The Church of questions

I never understand “Oh, my God”  should it not be “Oh, our God”?

“God bless” also makes me wonder.  Does God not bless, does he or she condemn?

Sanctuary is a place of refuge.  A church is a sanctuary then why do people wish to run out to their lives after the sermon?  You would figure they would want to stay there a lot.

Church spires inspire me and Russian ones are grand.

Who judges the sermons of the church officials.  Do they have a ghost writer in the wings?

Can heaven by nature be underground?

If it is an offense to slander another, why do we do it?

Drama is often on the stage of life, and it burns like a demon from hell.

Marriage is an institution which can be wonderful or hell.  Yet both styles are at first exciting and marvelous.  It is time which either erodes it or makes it stronger.

Why are we so hung up on sex?  God said begat and I and most of my kind have done begatting.


Does religion trump the job?

Jewish people will not work on Saturday.

n 1965, Sandy Koufax refused to pitch in Game One of the World Series because it was Yom Kippur, a Jewish holy day. Instead of Koufax, Don Drysdale pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he gave up seven runs in 2 2/3 innings. “I bet right now you wish I was Jewish, too,” Drysdale said to Walter Alston when the manager came to pull him from the game. The Dodgers lost to the Minnesota Twins, 8-2.

Koufax and Jewish holidays
Sandy Koufax regularly pitched on the Jewish Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), and never pitched on the first day of Passover, when the Passover Seder is held. He also never pitched on Rosh Hashanah.

Instead of pitching that day, Koufax attended synagogue in Minneapolis. As the Dodgers’ ace, Koufax still pitched Games Two, Five, and Seven, throwing complete-game shutouts in Games Five and Seven. Koufax’s decision and his pitching brilliance remain a source of pride among devout American Jews, even those who aren’t baseball fans.

Should the Dodgers have fired their ace?

A doctor who is Jewish is faced with a dilemma.  The hospital he works at has been inundated by hurt people from a disaster.  They have called him in.  But it is a religious holiday.  Does he pick religion over his oath to save the victims of the crisis?

Just curious what would you do?


Josefina was putting her two beautiful children to bed on board the spaceship Asteria. Years were not by a calendar anymore but measured instead from when the ship had left earth. She was the twenty third generation from the exodus. Still there were connections with the home planet as conveyed by beliefs and truths that were told orally as stories of the past. Unfortunately time had distorted some of the stories and liberties were taken with what translated into what was believed. The children had asked her about the story of man. This is what she told them.


“God was busy the first week. He made the planets including earth. Then it was oceans and continents. Finally he got really busy with a variety of fish, plants and animals. Now it was time for his greatest creation.

God went to China to the Ural Mountains and taking yellow clay made his first figurine. Next he went to Utah and the red clay of the Red Mountains and made the second figurine. Then to Africa to the gorge for black clay for the third. Finally he went to the White Cliffs of Dover in England, Europe and made the last one.

God then imbued these four figurines with the spirit mixture of earth, wind, fire and water. He gave each figurine the same proportions of the four elements. And so God created his main creations in the four corners of the world and called them all: “Man”


At this point the children nestled down and went to sleep. This had been the accepted story and who was there to question it.

The sister of Christ

As usual man got it wrong. He is barking up the wrong tree and is filled with the thought he is so great. Yes, Christ was the son of God. But there is also a counterpoint. One that fell through the crack. There is a daughter of God. One who sacrificed even more than the physical being? The one left behind who had to get the ball rolling and get people into believing of the gift of the sacrifice of her brother. And she, unnamed and forgotten is the true story.

After the death of her brother, Jesus, she convinced the other members, the disciples to stay as a team and build the church. She prompted St. Peter to build, she convinced the people not to revolt but stay peaceful for that is what she believed her brother would want.

And for all that she sacrificed there is no mention of her.

Jesus suffered? The Son of God felt no pain, and because he was going to his reward looked with a smile on his human kind and smiled. His greatest words were one of kindness. Not hatred.

But the big smile was to his sister who witnessed his sacrifice for he knew she would care on his work.

He would live in the hearts of many and it is due to her strength and perseverance.

No statues for her. No mention of her. But she is a true miracle.

The Gift of Life

Glory be to the abundance of God’s gift to man,

Life so precious and fine like the beach’s finest sand.


Babies with their faces so cute and cooing to their moms,

The parents who risk all to save them from deaths arms.


Sacrifice is the word that comes to mind for the daily bread,

Working hard to feed the child and put a roof over the baby’s head.


Watching the child grow up and expand their freedoms,

Spreading over the earth in so many rich and vibrant kingdoms.


And then they took take up the cause of life and have their kin,

And we the grandparents sneak a peak at the newborn and peak in.


So is the circle of life and it goes on and hopefully on,

Family is everything, is a phrase that I am of late, fond.


