Comedy and Tragedy or is it Tragedy and Comedy

Into each life there is comedy and tragedy and they mingle,

The thought process tries to separate them but they intermingle,

Tangled are the webs of life, and sometimes they make little sense,

We try to organize it into categorizes and put up roadblocks and some types of fence.

But it all is joined and complex with shades of gray,

We are a product of hormones and circumstances that choice our way.

Just when you thought you had it down pat and life runs by the book,

That is when there is a tumble, like the guy on the stage and out comes the hook.

I sometimes wonder if animals feel the joys and the depressions of life’s cycles,

The warmth of love and the feel of rejection like icicles.

But humans are deep in thought and drama is part of life,

There is ups and downs and there is wins and days of strife.

Face each day with the face of the winner,

You know you can for you are no beginner.

And at the end of the day lay your head down with a prayer,

That you have done your best and that you gave life a care.