The Gift of Life

Glory be to the abundance of God’s gift to man,

Life so precious and fine like the beach’s finest sand.


Babies with their faces so cute and cooing to their moms,

The parents who risk all to save them from deaths arms.


Sacrifice is the word that comes to mind for the daily bread,

Working hard to feed the child and put a roof over the baby’s head.


Watching the child grow up and expand their freedoms,

Spreading over the earth in so many rich and vibrant kingdoms.


And then they took take up the cause of life and have their kin,

And we the grandparents sneak a peak at the newborn and peak in.


So is the circle of life and it goes on and hopefully on,

Family is everything, is a phrase that I am of late, fond.


A box of goodies on the shelf of life itself, we are thus blessed,

Opened and revealed, it is what gives life its elan and zest.