A box of goodies on the shelf of life itself, we are thus blessed,

Opened and revealed, it is what gives life its elan and zest.

The Garden of Eden: A different perspective

The Real Garden of Eden

It is probably lost in the translation. We are depending on the Bible translations which depend on which definition that the translators use when interpreting a word that is in a language which in time has undergone many transformations. Let me give you an example. If you watched the movie True Grit you noticed how many phrases were used that we no longer use in today’s vernacular. That is only a hundred and fifty years ago. Now, imagine a few thousand years ago and the meanings could really be different.

I propose that the Garden of Eden may have existed. But I do not believe the fruit is the cause of the eviction of Adam and Eve. I believe that God would not have used an apple or fruit to tempt the two. I believe that Adam was the culprit and caused the problem. I believe that Adam ate something that caused the problem. What was it? MEAT.

Okay, I know now that you are reading this in disbelief. But do you really think that God gave rise to animals and then let them be slaughtered for food?

I believe this was the transcetion that caused the irritation God felt with man. What kind of meat? Possibly goat, pig or even sheep.

Now, let us look at the Garden of Eden’s population. That is what I said. Population. If God commanded multiply then why not. There was a bunch of descendents and they also were corrupted by the meat eating. They too also violated God’s commandment of no meat eating. No meat eating of those who are in the image of God.

The result: a corruption of the soul. The negating of God. And without a reason for Eden the ruination of the safe haven for man.

God is a Woman!

God is definitely a woman. Or in the fashion of a female,

I know this for God sent me from cyberspace an email

I believe that Eve came first and Adam came from her rib,

That they got kicked out of Eden because of their kid.

If God were a woman and Adam acted like an ass,

She would evict him and his kin out of Eden fast.

She would not, tolerate his nonsense and put up with his drivel,

Exiled to a barren place until he learned to be human and civil.

She did grant and allow the human race the concept of free choice,

Sometimes mankind gave her grief and sometimes she would rejoice.

She would be kind and firm but take no guff or rebuttal,

She would be in mankind’s face and would not be subtle.

Would she give us an easy path or make us work hard,

No, she would be as it is, the fates would have no regard.

All of us in the same boat and the waves would be so choppy,

The human race is insane and illogical and our thoughts sloppy.

So open your mind and let new ideas soar through your brain,

But mind your manners for sin must be avoided with disdain.



Uncle Lenny and the scam.

Uncle Lenny used every trick in the book. He was a fortune teller. He could read you palm or some other vibe and predict your future, delve into your past and just come up with something. He once predicted for me that I should not ride a bike. Something about an accident in the future. For that reason I never bought a hog. He also said I would not be concerned with money in the future. Another brilliant prediction.

He would hold meetings. Like seances and con old people into a reading of some type. He would tell them vague things. He could read people.

Here is a sample. You will meet the person you are searching for soon. You have met the person of great significance and they will guide you. Money is coming soon. You are extremely creative but have not used your talent yet.

I think you got the drift. General that it might fit and vague enough to be believed. I know he got some money for the readings but the truth of the matter is that by declaring himself a religious entity he got the whole ball of wax tax free.

This was really his scam. The division of church and state allows people like Uncle Lenny to develop a religious sect. This church or temple can declare itself exempt from taxes by simply filling out a form. You can become ordained by another facility and then you are free of paying taxes.

Now there are churches and there are Churches. Churches have real significance for they give a moral compass to the masses. But Lenny had a church classification which was askew from the higher moral compass. Did he believe in himself? That I am not sure of. I believe he felt he was doing good and he reaped the benefits of his creativity.

Now, my prediction for you. One: Watch your step. Two: Do not buy that big thing unless you have really looked into your finances. And Three: Believe in one and two. Now I am not incorporated so even though you wish to send me money, do not. I can not afford to be in the next tax bracket because Lenny was right. I am comfortable with the money coming in. And I will not go on a bike so I guess his second prediction was right too.





The angel is coming and the world drew a sigh of relief.

When he is here, gone will be all the sorrow and all the grief.

Floods and drought, fire and rain, all the accursed elements will be erased,

Gone all the lust, and all the greed, all the evil things that have debased.

He will accept all the sin, and cleanse the human race,

He will sacrifice all and glory and good will take its place.

Man will strive for the noble things that will enhance humanity,

He will get rid of wars and holocaust and other fits of insanity.

And so the sacrifice was made and men, women and children wept,

The link to God was strong but the tenets were broken and not kept.

There was a kink in the armor and as much as man tried to be true,

It was free thinking and choice that obstructed heavens view.

Some were pious and many had great intentions of honesty and good,

But some were stuck in the confusion of words and were misunderstood.

Another year is ending and it is time for mankind to do an evaluation,

Do we continue down this course or do a new direction for our salvation.