The Great Scams

Most of life is weaving between the scammers.  The lies are bold and frequent.

Who do you trust as the news exposes the scammers one after another?

The biggest scammer of all, our government.  They spend money as if they made it.  Wait for it that is right, they do make the money.  And we are taxed for it.

Then they spend the money.  Have you looked at what they are spending it on?

Not on you, but on countries that then bitch that they are not getting enough of your money and then make threats against you.

The next scammer the medical profession.  We are scanned in hopes to find something that we can then be charged for.  We are given foods that cause cancer and then charged for the damage that cancer does to our bodies.

The cigarette companies.  I remember when they said they did not cause cancer.

Now they admit it but have the gall to hold activities to stop you from smoking their product which has in it substances that make you addicted to it.

Car companies.  Volkswagen should be ashamed.  The recalls are so many that you cannot keep track of them.  Which car is safe, ask Ralph Nader.

When someone says I am telling you the truth, do you believe them?

Churches are places to go where the truth will be told?

I am now searching for a man or woman who will tell me the truth.

I know it will be a long search down dark alleys and into the surf of sin.

Pray for me.

scam artist

Are we all scam artists or are we always truthful?

Have you contributed to society, are you fruitful?


Who has not slanted their tax return to get back a bigger return?

Who has not feigned their affection, showed a phony concern.


Who does not lie, white lies included in the mix?

Who ever said they would work their way out of a fix?


And the scam artists out there, their everywhere and cunning,

The ones who send emails from Nigeria asking for money.


The companies out there trying to sell you all manners of objects,

Using all manners of manipulations from coaxing to those complex.


Buy this and you will be beautiful and not age even a bit,

The clothes you buy are colorful and they are a perfect fit.


The car is low mileage and driven by a devout nun,

She traveled only to church and never had any fun.


And then you find a condom under the seat and you know the truth,

And driving that BMW or Mercedes Benz will not maintain your youth.


Do politicians lie, or stretch the truth to suit their aims,

Stroking the public, and never accepting the blames.


Does anyone believe the people in Congress who make our laws?

The two party system which everyone in the country professes and adores.


A rating approval in the lower digits now that I can believe,

Democratic principles flung about and crying on their sleeves.


Oh well, what the hell, the Devil roams the Washington scene,

No one telling the real truth, poor America, now obscene.






Uncle Lenny and the scam.

Uncle Lenny used every trick in the book. He was a fortune teller. He could read you palm or some other vibe and predict your future, delve into your past and just come up with something. He once predicted for me that I should not ride a bike. Something about an accident in the future. For that reason I never bought a hog. He also said I would not be concerned with money in the future. Another brilliant prediction.

He would hold meetings. Like seances and con old people into a reading of some type. He would tell them vague things. He could read people.

Here is a sample. You will meet the person you are searching for soon. You have met the person of great significance and they will guide you. Money is coming soon. You are extremely creative but have not used your talent yet.

I think you got the drift. General that it might fit and vague enough to be believed. I know he got some money for the readings but the truth of the matter is that by declaring himself a religious entity he got the whole ball of wax tax free.

This was really his scam. The division of church and state allows people like Uncle Lenny to develop a religious sect. This church or temple can declare itself exempt from taxes by simply filling out a form. You can become ordained by another facility and then you are free of paying taxes.

Now there are churches and there are Churches. Churches have real significance for they give a moral compass to the masses. But Lenny had a church classification which was askew from the higher moral compass. Did he believe in himself? That I am not sure of. I believe he felt he was doing good and he reaped the benefits of his creativity.

Now, my prediction for you. One: Watch your step. Two: Do not buy that big thing unless you have really looked into your finances. And Three: Believe in one and two. Now I am not incorporated so even though you wish to send me money, do not. I can not afford to be in the next tax bracket because Lenny was right. I am comfortable with the money coming in. And I will not go on a bike so I guess his second prediction was right too.