The Garden of Eden: A different perspective

The Real Garden of Eden

It is probably lost in the translation. We are depending on the Bible translations which depend on which definition that the translators use when interpreting a word that is in a language which in time has undergone many transformations. Let me give you an example. If you watched the movie True Grit you noticed how many phrases were used that we no longer use in today’s vernacular. That is only a hundred and fifty years ago. Now, imagine a few thousand years ago and the meanings could really be different.

I propose that the Garden of Eden may have existed. But I do not believe the fruit is the cause of the eviction of Adam and Eve. I believe that God would not have used an apple or fruit to tempt the two. I believe that Adam was the culprit and caused the problem. I believe that Adam ate something that caused the problem. What was it? MEAT.

Okay, I know now that you are reading this in disbelief. But do you really think that God gave rise to animals and then let them be slaughtered for food?

I believe this was the transcetion that caused the irritation God felt with man. What kind of meat? Possibly goat, pig or even sheep.

Now, let us look at the Garden of Eden’s population. That is what I said. Population. If God commanded multiply then why not. There was a bunch of descendents and they also were corrupted by the meat eating. They too also violated God’s commandment of no meat eating. No meat eating of those who are in the image of God.

The result: a corruption of the soul. The negating of God. And without a reason for Eden the ruination of the safe haven for man.