No one listens to me

A Poem for the Macabre in You

No One Listens!

When I was a kid, adults made light of what I had to say,

They assumed I was a kid and only good to go out and play.

As a teenager, adults thought my ideas were immature,

They pushed them to the side and treated them as impure.

As a young adult in college my professors thought I was inane.

They gave me good grades but they assumed my ideas were insane.

When I got married my wife and children did not listen at all,

They didn’t want to hear of troubles at work and just went to the mall.

Being a teacher, my students took my life lessons and they rejected them all,

They knew better than me and they certainly would not stumble and fall.

As an old man no one listens, they do not want to hear of my past,

Many of the things I have ceased to exist today and life goes by so fast.

Death came to me the other day and I asked for another day,

But he ignored my request and just took me away.



English: Chinese Buddhist Cuisine. Vegetarian ...

English: Chinese Buddhist Cuisine. Vegetarian restaurant buffet, Taipei. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you get the protein?

My wife, Alice, has heard this question time after time. She is a second generation vegetarian. Her dad was a good friend to Doctor Shelton, who was a big believer in that style of living.

When I married Alice in 1970 this was a big deal. She would not change nor would I expect her to. But I was a meat eater and she was okay with that. The only question was how to raise the kids. I figured that since she was in good shape, she was a recreation director of a park on Miami Beach, that the kids would be fine.

So our kids were raised vegetarians. Of the three of them two are still vegetarians. One, Danielle, is raising our granddaughter, Ariela, in the ways of a vegetarian.

Problems. Not really. Danielle, is a dental hygienist, working on her feet with no problems. She runs races, two miles and more. Our granddaughter is in Dance and runs circles around the meat eater, me.

What do they eat is a question often asked? Everything besides meat. Now they do eat eggs, cheese and drink milk. But mix in a lot of vegetables, tons of fruit and a limited amount of sugar and salt they are in good shape.

In the beginning going out to eat was difficult. Vegetarian on the menu was limited to say the least. In fact most sauces had meat stock in them and we avoided them. Most waiters and waitresses would not tell the truth. So we usually checked out the answers with the owner of the restaurant or cook. Egg plant was a basic in Italian Restaurants and Chinese had vegetarian on the menu. American breakfast was pancakes and eggs. I Hop is okay.

After my stroke I cut out a lot of meats. I do not feel worse for wear. I do know a lot of people who were meat eaters and when they went to vegetarianism they felt weakish. Truthfully I think it is in their minds. The meats are so immersed in toxics that they are addicted to nitrites and just do not know it. The stuff in a deli sandwich is not really good for you. I use to love the baloney, salami, the turkey with pickles and mayo. It probably aided my clogged arteries. Have not had one of those sandwiches in three years. Amy’s makes a veggie loaf that is good, plus low salt. Salt is not good for you. But I do not want to be a preacher. Eat all the crap you want and their will be no consequences. By the way I lie on a dime, a quarter and even a penny. If you want to try Vegetarian let me know. It has allowed me to live longer. Now, I do eat Tuna Fish and Salmon once a week but that is about it.

If you are overweight, stop and think about it. That roll you are carrying around your waist should come off now, not after you die. Sorry for being blunt and I know I was a hypocrite but if one person out there starts to change then this blog was worth it. Believe me the pain is not pleasant.  I ended up with a triple by pass.  How was it caused?  Meat did not help.  It clogged up my blood vessels until I had a high decree of blockage.  Of course stress was a factor.  And maybe I had poor genes.  All I know is they cut open my chest and rerouted the blood to move around my heart.

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The Vietnam Times


To Be or Not To Be

I believe that circumstances sometimes rule our lives. Turn to the right and one path is taken, turn to the left and another different life awaits you.

It was the time of Vietnam. It was confusing and terrifying at the same time. I was ready to go but my friends who came back said it was a miserable experience with seemingly no purpose. But I left my fate in the hands of God. I went for my physical at Fort Hamilton (passed with flying colors) and awaited the call. At the same time I got a letter from the School Board of New York. I was being afforded the opportunity to apply for a job as a teacher at a $500 school. They were named that because you got an extra $500 for the year to work in a school deemed special. Special meant a disadvantaged area.

