A horror story in space and time ala The Twilight Zone

He awoke with a start and as his eyes focused, fear, raw and base gripped his soul.  His vision was blurred as if there was a plastic shield in front of his eyes.  And then he realized the truth.  He was embedded in a suit of some type.  His mind rebelled and he tried to scream.  He felt the fear of claustrophobia.

Then the voice came into his brain.  “You are okay, breathe deeply and control your mind?  The voice was reassuring and he took control.  He breathed in and out with regularity.  He tried to assess his situation.  Slowly he realized that he was encased in a covering of a form of jelly.  It was everywhere and yet air was going to his lungs.  He felt no pain.  But there was the inner toil of wanting to be free of the wrappings.

“Will your body to absorb the jelly that surrounds you.” Said the voice.

He did as he was told.  And in a moment the jelly substance was absorbed into his body.  He was free and found himself sitting in a chair of metal.

“Where am I?”  he said aloud.

“You were chosen.  Food is on the table in the room.  Eat and then we will talk.  The voice stopped.

He called for it to respond to questions but there was only silence.

“Talk to me.”  He yelled over and over.   But to no avail.

He walked over to the table and looked at the table.  It was filled with fruit of all sorts.  He was famished and although quite perturbed sat down and eat.  While feasting, he looked around the room.  It was small with only the chair he had been in and the table with the food on it and a chair where he currently sat.

He ate the fruit and the water that he poured into the glass on the table.   Then he felt the wave of exhaustion.   He put his head onto the table and within moments entered a drugged sleep.  He awoke not realizing how long he was out.

He looked around the room and now noticed a screen in the room.  It was large and then it went on.

There was a shadow deep in a mist on the screen and it talked, “I realize that you are puzzled and frighten by what has happened to you.   Let us go to the chase.  We are from a distant planet many miles out of your system.  We decided to contact your planet and to accomplish that mission we abducted a few humans and are sending them to our planet for communication.  We will then come up with a plan to talk to your planet.  We have viewed your movies and saw how you viewed aliens.  Sometimes in war and sometimes with amusing peace.  But movies gave us your language but we needed real input and we took six of your race to travel to our planet.  You were chosen as were the other five.  The trip was long and we had to encase you in a protection barrier to avoid pressure problems.  But now we approach our planet and it is time for you to meet the others.”

With that their appeared an opening and two humans entered the room.

One was a young lady about his age.  The other was a little girl.

“You said six, this is three.”  He questioned the screen.

“I am sorry to say that the other three did not survive.  We are left with three and hope this will suffice.  I will allow you contact with your fellow members.”

Over the course of days, maybe weeks, maybe years they developed relationships.  There were no time pieces in the rooms and they never knew if it was day or night.  When they went to sleep, the room would get darker and they slept.  When they awoke, the rooms got lighter.  Time held no context.

Neither of them remembered their past lives.  They could not even remember their names.  The man called himself Jessie, the woman Mia and the little girl who seemed to age faster was called Star.

Star’s function was to go to a small room and perform tasks.  She was monitored and evaluated.  The aliens seemingly trying to get a way into how mankind thought.

Soon the sleeping arrangements changed as Jessie demanded a bed.

It miraculously appeared in a corner of the sparse room.  It was a king-sized bed, comfortable and had two pillows.  Everything was white.  Color seemed not in existence here.  Jessie demanded clothes and clothes appeared on the bed.  White pants and white tops.  Jessie demanded a private place for a bathroom and part of the room was walled off and a toilet bowl appeared.  A sink and a shower was next.  The aliens got the concepts off the programs they said they saw.

Then one night it happened.  Mia appeared in Jessie’s bed and the inevitable occurred.

Time passed.  The girl appeared to be about twenty now.  She rarely came out.  Jessie and Mia were alone a lot together.  They spoke but it was quiet talk.

They never confided in each other their deep thoughts.  They needed each other physically but emotionally they were drained.  Fear dominated their brains and what could overcome that.

Then one day, the screen went on.  From the mist the aliens spoke.  Jessie could never make them out.  No features.  Just a shadow in the mist.

“We are at the end.  We have learned from the girl all we can.  She has fulfilled our need.”

“I wonder how come you have not asked me any questions?” asked Jessie.

“Because that was not what we needed you for.”

“I do not understand.  What was my purpose to you.?”

“To produce with Mia.”

Jessie looked over to Mia.  She smiled.  He realized at that moment she was with child.

“I am excited.  But a little frightened.”  Jessie confessed.

“Do not be frightened, my dear.  Your function was to procreate with me so our child would be the ambassador to your world.”

“I do not understand,” Jessie was puzzled.

“I took this form so we could mate.  I was not picked up from your planet.  I am one of them.  I child will be the product of both of us.  Half human and half alien.”

“You took this form?  What are you?   We are a race like your spiders.  The Black Widow spider would be closest.  And like the Black Widow, I have mated, the egg sack inside me has produced hunger and I need to consume food.

I need meat and the only meat on this ship is you.  That is why you were selected and now …. She changed in front of him to her real form.  Terror gripped him as she came towards him.  There was pain and then eternal sleep.”