Washington and hers is she will plug the holes in our debt.

Legos rule the world and huge projects replace our decaying roads. We drive on Legos in our Lego cars. Bricks replace gas.

A new food source is discovered on the moon and we race there with rockets. Cheese Mountains are mined and everyone eats the high cholesterol food source.

A Gatorade factor has a leak and there is a river of red Gatorade flowing through Georgia. People go amok and take pails to the banks of the river and get free Gatorade.