He marched to the music of a different drummer,

Where he went people followed in the heat of the summer,

He spoke and many listened, and yet he was condemned by others,

He tried to make amends and have all men be brothers.

But it was not to be, and then he made the ultimate sacrifice,

He knew eventually he had to play this part, he had to roll the destiny dice.

And there on the hill with the crowd at his feet and pain in his heart,

There he knew that his role was not over, that his spirit would continue his part.

That God would receive him for he was his son and did his best,

That God would now give him that well deserved rest,

That God had the plan for mankind to be better in heart and soul,

That this sacrifice was worthy and that man would be fruitful and fulfill his goal.

A simple cross of wood, some nails, and the deed was done,

A man on a cross, the deed accomplished, a sacrifice of his Son,

And man, had been touched with the evidence of good,

Mankind now guided, would the sacrifice be understood?

Did Jesus have a Sister?

As usual man got it wrong. He is barking up the wrong tree and is filled with the thought he is so great. Yes, Christ was the son of God. But there is also a counterpoint. One that fell through the crack. There is a daughter of God. One who sacrificed even more than the physical being? The one left behind who had to get the ball rolling and get people into believing of the gift of the sacrifice of her brother. And she, unnamed and forgotten is the true story.

After the death of her brother, Jesus, she convinced the other members, the disciples to stay as a team and build the church. She prompted St. Peter to build, she convinced the people not to revolt but stay peaceful for that is what she believed her brother would want.

And for all that she sacrificed there is no mention of her.

Jesus suffered? The Son of God felt no pain, and because he was going to his reward looked with a smile on his human kind and smiled. His greatest words were one of kindness. Not hatred.

But the big smile was to his sister who witnessed his sacrifice for he knew she would continue  work.

He would live in the hearts of many and it is due to her strength and perseverance.

No statues for her. No mention of her. But she is a true miracle.

I took a chance

I took a chance,

It was just a small thing.

I gave mankind one more chance,

They flubbed it and yet I still hesitated.

I gave them a flood and let them start anew,

But now they have backslide to their old ways.

I am thinking flood, or just maybe earthquake or…

Wait I saw a sign of someone doing good,

A young man, doing extraordinary things,

Just a sign, so I will wait.

Thank you my son, Thank you Jesus.


J Jesus

O Over

Y You.

Give us Joy, give us Hope, give us this day our daily bread.

Guide us through our lives, make us hopeful, may we be fed.

Food on the table, hope in our hearts, a place to rest, sleeping in our bed,

What is more fitting, what more can be thought of or said.

You can look at your life with hope and go on,

You can stay in the mud and just linger on.

You decision, your fate to be decided,

But beware of this your life is guided.



J is for Joy

E is for elegance

S is for savior

U is for You

S is for your spirit.

It is simple and there are no catches, there is just the deep feeling of desire to help. That simple, that pure, and that which so many believe in.

Would you feel more comfortable with Jesus than any other? In his name would you give up something that you know is wrong? Would you give up your cigarettes which blow evil into your lungs?

Would you give up drinking to access and therefore acting poorly and showing a bad example to the children? Would you honor your spouse or your loved ones and do the right things for them?

Would you stay straight and be clean and not worry your family or your co workers?

Would you aid those who need aid and give a helping hand to those in need?

Would you use your influence to be kind and end abuse and bullying?

These things, they are good things and therefore they are the matters of the soul.

These simple things make you pure and will in time give you peace and contentment.

God and the Devil Looking Forward to 2014.

English: Detail of work Heaven and Hell includ...

English: Detail of work Heaven and Hell including Devil/Dragon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God was tired of the status quo and contacted the devil for a sit down,

They looked for a mutual safe place and finally a deli, named Limbo was found.

God sat at the upper end of the room and the Devil positioned himself at the lower sight,

God drank ambrosia and the Devil a wicked brew of rum with bite.

What is it that you want?” God inquired of his fallen son. The Devil responded, “Peace and Quiet”

What?” God was perplexed. The Devil expounded and said, “The souls down there are nosy and frequently riot.”

It was at that moment that God proposed a changing of the guard, for he thought I need to walk a mile in the other guys shoes.

What if we changed and I went to hell and you go into the heavens where the sky is so illuminated with clouds and so blue?

The Devil agreed to this noteworthy switch, an hour in heaven would be interesting to say the least,

And God did not fear the realm of hell, perhaps with his guidance and tact he could sooth the savage beast.

Upon entering heaven the Devil conned and tried to sway the souls to join him after the hour was up,

No one listened to his persuasive arguments and they treated him like an annoying pup.

