Future killer stories to be made into movies

Monster and horror movies to be made.

Pieces of eight: A serial killer who takes body parts from eight victims.

Retro Man:  He takes parts from old people to restore his powers.

The seasick killer: he rocks you to death.

The Port o Potty killer:  he gets you while you are on the throne.

The Rainbow killer:  A weather man who kills with the colors of the rainbow scarfs.

The Parrot killer:  He kills with saltine crackers.

The Trapeze Killer: he uses rope from the high wire.

The student body: A madman takes body parts from students to make the perfect student.  An A in every way.

The political killer: He forces you to watch both parties as they preform their rites of passage to the throne of America, you die from the bad taste in your mouth.

The killer of dreams:  You are forced to work in a dead end job, with no rewards in sight and people yelling at you even though you tried your best.


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