The True Story of Creation?


Josefina was putting her two beautiful children to bed on board the spaceship Asteria. Years were not by a calendar anymore but measured instead from when the ship had left earth. She was the twenty third generation from the exodus. Still there were connections with the home planet as conveyed by beliefs and truths that were told orally as stories of the past. Unfortunately time had distorted some of the stories and liberties were taken with what translated into what was believed. The children had asked her about the story of man. This is what she told them.

“God was busy the first week. He made the planets including earth. Then it was oceans and continents. Finally he got really busy with a variety of fish, plants and animals. Now it was time for his greatest creation.

God went to China to the Ural Mountains and taking yellow clay made his first figurine. Next he went to Utah and the red clay of the Red Mountains and made the second figurine. Then to Africa to the gorge for black clay for the third. Finally he went to the White Cliffs of Dover in England, Europe and made the last one.

God then imbued these four figurines with the spirit mixture of earth, wind, fire and water. He gave each figurine the same proportions of the four elements. And so God created his main creations in the four corners of the world and called them all: “Man”

At this point the children nestled down and went to sleep. This had been the accepted story and who was there to question it.

Family and wife

My wife is the ying and yang of my heart,

Not only is she the boss of my being but she is so smart.

I think I am in control of the household and family too,

But that is not true for me the sky is not always blue.

She dances the dance of love but deep inside there is a tigress,

She is a temptress but do not cross her or the scene will be a mess.

Three children she bore and raised by her hand,

Three children make up the parade we created and the band.

Now grandchildren are on the stage,

Children step aside for their children are now the rage.

Entering the view at our golden age,

We now are facing the turning of the page.

An annoying wife

My Wife is Annoying

My wife annoys me when she says I cannot drink soda,

It has sugar, aerated water and is not good for you.

My wife is annoying when she condemns sandwiches with meat,

They are filled with nitrates, fillers, and other poisons that are not good for you.

My wife is annoying when she made me quite smoking my pipe,

You have asthma and you need to stop bringing crap into your lungs.

My wife is extremely annoying when she made me give up cheese,

I use to love the stuff but she says it has too much cholesterol and salt.

My wife annoys me by making me take walks and doing some exercises,

The body needs to be stretched and you need you need to work on circulation.

Because of my wife I probably will live longer.

Her annoying is because she loves me and wants me around.

For that reason she can be annoying as she wants.

And I thank her.

The Question is Why?

It is tough being human for we have the ability to care,

We take things easy at times and at others we dare.

We climb mountains, dive into the sea,

We are a complex race of emotions that be.

Do animals love? Do they feel hate?

Does the lion ever debate or hesitate?

Does the lamb fear pain, does the elephant go insane,

Are the animals around us, know the feeling of rejection pain.

Does the mosquito that bit you and withdrew your blood,

Know what DNA type you are, or whether you are pure or crud.

Do lizards have paranormal experiences and dress up to sell insurance?

Does the monkey feel rejection and then need some kind of assurance?

Where do emotions lie and why does the human race suffer?

How come we do not have a mechanism to soften and buffer?

Why does love seem so great and yet can plunge us into hell?

Why do we see thinks in a blur and at other time crystal as a bell?

And sometimes the angels cry,

And sometimes the smiles fade,

What is it about mankind and can it one day be saved?

Only the future  knows and the road is yet to be paved.

I wonder how many great creative ideas have been shot down or destroyed by interruptions. How does one think with nonsense obliterating our thoughts?

Would Einstein get E equals mc squared if he had been interrupted by “Pass the salt”?

Would history be different if it was raining when Joan of Arc was burned at the steak?

Where did Noah get the wood for the ark?

If they had to write long hand why did they write such large books?

There are two types of type for typewriters but I still do peek and seek.

Imagine Ernie Pyle and if he had the communication devices of today.

There is guy going into outer space for a year. I hope he does not have claustrophobia.

Why does an itch feel so good when you first scratch it and then hurts if you scratch it too much?

Do mosquitoes ever get bitten by other mosquitoes?
Is it me, the democrats seem to be leaning to women and the rep. to men?

Have doves ever attacked hawks?

People have been named after states, Dakota, Mississippi, and even Washington.

Are the people of Erie really eerie?

If UFO”s exist where are they? Note the “because there will be more than two.

If two teams are praying to God to win the game does he let the one with the best vocal chords win?

If the Pillsbury Dough Boy slips will he be lost in the batter?

Do baseball players grease their pants so they can slide better?

Everything seems to orbit, the planets around the sun for example, does the sun orbit around the galaxy?

And a little doody for the morning: Excrement

guano,  accumulated excrement and remains of birds, bats, and seals, valued as fertilizer. Bird guano comes mainly from islands off the coasts of Peru, Baja (Lower) California, and Africa heavily populated by cormorants, pelicans, and gannets. Bat guano is found in caves throughout the world. Seal guano has accumulated to great depths on the Isla Lobos de Tierra and Islas Lobos de Afuera (Lobos Islands), off northwestern Peru. Bat and seal guano are lower in fertilizer value than bird guano, which contains about 11 to 16 percent nitrogen, 8 to 12 percent phosphoric acid, and 2 to 3 percent potash.

Note: no mention of human guano. Come on race get to work.

A simple poem for a complex day.

Is it the simple things in life that make it a great day?

Just breathing and moving and feeling the breeze sway.

Is today like any other day with a morn and an evening farewell,

Is it going to be a living nightmare or a heaven, who can tell?

Will all the children have smiles on their faces?

Will all of us get along, even if we are from different races?

Will people be born and some move on to the great beyond?

Will we be in love with someone that we have grown fond?

Will oceans collide, earthquakes shake and will the clouds erupt for heaven’s sake?

Will my job on earth be defined by my nine to five or will there be a higher meaning of being alive?

Will there be a new invention, a discover for the cures of cancer and more,

Will I be able to renew my spirit and to the heavens soar?

I awake to such great questions and the day is early and the sun is still asleep?

As the day progresses I will learn more truths as I cautiously creep.

And so my spirits take flight as the daylight streams in.

A cup of coffee and proceeding with vigor and vim.

The Curtains of Life

Life is full of curtains, choosing the one you want,

It determines the nuances of life, the motifs and font.

The curtains look the same but the prizes are the gifts of life,

Some are real perks and some lead to confusion and strife.

Do you choose curtain one, a the college education,

Do you choose curtain two and pick your relation.

Do you choose curtain three and find life has played a harsh trick,

Do you choose curtain four and jump up and down like a dick.

The curtains of life conceal the pathways we choose,

Pick the right one and be a winner, pick another and lose.

And at the end the curtains cannot be forgotten for they have set the tone,

Life is a mystery like a call from God above on the heaven phone.

Some of us will be angels and some impure imps from hell,

Some of us will challenge the wrongs in the world, some will toll the bell.

The legacies we will live behind will be written in the pages of life’s book,

Unfortunately we rarely can come back, redo and then take another look.

So choose wisely and walk with confidence that the curtain is the key,

May you have a good life, free from problems, only time will see?