A love poem.

It was a night alone, for my girlfriend and I fought on the phone,

She had a bug up her behind and I did not like her voice tone.

She accused me of a wandering eye and that maybe I was the wrong guy,

I hung up on her with a snap of my wrist, another relationship gone bye bye.

So I took a shower to wash off the powder of rejection and loneliness,

I am really a good guy and treat my women well, how did I fail the test?

In the shower I sang the rejection songs at the top of my voice,

I sang loud and my noise became ragged and coarse.

Then I toweled off and of course went out to the bar to score,

But who was there with a bunch of guys around her, I could have fallen to the floor.

She looked so fine, she was mine and I felt a decree of regret,

And then my eyes saw her eyes looking and it is just likeā€¦ when we first met.

She came over and we did not talk, we said not one thing to each other,

We walked out of the bar hand in hand, our hearts aflutter.

That was ten years ago and from that night we have a product of love,

Our child is ten years old now, a gift meant to be, from heaven above.



I have been rejected by so many people that it is a matter of life for me,

I do not receive the advertisements for free items that no one needs.

I have not won the Clearing House Sweepstakes and no one has come to the door,

I have not even won samples of rugs that I could sew together and cover my bare floor.

I have never won at lotto nor even a five spot on a scratch off bought at a store,

I never won a discount in the mail for a car, or those scratch offs that companies use for a lure.

I have never been baited and switched, I have never had a date without getting a ditch,

In fact all the women I have met have been the same, the run from me as if I were insane.

I would consider myself a loser, a person who has won not a dime,

I can not even cheat death for he says I now am now out of time.

So I am ready to go and really have no choice in the matter,

I was not asked by St. Peter for any data, he let me in to heaven without a hesitation,

He felt sorry for me so he allowed me a few days of vacation.

Now that is up and the devil has sent me a memo,

He does not want me either and therefore my home is in limbo.