I figured I would go and if I got the job so be it. If not so be it. A roll of the dice would determine my fate. I got to the school at eight in the morning and entered the auditorium. There were a hundred applicants. They were all white, my age, and all of them had no experience. I found out later that the turn over rate at the school was drastic and we were chosen to replace those who had left. A huge Black Man named Mr. English came on stage. He called out to us “Which one of you are gym teachers?”

A few hands went up and were told to go outside. Then it was Social Studies turn. Unfortunately a lot of hands went up including my own. Mr. English picked ten. I was not one of them. I assumed that meant the end of my career in education. Then he said, “ Which one of you can teach English?”

I figured he did not say which one of you have an English decree but who among you can teach English. I know I am picking hairs but what the hell. I raised my hand. To my amazement I was picked and went outside to meet the head of the English Department. She was a small lady named Mrs. Danzig. There were a few of us and she gave each our assignments, the book we would be teaching from, a small amount of supplies and our room numbers. I kept my mouth shut. We were to report the next day to fix up our rooms and start working on lesson plans.

I figured any day I would be called in and told to leave the school. I felt bad but no one called. My status for the service was changed to exempt. I taught three months. And then Mrs. Danzig came into my room after school was over. She explained that she had found out that I did not have an English license. I kept my mouth shut. This is it I thought. And then she said, “You are a great teacher and I am going to keep you. Do not tell anyone about this and you will be okay and under the radar.”

Literally I may have owed my life to that lady. Who knows. I taught at that school for four years during which the Vietnam war ended. It was over forty years ago and I have never given up the secret until this blog. Do I feel bad?

I just do not know. It was a long time ago. I put forty years into an educational career. It was the path I chose. Like I mentioned it could have gone either way.

The Waves of the Future


1. An ’emergency bra’ has been created by a Ukrainian scientist that can be turned into a face mask to protect against lethal chemical attacks or biological hazards.

The uplifting garment can be worn as intended then easily removed, separated into two and converted into two face masks that filters out harmful airborne substances – one for the wearer, and for a needy by-stander – or onlooker.

According to the inventor, Ukranian scientist Dr Elena Bodnar, it doesn’t matter what your cup size is either as the masks are fully-adjustable to give the same level of protection.

2. A Holy toaster which toasts your bread on both sides with an imagine of the Cross. My suggestion is you use Royal Honey on it or Imperial Butter Spread.

3. The haircut umbrella catches all the hair trimmings that would normally fall onto your clothes and on the floor. No more sweeping and vacuuming after every haircut. Adjustable to fit any size neck comfortably.


4, With the Pet Plant, you’d never have to wonder what your leafy friend is thinking.

As you wander through your home gadget tour, you feel you’re being watched — not by paintings on the walls with eyes but by houseplants. One plant to your left smiles at you and bats its eyelashes, another glares, and a third begs for water.

The Pet Plant, designed by Junyi Heo, makes knowing when to water your plant as easy as knowing when your dog is hungry. Optical sensors in the planter measure the soil temperature, moisture levels and light levels, and then the device displays a digital facial expression based on the plant’s needs.

How is your plant feeling today? Is it angry at you for neglect? Is it feeling happy? Is it about to die? Now you’ll know, just by looking at the digital face.

The pot connects to a USB cable that can download your plant’s statistics — soil moisture levels, light levels, temperature and near-death experiences — into your computer, which helps you to keep track of its progress. Not only that, but it can tell when you’ve watered too much and siphons the extra water into a standby dish. Overall, the Digital Pot is a recipe not only for happy, healthy plants, but also friendly home décor.

5. Memory Foam an Invention that comes from Nasa. It is used on mattresses.

NASA ­helps some people sleep better at night. Temper foam found in Tempurpedic brand mattresses and similar brands was originally developed for space flight and later repackaged for the home.

The open cell polyurethane-silicon plastic was created for use in NASA aircraft seats to lessen impact during landings. The plastic has a unique property that allows it to evenly distribute the weight and pressure on top of it, which provides shock absorbency.

English: Memory foam. The picture is taken by ...

