The Alien Eden.

On the planet O 546 the only creatures left were the Organics. They had eaten everything there was to eat and they were hungry. Hungry enough to travel light years to all the orbs in the universe looking for a good meal.

Cy the Great was given a space ship and a destination. In human terms the space ship was the size of a half dollar and Cy was of course much smaller.

After a considerable time in space Cy the Great arrived. It was Eden to him. But in reality it was a garbage dump in New Jersey. There Cy discovered the aroma of the dump and was in ecstasy. And food, he had only dreamed of the tastes. His buds were exploding. He ate tin cans, plastic bottle caps and a tube of something called Mustard. He ate his full and started to take samples to take back to his planet. Then he met the inhabitants of the planet. They had feathers of some sort and beaks, long with two eyes. Strange creatures that flew in the air and uttered words he did not understand.

He shooed them away and yet they hovered above. He became panic stricken. He felt the need to leave Eden. One more morsel and he would start his trip back. He ventured out. There was a piece of mold on a slice of bologna that beckoned him.

And then the sea gull swooped down and Cy disappeared in its beak.

Cy the Great, would have been a hero to his planet. He would have been decorated and honored. But they would never know that Eden was out there and Cy had found it. He did not return.

He was instead sea food for the gull. And Eden grew with more dumping’s of the dump trucks.

Morale: Many things are not noticed but they do exist.

God and the Devil

God was tired of the status quo and contacted the devil for a sit down,

They looked for a mutual safe place and finally a deli, named Limbo was found.



God sat at the upper end of the room and the Devil positioned himself at the lower sight,

God drank ambrosia and the Devil a wicked brew of rum with bite.


“What is it that you want?” God inquired of his fallen son. The Devil responded, “Peace and Quiet”

“What?” God was perplexed. The Devil expounded and said, “The souls down there are nosy and frequently riot.”


It was at that moment that God proposed a changing of the guard, for he thought I need to walk a mile in the other guys shoes.

What if we changed and I went to hell and you go into the heavens where the sky is so illuminated with clouds and so blue?


The Devil agreed to this noteworthy switch, an hour in heaven would be interesting to say the least,

And God did not fear the realm of hell, perhaps with his guidance and tact he could sooth the savage beast.


Upon entering heaven the Devil conned and tried to sway the souls to join him after the hour was up,

No one listened to his persuasive arguments and they treated him like an annoying pup.


But God in hell was treated like the King he is, and all joined him at the end of the hour,

In sixty minutes he and the devil switched back and to heaven all the souls of hell repented, God has that power.


The Devil did get his just desserts, the riots are gone, the souls departed,

The Devil is alone and hell is empty but then again the year 2014 just started.

A Miracle?

The rain came down in sheets and Todd Lincoln should have pulled over but that would be impossible. He was driving an ambulance and the woman they had just picked up was in the back having a breach baby and needed desperately to be in the hospital stat. He weighed the options and continued on the drive. Finally he spotted the emergency room sign and started to breathe a sigh of relief.

Finally he stopped and ran out to help Jim take the woman out and wheel her into Mercy Hospital. Once the emergency crew took over both men spent and exhausted could call it day. As they checked out Jim slammed his fist into the wall.

“I can not take it anymore! He blurted out. He had been doing this job for three years and just saw too much. To much pain, to much suffering and to much death. “I’m going to put in my resignation tomorrow and do not try to talk me out of it.” he demanded of Todd. Todd was feeling the same way and although he said nothing he felt the need to go home to his single apartment and drink the night away. Maybe in the morning he would feel differently. But right now as he watched Jim walk out he paused. The woman they just brought in was in a bad way. He was not a very religious man and yet he felt the compulsion to go to the hospital chapel and give a prayer for her and the baby.

As he entered the chapel he felt like a hypocrite but the woman and the baby just were more important than his feelings. The chapel was empty. It was two in the morning. He knelt down and prayed. He did not realize it but he said the prayer out loud. “Please God help the lady on the fourth floor survive and give aid to the little one.”

