The sister of Christ

As usual man got it wrong. He is barking up the wrong tree and is filled with the thought he is so great. Yes, Christ was the son of God. But there is also a counterpoint. One that fell through the crack. There is a daughter of God. One who sacrificed even more than the physical being? The one left behind who had to get the ball rolling and get people into believing of the gift of the sacrifice of her brother. And she, unnamed and forgotten is the true story.

After the death of her brother, Jesus, she convinced the other members, the disciples to stay as a team and build the church. She prompted St. Peter to build, she convinced the people not to revolt but stay peaceful for that is what she believed her brother would want.

And for all that she sacrificed there is no mention of her.

Jesus suffered? The Son of God felt no pain, and because he was going to his reward looked with a smile on his human kind and smiled. His greatest words were one of kindness. Not hatred.

But the big smile was to his sister who witnessed his sacrifice for he knew she would care on his work.

He would live in the hearts of many and it is due to her strength and perseverance.

No statues for her. No mention of her. But she is a true miracle.

Some thoughts in the Land of Nod.

Moby Dick (2010 film)

Moby Dick (2010 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Voyage of the Pequod from the book Moby Di...

The Voyage of the Pequod from the book Moby Dick by Herman Melville; one of a series of 12 literary maps based on British and American literature, produced by the Harris-Seybold Company of Cleveland between 1953 and 1964. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the book Moby Dick Ishmael is really Jesus and the crew of the Pequod sacrifice their lives so he may live. Remember the character says, “Call me Ishmael” therefore that is not his real name. Melville writes all his characters as people in the Bible. I know it is crazy but it a reverse on the Christ on the Cross. The cross is made of wood and the coffin afloat on the sea is made of wood. If Moby Dick is evil than mankind loses their fight against evil and only Ishmael remains to save the rest of the world.

Why do detectives have an  alias of gumshoe. I understand the shoe part but I never saw a detective chewing gum. A lollipop like Kojak but no gum.

What are test pilots and what happens if they fail the test. Can they be given a redo when the plane crashes?

Did anyone really read Playboy? I never saw Playgirl but what were the articles in the magazine?

I believe Andy Warhol got it right. Everyone gets their few minutes of fame. Then why are the Kardashians getting hours of attention. I just can not keep up with them unless I get a lobotomy.

If the plural of octopus is octopi what is the plural of platypus, should it be platypi and not platypuses?

How do animals get mixed up if the species should not mate. I mean can a whale female have a male dolphin as a mate. And what would be the result a whalfin? I mean they are both mammals and breathe the same way.

What about a caterpiller and a bee? Would it be a beepiller or a caterbee?

Why does not an engineer come up with reversible engines on a plane? Push a button and you go backwards.

Cemeteries should have levels and therefore you can bury six people in a stack. Obviously the oldest would be on the bottom. It would be cheaper and save on land space.

With the internet, malls will eventually cease to exist and be converted to cheap housing. Everything will be bought on line and the need to go to the mall experience will go by the wayside. I also predict that one will be able to buy cheaper gasoline on the internet with special promotions. Sears will sell you linen and twenty gallons of gasoline on a special discount.

Remember nothing can not be done. Everything is possible! That should be the logo for some company. Coming up soon cars that drive themselves, we do have the technology. Planes that need no pilots. Golf carts that need no driver. It is coming folks.