Josefina was putting her two beautiful children to bed on board the spaceship Asteria. Years were not by a calendar anymore but measured instead from when the ship had left earth. She was the twenty third generation from the exodus. Still there were connections with the home planet as conveyed by beliefs and truths that were told orally as stories of the past. Unfortunately time had distorted some of the stories and liberties were taken with what translated into what was believed. The children had asked her about the story of man. This is what she told them.


“God was busy the first week. He made the planets including earth. Then it was oceans and continents. Finally he got really busy with a variety of fish, plants and animals. Now it was time for his greatest creation.

God went to China to the Ural Mountains and taking yellow clay made his first figurine. Next he went to Utah and the red clay of the Red Mountains and made the second figurine. Then to Africa to the gorge for black clay for the third. Finally he went to the White Cliffs of Dover in England, Europe and made the last one.

God then imbued these four figurines with the spirit mixture of earth, wind, fire and water. He gave each figurine the same proportions of the four elements. And so God created his main creations in the four corners of the world and called them all: “Man”


At this point the children nestled down and went to sleep. This had been the accepted story and who was there to question it.