Most of life is weaving between the scammers.  The lies are bold and frequent.

Who do you trust as the news exposes the scammers one after another?

The biggest scammer of all, our government.  They spend money as if they made it.  Wait for it that is right, they do make the money.  And we are taxed for it.

Then they spend the money.  Have you looked at what they are spending it on?

Not on you, but on countries that then bitch that they are not getting enough of your money and then make threats against you.

The next scammer the medical profession.  We are scanned in hopes to find something that we can then be charged for.  We are given foods that cause cancer and then charged for the damage that cancer does to our bodies.

The cigarette companies.  I remember when they said they did not cause cancer.

Now they admit it but have the gall to hold activities to stop you from smoking their product which has in it substances that make you addicted to it.

Car companies.  Volkswagen should be ashamed.  The recalls are so many that you cannot keep track of them.  Which car is safe, ask Ralph Nader.

When someone says I am telling you the truth, do you believe them?

Churches are places to go where the truth will be told?

I am now searching for a man or woman who will tell me the truth.

I know it will be a long search down dark alleys and into the surf of sin.

Pray for me.

The Questions of the Day

I am afraid to ask why?

Why is it with all our technology we still fall behind in simple things?

With each wave of technology there seems to be a negative side.

The internet connects us and yet seems to have an evil side.

I always thought hacking was a cough and now I am afraid it maybe an invasion of my bank account.

I am afraid to say things because they are politically incorrect and yet I am tired of politics. Note in politics is the tic which is an involuntary action that we cannot control.

We are now a society of fat people spiraling down with the excess weight. There are even stores that are for Big, Tall and Fat people.

We are forbidden to make jokes that hurt the sensibility of those who are on the fringe. A joke about a homosexual is considered in bad taste unless said by a homosexual to a homosexual audience.

Television should be linked to the events of the day. For example during Easter you get King of Kings. Makes sense. So during a rainy day should they show Singing in the Rain. If a person sang in the rain like Gene Kelly he would be committed.

We lose our stars as they age and pass on and yet we thought they would live forever, they do in the movie. Bogart lives. Robin Williams is Morking somewhere and Spock is thinking logically on a planet with a number name.

We made heroes out of sports figures and expect them to live by standards of a saint. O.J. in jail is not saintly. Hernandez a murderer does not make sense.

We make big deals of people who have little talent except for outrageous actions.

Where art thou?, Honey Boo Boo, did she go the way of Tiny Tim.

We love fads and then go retro with things that once were special but then went back into the back of the closet.

We are a strange breed.


He was the world’s greatest composer, a genius, yet he never wrote it down. In fact he never played his work.

He wrote while he slept. There in his subconscious was the work of the angels.

Every once in a while a refrain of the work would play in his day mind.

But it quickly disappeared.

And then he got married. And while he slept his wife heard the humming of voice as he vibrated his work.

She wrote it down. Then when he awakened she had him play it.

So the team of husband and wife made a fortune from the sheets of music that they created between the two of them.

One could not do it without the other.

Sometimes it just takes a team.


Adam and Eve had lunch.

Bananas and apples and pears from the trees.

And then one day Adam was convinced by Eve to eat meat.

He looked at the peaceful animals milling about and choose a lamb.

Both had lamb chops and disobeyed the law of the land.

For the lamb was by God a gift to view and gaze upon.

And now one of the flock was eaten and God therefore was displeased.

And God said, “You have eaten a peaceful animal who gave you no harm.”

“Get out of Eden and repent your sin to me!”

And so mankind has never been able to go back to Eden while he insists on eating the innocent of the world. This story was pushed by the the people who say, “What is for dinner?”

Eviction from Eden

It was a tail of love. Two meshed like potato salad and chives.

Pledging their love through eternity and beyond. And yet when one of them was not looking the other wandered off and looked on another. Jealousy outraged and the two were torn asunder. Never before was their ado about so much.

Never again would there be trust and peace.

Eve had dilly dallied and the serpent had won her over. When asking Adam for acceptance he declared his hate. Since hate cannot exist in Eden they were both evicted from compatibility to wander the earth.

Eviction notice: date is today.

Both Adam and Eve (no last name) are to be made aware that your presence in my Eden is no longer allowed. By my law you are to take your belongings including your loin’s clothes and Adams rod and leave. You are not to take any of the animals from Eden. The snake is allowed to remain. Good luck and do petulance. Tough love GOD.

The Garden of Eden: A different perspective

The Real Garden of Eden

It is probably lost in the translation. We are depending on the Bible translations which depend on which definition that the translators use when interpreting a word that is in a language which in time has undergone many transformations. Let me give you an example. If you watched the movie True Grit you noticed how many phrases were used that we no longer use in today’s vernacular. That is only a hundred and fifty years ago. Now, imagine a few thousand years ago and the meanings could really be different.

I propose that the Garden of Eden may have existed. But I do not believe the fruit is the cause of the eviction of Adam and Eve. I believe that God would not have used an apple or fruit to tempt the two. I believe that Adam was the culprit and caused the problem. I believe that Adam ate something that caused the problem. What was it? MEAT.

Okay, I know now that you are reading this in disbelief. But do you really think that God gave rise to animals and then let them be slaughtered for food?

I believe this was the transcetion that caused the irritation God felt with man. What kind of meat? Possibly goat, pig or even sheep.