Their was a voice that came from behind him. “Good prayer.” Todd turned around. There behind him in the third pew was a black man in scrubs. He was bald with a scrubby short beard. He was short and thin. His scrubs were a pale blue. Before Todd could say anything the man went on, “I too came to give a prayer to help Ms. Stevenson and her baby.

“What is the condition of both of them?” he asked of this stranger.

“I do not know. When I left there were people working on the situation. Unfortunately from the chatter it did not sound good.” He stood up. “I gotta go back to work” and without another word he left Todd alone.

Todd looked at the statue of Jesus in front of him. For a second he asked for guidance for himself. He was getting like Jim and was facing whether to leave or continue in medicine. There just was not many ups and the downs were devastating.

He got up and decided to go to the fourth floor to see how the woman was doing. As soon as the elevator opened up he could hear the buzz from two nurses on the floor. They were happy the woman had given birth and was stable. The baby was being put in the maternity bassinet room. Their were five newborns and four proud fathers standing around beaming. They introduced themselves to Todd as he came up to them. Their was Johnson, the proud dad of a ten pound baby boy, Edwards, the father of twins, Saltzman with his skullcap now looking at his first born and finally Utley with a good German baby. Lincoln was added to the mix and although he was obviously not the father of the black baby girl he was treated as a member of the exclusive group. Saltzman had given out cigars and the men refrained from smoking in the non-smoking area but they all put them in their pocket for later. Five men looking at their children with pride. It does not get any better than that.

All of a sudden the elevator on the side opened up. The black guy came out for a second. He was about fifteen feet away and gave Todd two thumbs up and then he reentered the elevator and the doors closed. It took Todd a second to react after returning the thumbs up with his thumbs up acknowledgment. Then he ran to the elevator to give the black guy his cigar or at least offer to take him for a cup of coffee. When he got to the elevator the door was closed but stilled showed it was still on the fourth floor. That was strange. He pressed the button and the door opened. There was no one inside. Todd got in puzzled and went to the first floor. He asked the receptionist if the black man in scrubs had left. She did not know who he was talking about. He described the man but she did not know who he was.

Todd looked for this man for over a week. No one knew him. It was like he did not exist. The woman who had been brought in bad shape got well and with her new born went home. Todd felt rejuvenated. Something good happened here but he could not explain it. He took the actions like an omen and decided to keep going and pursue a career in health care and once in a while he went to the hospital chapel. There he would give thanks to a black man in scrubs who put him back on the road to hope against impossible odds. Amen





The angel is coming and the world drew a sigh of relief.

When he is here, gone will be all the sorrow and all the grief.

Floods and drought, fire and rain, all the accursed elements will be erased,

Gone all the lust, and all the greed, all the evil things that have debased.

He will accept all the sin, and cleanse the human race,

He will sacrifice all and glory and good will take its place.

Man will strive for the noble things that will enhance humanity,

He will get rid of wars and holocaust and other fits of insanity.

And so the sacrifice was made and men, women and children wept,

The link to God was strong but the tenets were broken and not kept.

There was a kink in the armor and as much as man tried to be true,

It was free thinking and choice that obstructed heavens view.

Some were pious and many had great intentions of honesty and good,

But some were stuck in the confusion of words and were misunderstood.

Another year is ending and it is time for mankind to do an evaluation,

Do we continue down this course or do a new direction for our salvation.

The Smudge

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there anyone out there without a smudge on their reputation?

Is there anyone out there with no mark of an evil flirtation.

No sin at all, no glaring look, no mark against the good Book,

A man or woman above all the rest, who somehow resisted the test.

Let no man or woman cast a stone at a house built of glass,

Is not every person have something to be ashamed about in the past?

How many have sinned and found there calling,

Begged for forgiveness for their past falling.

The drug addict who has repented and gone through withdrawal,

The gambling addict who thought that one dice throw would win it all.

The man or woman who secretly coveted a neighbors spouse,

The man who cowardly acted with selfishness and behaved like a mouse.

The politician who lied, the salesmen who sold the lemon car,

The college who said that the degree you could earn would get you far.

Throughout our lives we all have smudges, they come with the territory,

Through repentance we can rid ourselves of them and go on to glory.