But God in hell was treated like the King he is, and all joined him at the end of the hour,

In sixty minutes he and the devil switched back and to heaven all the souls of hell repented, God has that power.

The Devil did get his just desserts, the riots are gone, the souls departed,

The Devil is alone and hell is empty but then again the year 2014 just started.

God is a Woman!


God is definitely a woman. Or in the fashion of a female,

I know this for God sent me from cyberspace an email

I believe that Eve came first and Adam came from her rib,

That they got kicked out of Eden because of their kid.

If God were a woman and Adam acted like an ass,

She would evict him and his kin out of Eden fast.

She would not, tolerate his nonsense and put up with his drivel,

Exiled to a barren place until he learned to be human and civil.

She did grant and allow the human race the concept of free choice,

Sometimes mankind gave her grief and sometimes she would rejoice.

She would be kind and firm but take no guff or rebuttal,

She would be in mankind’s face and would not be subtle.

Would she give us an easy path or make us work hard?,

No, she would be as it is, the fates would have no regard.

All of us in the same boat and the waves would be so choppy,

The human race is insane and illogical and our thoughts sloppy.

So open your mind and let new ideas soar through your brain,

But mind your manners for sin must be avoided with disdain.

A Wish for All

Wealth treasure

Wealth treasure (Photo credit: Celestine Chua)

The amazing time of the year, when roads cross of all religions,

A time of hope and change, a time of deep good visions.

A time where man wants good to spread across the earth,

A time where evil shall not dwell here and we give it a wide berth.

A time of presents, toys, and little joys and most importantly the moments of silence,

A time of acknowledgment of the Lord and obeying the rules of compliance.

For this is the time of the year when we reflect not only of ourselves but the world itself,

A time when we evaluate the true meaning of life and not just material wealth.

A time when we all hope that the next year will be one of joy and not evil and dark,

We wish a gentle year, not one filled with fear and pain but one like a walk in the park.

May the angels sing, the world sigh in relief, and the children dance and have joy,

This is our wish to be granted by all humanity united, that is the goal we wish to employ.

More of the words that confuse me.

English: Pigs in Blankets UK Style. Uploaded b...

English: Pigs in Blankets UK Style. Uploaded by the photographer/author. These particular pigs in blankets are not cooked properly and could give the recipient a whole manner of none too favourable mischiefs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vegetarians came up with a plan to end the slaughtering of animals for food. They got scientist to teach the cows how to say Jesus and the turkey and the chicken too.

They succeeded and instead of saying Moo the cow said Jesus. Since the cow was now saying the name of the Lord people stopped eating the animal. The same with the turkey and the chicken. A few animals refused to learn and they became the dinner plate special. Amen brother, and femen, sister.

If a Black Man marries a Chinese Woman and have a boy. Then a White Man marries a Hawaiian Woman and they have a girl. This boy and girl get married and have a child who is Black, White, Chinese and Hawaiian. If that child has to fill out forms what does the child put for ethnic.

How does a quarter horse run when there is only a quarter of him?

Remember when the expression was a nickel for a pickle? There were five and dime stores and gasoline was under a $1.00? Remember when there was Wonder Bread? Boy time does move on but not for girls.

I am dyslexia and therefore I mix up numbers. In an emergency I dial 191 instead of 911 and no one comes. I never could get a job delivering pizzas for I would mix up the addresses. I had so many girls who I could have taken out on a first date but I mixed up their addresses.

I had a party and hired two servers. One had the A tray and the other had the B tray. But the Betray served pigs in blankets and the A tray served blankets without pigs. People liked the B tray better. Go figure.

When people get frustrated with their accountant do they tell him to go figure?

Do IRS people have nice IRA’s and are they named Ira?

How simple is Simon and what does he do at the fair? Is he a baker? What kind of pies does he bake? If it is simple as apple pie, or tart or you do not give a fig?

How Do I Love Thee

Of Thee I Sing

Of Thee I Sing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let Me Count the Ways. 

How do I love thee, then shall we look let’s see,

Beauty is seen by the beholder and that is me.

Intelligence is a rare commodity, you do possess that,

Your gracefulness is extraordinary just like a cat.

You have a way of soothing my soul and caressing my ego,

You know what I am about to say and we speak the same lingo.

Are views on the world and politics are pretty much the same,

If they were different they would probably drive us insane.

Our main goal was our children of which we had three,

Followed then by two grandchildren who we frequently see.

We have gone through the trials of life and then some,

Some of our moves have been smart and some have been dumb.

But through it all, there was you and me,

Would I change that, no way it will always be.