A nap a day keeps the beasts at bay.

Naps are good, not sleeping is bad.

Naps improve your brain’s day to day performance

We’re pretty clear on how important sleep is for our brains, but what about naps? It turns out, these short bursts of sleep are actually really useful.

Here are a couple of ways napping can benefit the brain:

Improved memory

In one study, participants memorized illustrated cards to test their memory strength. After memorizing a set of cards, they had a 40-minute break wherein one group napped, and the other stayed awake. After the break both groups were tested on their memory of the cards, and the group who had napped performed better:

Much to the surprise of the researchers, the sleep group performed significantly better, retaining on average 85 percent of the patterns, compared to 60 percent for those who had remained awake.

Apparently, napping actually helps our brain to solidify memories:

President Trump sleeps little and that is why his mind is cloudy.  He needs to take naps.

So therefore businesses should have a nap room.  Cots there to  take naps.  Everybody gets a fifteen minute uninterrupted nap.  It would boost performance.  It would be a big plus in relationships between employers and employees.  What do you think?


Expressions which floor me!


Lying through one’s teeth.  Since I have dentures I conclude I either do not lie anymore or I lie through my dentures.

Birds eye view.  Why not a bison’s view or a deer’s view?  And do different birds have a different view?

The hawk view of a sparrow is food for his tummy and the sparrows view of the hawk is “get out of here”

Goats will eat everything.  But if a person got your goat he annoyed you.  And therefore you ate the goat.

A bird in the hand is worth more than it is in a bush.  Assuming you are going to cook the goose.

We have an expression in the South, which is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “Houseguests–like fish–begin to smell after three days.”  I have been married to the same woman for forty eight years and she smells good to me.
The eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the room.  Who put him into the scale of things.  And did he use gorilla glue?

Hens teeth for sale made by Gregory Peck.

I went to a bazaar and saw bear meat for sale.  I guess it was a bear market.  The next day they had run out of bear and were selling bull.  They called it the bull market.  The next day they ran out of bull but still had its manure and called it the BS market.

“Life is a just a bowl of cherries,” stated Zazu Pitts.

“Have  a grape  day,” said the Welch man.

The future can be scary

The six-million-dollar man is he more expensive or less?

Did he ever go at it with Wonder Woman and who was the best?

Replacement parts will one day be sold as easy as pie,

Cloned arms and legs which will allow you to fly.


The future will play havoc with the nature of life,

There will be the elimination of diseases and less strain and strife.

Crops will be grown indoors, and the weather will be controlled,

Crossbred vegetables will be available, and manufactured meat will be sold.


People will go on virtue trips with headsets doing the travel,

Justice will commence with a computer and a mechanical gavel.

Life will contain no books for they will be replaced by chips in your head,

Learn a language will be the placement of a chip, any language, enough said.


People will get along and therefore there will be no use for the police,

People will do the right thing, or their lives will come to a halt and they will cease.

The chips of morality will be inserted in your brain,

They will keep you honest and do away with the concept of insane.


Life will be regulated, and people will live till they are 140 or more.

Dogs and cats will cease to exist and replaced by virtual pets, no crap on the floor.

Babies will be born in test tubes of hues.

You want a color of the rainbow fine, green or blue?


Scared of the future, you should be for it will be radical at best,

But you will never exist for you have been eliminated from the rest.

Toys of the past

When I was a young lad there were log cabin blocks,

No computer games on I phones, what a shock.

Models with glue which tended to get you high,

Balsa wood for glider planes that would crash, and you would sigh.


We played cowboys and Indians, and GI Joe was green,

We had Green Hornet and Howdy Doody with strings seen.

Sesame Street did not exist but there was Disney toons,

We watched fake violence and there was Buster Crabbe on the moons.


We had rocket ships and the Musketeers with children now grown,

The Rifleman protected Mark and the seeds of fatherhood were sown.

Girls were to be put on a pedestal and treated with care,

Guys looked groovy with grease in their hair.


We wanted to drive the muscle cars and wear the leather jackets,

We were in a fantasy land of hormones in our age brackets.

Now we are older, and our children have moved up the ladder,

The toys have evolved and for some that does not matter.




And a child shall lead them!

The aliens invaded on the day that was most peaceful on earth,

Wars had truces and the hatred seemed reversed, a new birth.

They came in swarms and attacked the crops with blight,

They lasered cities with a blinding light that wiped them from sight.


It was the film Independence Day, but it was not on the screen,

It was real lasers and death from the creatures of slime and green.

The world united and fought to the man and woman,

People watched the skies for a sign of tomorrow, a good omen.


But the skies were aflame with red crimson like the bowls of hell,

We tried for a truce, but the aliens wanted our deaths, humans fell.

We could count the population of the world in hundreds and the future was dim,

The odds in Las Vegas were low and the chances of a comeback were slim.


Out of nowhere a child came up with the clue,

He invented an unglued which in a missile flew.

It exploded into their mother ship and it dissolved into a gooey mess,

Today we have built a statue of that child who was earths best.