La mentira

Fue una mentira gigante,

Una fib de ultra proporciones,

Un desaire contra la verdad.


Él lo dijo con aplomo,

Él lo dijo con convicción,

Y él no quiso decir ni una pizca de eso.


Se salió de sus labios y sonaba tan verdadero,

Nadie dudaría de su significado,

Solo tenía que ser cierto.


Y la mentira fue creída y usada como verdad,

Todos dijeron que era la verdad y, por lo tanto, se tomaron decisiones,

Y luego la mentira fue la verdad.


Y llamarlo una falsedad resultó en consecuencias,

La gente vivía con miedo y se escondía de las palabras de la verdad real.

Vive en la mentira y vive.

The lie that became the truth

It was a giant lie,

A fib of ultra proportions,

A slight against the truth.


He said it with aplomb,

He said it with conviction,

And he meant not an ounce of it.


It rolled off his lips and sounded so true,

No one would doubt its meaning,

It just had to be true.


And the lie was believed and used as truth,

Everyone said it was the truth and therefore decisions were made,

And then the lie was the truth.


And to call it a falsehood resulted in consequences,

People lived in fear and hid from the words of real truth.

Live in the lie, and live.


Ernest Hemingway's house- Key West, FL

Ernest Hemingway’s house- Key West, FL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette....

English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette. One of the many Polydactyl cats at Ernest Hemingway House in Key West, Florida on 2/10/2007. Category:Visitor attractions in Key West, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the true great writers was Ernest Hemingway whose home I visited many years ago in Key West, Florida. It seems Hemingway was given a white six-toed cat by a captain. Even today there are forty or fifty cats some of which have the polydactyl trait. This gives many of these cats an extra toe on the front paws and sometimes on the back paws. This can exist in any breed and many of these cats are Calicos, Tabbies, and Tortoise.

Hemingway named all of his cats after famous people so we follow that same tradition today. Cats are capable of learning and responding to their names, particularly if they have an affectionate relationship with
the person who calls them. My wife swears this is true as we have four cats.  We have Morris, who is the smartest cat ever, BooBoo who is eighteen, Whitey who is white all over, and Jules who my daughter picked up wandering the streets of Tampa.  Saved his little life.  Now he is a year old and no he is dumber than dumb and does not know his name.


Hemingway and his buddies would go fishing in the Dry Tortugas, Bimini, and Cuba for days and weeks at a time in pursuit of giant tuna and marlin. Hemingway was often referred to by his friends and family during this time was “Papa”—it was a moniker that eventually stuck with him throughout his life. Hemingway’s Key West was a town unlike any place he ever experienced. It was filled with interesting people, ranging from well-to-do businessmen and lawyers, to down-on-their-luck fishermen, to shipwreck salvagers. Throughout his career, Hemingway freely used the people and places he encountered in his literary works, and many Key Westers appear as characters in his novel “To Have and Have Not,” a novel about Key West during the Great Depression.

But my favorite was a book and then a movie called Key Largo. It had Humprey Bogart, Laureen Bacall, and Lionel Barrymore as the good guys and Edward G. Robinson as the bad guy. It had a hurricane featured and the Seminole Indians in the movie.


Black Cowboys

Isom Dart


The Black West!

Black Outlaws and Cowboys of the old west you might be saying with wonderment and head scratching!

“Why that’s an oxymoron! I’ve never heard of such a thing!”.

Yeah, Yeah I know you haven’t because they were literally “white washed” (pun intended) out of Old West history.

Oh I know you may have heard of the “Buffalo Soldiers” but that was only part of the story.

According to historians, about a third of all the cowboys were African Americans.

Bet you never saw that in the movies when you were growing up did cha?

Neither did I!

The doctrine of white supremacy and the inferiority of blacks and other non-whites permeated the air during the old west and thereafter.

So the exploits of black cowboys, lawmen (yep that’s right lawmen) and outlaws in the storied history of the old west, wasn’t deemed important or worthy enough of inclusion in the annuls of Old West history. This was reserved for white men only.

I mentioned black lawmen and you probably thought “black” lawmen? (scratching your head at the same time)

I thought the same thing when I first started researching the true history of the Old West.

Bass Reeves


Bass Reeves

One such lawman was, Bass Reeves. Born 1838, died 1910.

He was born in Arkansas territory but also lived in Lamar and Grayson counties Texas.

Reeves was born a slave and was owned by Col. George R. Reeves, who eventually became the speaker of the house of Texas. Reeves adopted his owner’s last name as many enslaved blacks did.

To obtain his freedom, Reeves escaped to Indian Territory and served with the Union Indian Home Guard Regiments during the Civil War.

After the war ended, he moved to Van Buren, Arkansas and became a farmer. Reeves sometimes found employment as a guide for deputy U.S. marshals working out of the Federal court in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

He bragged that he knew Indian Territory “Like a cook knows her kitchen”. Because of his knowledge and skill as a tracker, Judge Isaac C. Parker, the so-called “hanging judge” because of the many men he sent to the gallows, made Reeves a deputy U.S. marshal in 1875. (Quite an accomplishment for a black man, especially during those times)

Reeves was one of the earliest, if not the very first black man to be commissioned as a deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River.

He served as a deputy Marshal for thirty-two years and was very successful in performing his duties. He was a celebrated lawman during his life. (Amazing and we’ve never heard of him)

It’s said that the Clint Eastwood’s character in the movie “Hang em High” was based on Reeves life.


Men do not get the women, I have said a fact that has been around for ages,

Men have hormones that screw up their views of life and do not look at the pages.

It is not that they are dumb but just not inner thinking that hurts their view,

Ask them the color of the sky and they come up with a simple blue.

Women see the sky and go azure, hints of pink, darken clouds going by,’

They see more with their inner penetrative and discerning eye.

For a man there are no hues, just the facts and no vague truths,

It is like voting for them, candidate A or candidate B in the booth.

Woman go well this one said one thing and this one loved his wife,

This one waffles to much, this one is for this and this one has strife.

But what would men do without women in their lives?

Who would they love with passion, who would they despise.

Women are drama and stabbing in the back when you are asleep,

Women are lithe and cunning and quite often mentally deep.

What would the world be without a woman’s touch.

Gray and dull and therefore not amounting to much.


Time travel is a possibility

Image result for the picture of a star that was taken by hubble
This is a picture from the Hubble Telescope that is in space.
The amazing thing is that the image is older than the picture.
In other words the image crossed the vast space and was recorded many thousands of years after it happened.
Put this into the simplest terms.
I am across the street and from a window in my house my wife takes a picture.  Now that recorded picture was me at the same time.  But put it in reference to space.  The picture taken was me thousands of years ago.  I have moved on but the picture of now shows me as than.
Now if he could take a picture of the now me and the me after thousands of years and on I would note I have moved but my past is still going on as far as the picture is taken.
My today illustrates the past and my present is still evolving.  In other words we can do time travel.