Coincidences at Blogging

Sometimes there is a coincidence waiting to happen,

It is like that melody in your brain that makes your fingers tapping,

But it is hidden and yet in plain view, others see it but not me,

The connections in life are all around us in many complex patterns,

Connecting them is like playing a game of Shutes and Ladders.

One day I blogged about a student who passed away in an auto accident so long ago,

His sister commented back and we shared a moment of a boy lost, his life lost a horrible blow.

I have been read by the book girl on Pawn Stars, she gave me a read,

I have touched a few lives and have in some planted a growing seed.

Today I got blogged by a man out west who came to LEGOLAND in Florida, he was attracted by my sound.

He saw me as a ride operator at the Grand Carousel and singing as the ride went around.

So the connection was made when he blogged me when he got home,

Made my day and so another connection, a stab in the dark, was sown.

If you ask me why I blog and write like a man obsessed,

I would answer because it makes me happy, like an A on a test.

So of it is fluff, I grant you that fact,

And some is stuff I need to get off my back.

But I leave the computer with a smile on my face,

A man blogging away making my fingers snap at a fast pace.

Hope you enjoy and this brings smiles around the earth,

It makes me happy and gives my spirits a berth.