Now, let us look at the Garden of Eden’s population. That is what I said. Population. If God commanded multiply then why not. There was a bunch of descendents and they also were corrupted by the meat eating. They too also violated God’s commandment of no meat eating. No meat eating of those who are in the image of God.

The result: a corruption of the soul. The negating of God. And without a reason for Eden the ruination of the safe haven for man.


Questions on the Garden of Eden.

Each morning I awake with a thought in my head. Maybe I am like Joan of Arc with a connection I do not understand. Seriously the thoughts of a blog are inserted and I write the blog in my head before I even get to the keyboard.

Unfortunately this blog today should ruffle some feathers and I had to decide whether to post it or not. So as you read it hold it as a rash decision and do not go crazy on me.

The concept of Eden has caused me confusion for a long time. I believe in God and I believe in purpose. So there is Adam and now Eve. What do they do during the day and night? I understand they would procreate but most people do not take twenty four hours a day doing that. If I am any indication I would give it a ten minute duration. What do you do for the rest of the day?

Did Adam have to take care of the animals? Did he build a house? Did he have any hobbies? No television, no radio, and no baseball card collections, so what did he do all day? Okay he talked to Eve, but about what? You can only discuss the weather for a short period of time. Now let us assume they had kids. Did Adam have a catch with his son? Did they read the Bible? Did they converse with God? I figure they were bored.

Now God has powers, so why let the serpent in? I know he wanted to see what will happen. But if he is God, and has any thoughts he already knew what would happen. Of course they would take the bite.

I believe God knew that and it was time for them to leave Eden and have diversities. Without hardships humanity does not grow. Most of our greatest efforts are expended by the fight against a foe, a disaster, an event that causes mankind to rise above the fray.

What if God had not expelled Adam and Eve? No Bible, no flood, no Moses and no millions of other things. God allows for the closing of Eden so man can progress in the random world of change.

Man is thus thrust into a giant pinball machine. The ball is shot and now man must use the buffers and other devises to get a good score before he tilts the table or goes down the hole.

Now, I know many of you will quote scripture and condemn my soul to purgatory. But allow me my bite of the apple and I will allow you your bite. Remember we have free will and that my friend changes the whole nature of the adventure of life.

God is a Woman!


God is definitely a woman. Or in the fashion of a female,

I know this for God sent me from cyberspace an email

I believe that Eve came first and Adam came from her rib,

That they got kicked out of Eden because of their kid.

If God were a woman and Adam acted like an ass,

She would evict him and his kin out of Eden fast.

She would not, tolerate his nonsense and put up with his drivel,

Exiled to a barren place until he learned to be human and civil.

She did grant and allow the human race the concept of free choice,

Sometimes mankind gave her grief and sometimes she would rejoice.

She would be kind and firm but take no guff or rebuttal,

She would be in mankind’s face and would not be subtle.

Would she give us an easy path or make us work hard?,

No, she would be as it is, the fates would have no regard.

All of us in the same boat and the waves would be so choppy,

The human race is insane and illogical and our thoughts sloppy.

So open your mind and let new ideas soar through your brain,

But mind your manners for sin must be avoided with disdain.

Eden Skewed

The end of the Edenic period, Adam and Eve are...

The end of the Edenic period, Adam and Eve are thrust into a bleak Antediluvian world. Thomas Cole, 1828 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michelangelo's painting of the sin of Adam and...

Michelangelo’s painting of the sin of Adam and Eve (the Fall of Man) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First and foremost Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a special time of the year. We give Thanks for what we have and in most cases that is a lot. It is also the time of reflection. It is a time of taking in an accounting of what we are, where we are going and what we really want.

It is a time of renewal. A time to replenish our souls from the evils of day to day life which makes us bitter and depressed. It is the time to look forward as we do each year. We should now contemplate what our resolutions should be for the new year. Actually it is not a new year just a time period.

It started with Adam and Eve and their being evicted from Eden. I assume they were given thirty days notice. Prior to their leaving there was no sin. Sin occurred because of the apple which is really the symbol of sin. A couple of points to note. Adam and Eve were not the only one’s displaced. The tribe of man and women was sent out from Eden. God’s commandment of “be fruitful and multiply” was in full swing. Generations of this activity had produced a small population. It is this population and the originators of man who started to sin.

But God is forgiving. He gave a pathway back to good graces with the Ten Commandments. There are the sins that would be erased if the Commandments were to be followed.

One of those sins was though should not kill. That included the killing of God’s creatures. I know it is a stretch but man was not supposed to eat the flesh of animals. Animals use to lay next to each other and not eat each other. It is man who introduced the concept of flesh eating and now the lamb and lion can not lay next to each other without the licking of chops and the fear of being eaten. But did we erase the killing. Do we follow the commandment. We even make excuses that it is okay in certain cases. If it is a commandment there are no exceptions. No war, no stand your ground, and no excuses, like I did not know the gun was loaded.

Thou shall not covert thy neighbors wife. I will not spend much time on this one but it is broken by the lack of judgment of both spouses on a consistent basis. What has love got to do with it? just ask Tina Turner.

God gave the human race ten commandments and yet we ignore them. The road to Eden was open to us and is open to us with a renewal clause that says clean slate from Thanksgiving, where we give thanks through Christmas where we make resolutions till Easter where we seek rebirth. Each year we have failed. Perhaps this year we will succeed. May humanity give up killing and stay faithful. It is up to you to start the ball rolling. Give thanks and have a great Thanksgiving.