The bad student no one wants

Not That Student

They always gave me the students who did not care,

The ones who came to school but had grades below fair.

Usually they hated school and came to socialize and lunch,

They hung around together in a cluster, a rotten banana bunch.

They always seemed to be plotting and conning the world,

They thought the orbit of the school should around them swirl.

There was one who seemed to stand out far from the rest,

He rarely was prepared and had failed even the simplest test

But if you looked in his notebook you would soon discover.

There were pictures of people, cartoons and even a music cover.

The kid who all teachers ignored and wanted to avoid,

The kid they predicted would be broke and unemployed.

He had a hidden ability, a gem of great talent and scope,

If not discovered this would be wasted on a man with no hope.

So I challenged him and took on his looks of dislike and hate,

He wanted me to leave him alone and leave him to his fate.

Finally he did the pictures I requested with a flourish,

The students praised him, it was like his ego got nourished.

We created a comic book of vegetables versus fruits,

It became a big hit and now he was eager to produce.

He became the star of the school, everyone said is name,

He turned around got a job, married and accepted his fame.

I lost contact with him long ago, but I wish him the best,

Of all the students I had, he was a step above the rest.