The angel is coming and the world drew a sigh of relief.

When he is here, gone will be all the sorrow and all the grief.

Floods and drought, fire and rain, all the accursed elements will be erased,

Gone all the lust, and all the greed, all the evil things that have debased.

He will accept all the sin, and cleanse the human race,

He will sacrifice all and glory and good will take its place.

Man will strive for the noble things that will enhance humanity,

He will get rid of wars and holocaust and other fits of insanity.

And so the sacrifice was made and men, women and children wept,

The link to God was strong but the tenets were broken and not kept.

There was a kink in the armor and as much as man tried to be true,

It was free thinking and choice that obstructed heavens view.

Some were pious and many had great intentions of honesty and good,

But some were stuck in the confusion of words and were misunderstood.

Another year is ending and it is time for mankind to do an evaluation,

Do we continue down this course or do a new direction for our salvation.