English: Memory foam. The picture is taken by pressing my hand in the foam and releasing it. Nederlands: Traagschuim. De foto is gemaakt door mijn hand enige tijd in het schuim te drukken en daarna los te laten. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Finally the embedded chip for children. The doctors put the dissolvable chip inside the child’s bottom and no matter what happens the baby can be found. It will prevent kidnappings and mistakes of someone getting the wrong child. It dissolves after one month into the child and eventually disappears. It is also being experimented on troops going into a mission so that if they are captured they will be traceable. The Israeli army has expressed a big interest in its prospects.

Things I could have done?

Things I never will do as I am now old and gray, kinda glad that the temptation is gone away,

I will not become a sailor man because I get seasick, I will not plant seed for I have no farm per se.


I will never fly a jet plane because I get airsick, I will never become a carpenter because I can not screw a nail,

I will never go to quite a few foreign countries like Spain or France to eat escargots which in French means snails.


I will not climb the Alps because there is little air up their and my asthma will not quit,

I will not be writing that great comedy for the stage or film because I have a lack of wit.


I will not cross the wire across the circus tent on a line only three and a half inches thick,

I will not be a great football, baseball or basketball player because I just am not to quick.


I will not be President of the United States because I did not go to those A rated schools,

I will never be a engineer of note because I just do not know how to use their tools.


I need to realize I did the best I can, and that was really not so bad,

I was a great teacher, a husband and to my children a great dad.

Out of character

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Guy Williams was born on January 14, 1924, as Armand Joseph Catalano (called by the Italian version of his name, “Armando,” by his family) of Sicilian parentage, in the Washington Heights area in New York City.
So he was Italian playing a Spanish Zorro and later he got lost in space.  I wonder what they called him on the set?
Sidney Toler, was Scotish.
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  Michael Ansara came to the United States with his American parents at the age of two,  from Syria.  He played an Indian in Broken Arrow.  He was married to Barbara Eden who played Genie.

Losing students

I have seen fire and I have seen rain.

I remember the past occasionally through scraps of paper or assorted objects that I have kept over the years.

It was 1991 during a school year at Coral Springs Middle School. I was on a team with three other teachers. We decided to go all out that year.

It was the time of diversity in the schools. We preached it and practiced what we preached. We were trying to get the students to get along. We had all sorts, many from different nationalities, and some recently from foreign countries.

We did posters on the flags of the countries, worked on population figures, wrote poems about far away places with a slant towards different backgrounds.

I wrote a play and over fifty students were in it that night. We invited all the parents. But first it was feast time as many of the parents brought dishes from home illustrating their different backgrounds. It was a three hour festival. We called it the Ethnic Festival of the Arts. We even had tee shirts made up with all the students names on the back of it.

It was a real great experience.

The tragedy occurred the next year in September 1992. Below is from the clipping at the time.

Here on the northwest edge of Broward County, families, neighbors and classmates reflected on the five teenagers who lived, until a fatal accident in September 1992 claimed their lives.

“Twenty years ago, a three-car convoy charged down Lox Road headed to a bonfire to celebrate the Nikki Roller’s upcoming birthday.

They taunted and jeered one another to catch up. Jamie Bardol, then 16, was at the helm of her grandmother’s 1986 Pontiac Grand Am carrying seven of her closest friends when the car swerved in an S-curve and plunged into the Hillsboro Canal.

The passengers from other cars rushed to aid their classmates. Billy Longhini, 35, was in one of the other cars.

“Those were all my best friends,” he said. “I wish I could have done more.”

Only three survived that night: Jamie Bardol, her twin sister Lori Bardol, and Shari Gerber.

The dead included: Brandon Marcoux, 16; Katy Garcia, 16; Jennie Gentile, 15; Adam Garces, 16; and Nikki Roller, who was two hours shy of her 17th birthday.

They became know as B.K.J.A.N., an acronym used by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High classmates to simplify an event that was everything but. A Facebook page was erected in their memory.
Read more here:

I was reminded of this because I was going through my closet and came across the tee shirt. On the back was Brandon Marcoux’s name. He would be about 37 years old now. Married with children, maybe? An occupation of pride, quite probably because he was extremely bright. They held a twenty year ceremony a while back. His people remembered this young lad. I figure I need to remember him too. A pure tragedy for all concerned.