Eating our pets

Did you ever notice the names of dogs versus cats is unique to say the least?

We have an animal named Fluffy so could you tell which category is this beast?

Fido is obvious and Kitty Poo is as easy as apple pie,

Uniqueness is out there but dog or cat it’s easy, oh my.

Do we name the cows as they graze in the meadow?

What about the deer in the forest, that Bambi doe?

Does the bear have a name, yes Smokey looking for a fire?

Even the pig is named, Baby, the bacon concept is dire.

We do not eat the animals we name, but beware those with no monocle.

You are run through the slaughterhouse like the biker on a cycle.

We have that favorite turkey, pardoned by the President,

Millions are slaughtered for Thanksgiving, while the pardoned pay no rent.

Would you fillet Nemo, or Dory from the fishing crops?

What about gorilla meat, hippo hips or zebra chops?

It is astounding to the veggie in me, to understand the fascination with pets for food.

Rabbit stew by the pound, ground up doggie on a bun, cat sirloins, oh my goodness, how rude.

Artificial meat is the new vogue and found in restaurants on the side list.

If we had to kill a pet, the crying that would happen from the children, would persist.

So tonight when you eat that steak with a potato or two,

Take a roundabout look and take the veggie view.

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Do not eat me!!!!


The shaman was faced with a dilemma. The British were on the hill and fortified. His village was in jeopardy. They were armed with guns and bullets and his villagers only had their spears. He needed a way to get them to attack the British. Going uphill was not the problem. The men of the village were warriors and in good shape. But against bullets?

He devised his plan. He had the women of the village make  necklaces with a bead hanging in the middle. He then presented the necklaces to the men and blessed the amulets. He said that if the men truly believed they would be protected from the bullets. He then had the men dance around the fire and drink from the plant that made them exceedingly high.

Now high and protected the men of the village attacked. They went slow for they feared for their lives.

The British on the hill saw the villagers and figuring to scare them shot over their heads.

The bullets whizzed by and the villager men held the spears up and with the other hand grabbed their amulets. The amulets had obviously protected them. They gained speed and moved swifter. Then the British had no choose. They fired directly into the villagers and some bullets hit their mark.

But now the villagers figured that those hit had not believed and that is why they were hit.

Within minutes they took the hill. On return to the village they were in belief that the shaman was most powerful and it was he who had given them the ability to defeat a mighty enemy.

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It is obvious that Star Trek represented what we would be in the future.  One take was race relations.  The episode of a black and white man versus a white and black man reached the conclusion that was  predictable.  Spending time fighting one another has resulted in the waste of time, money and emotions.  And that is why I suspect that this would be resolved in a Star Trek future.  The mixture of Black and White people is common now.  Asian people have intermarried with both groups.  Take this a thousand years from now and we will have morphed into a non racial group combining all elements of society.  Therefore, Star Trek would have no Uhura, no Russian, no Asian but mixtures of them.  In fact even alien groups will upon meeting will mix after years of involvement.

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While on a mission of mercy, the Enterprise comes across a shuttle craft stolen from Starbase 4. Its occupant is Lokai, a humanoid who is exactly half black and half white. Soon his pursuer, Commissioner Bele, arrives on board demanding that Lokai be turned over to him for transport to their home planet where Lokai has been convicted as a terrorist. Both men have extraordinary powers and it turns out that the pursuit has lasted 50,000 years. Their hatred of one another is racially based and, despite attempts by Kirk and others, they are not prepared to reconcile. The pursuit ends on their home planet where they learn the fate of their races.


How I met my wife

A long time ago when I was single and living in an apartment in Brooklyn I had a roommate. His girl friend told me of a young lady who lived on Miami Beach who needed to be cheered up because she had just broken up with someone. Would I write her a note to brighten her day.

So I did. A couple of days later I got a letter back. At the bottom was a memo which asked me to write again. So I did. Later that week I got another letter and the rest you can figure out. Since I was running out of ideas of what to write about, I brought the project to my first period seventh grade class who helped me write the letters of the next few weeks.

The kids in the class got a big kick out of the project and since I was teaching English it fit in with the curriculum. It also made the students feel some empathy which I guess was a good thing.

After numerous letters, back and forth, Alice decided that I was okay and invited me to meet her on my Christmas vacation. So I did. We hit it off and when I returned during my Easter vacation I proposed. We got married.

Three kids later and two grandchildren turned out because of the United States mail system. But then again stamps were cheaper. Would I do it all over again? You betcha.

I redid this one to celebrate my wife’s birthday which is tomorrow. On that day she is 68 and I am still 67 until December. Yes, she robbed me out of the crib. I confess I married an older woman.

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Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.

There was a terrible fire in Washington, D.C. as many pairs of pants ignited giving rise to the expression: “Liar, Liar, pants on fire”


After the fire was extinguished hot air caused an inversion over the Capital and things combusted into ashes.


Ashes, Ashes everywhere, posies in the pocket and they all fell down.

Lying down on the job was common now and everything was tabled.


And then it happened.  Pigs did fly and bacon became greased as lobby people got sweaty palms and the people were pick pocketed.


It was a joke they said in they stood on the stand and showed their briefs.


No laughing matter said those in denial and in the aisle of Congress there was plenty of denial.


Let them eat cake and hot dogs said the canines as they gnashed their teeth with relish.


If only Animal Farm was real.  If only we could go down the yellow brick road with Dorothy.  But nay they are only fantasy and the reality has trumped the dreams of what people are made of.

Bring on the three witches!

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The day the clown cried.

Weary Willie” was a tragic figure: a clown, who could usually be seen sweeping up the circus rings after the other performers. He tried but failed to sweep up the pool of light of a spotlight. His routine was revolutionary at the time: traditionally, clowns wore white face and performed slapstick stunts intended to make people laugh. Kelly did perform stunts too—one of his most famous acts was trying to crack a peanut with a sledgehammer—but as a tramp, he also appealed to the sympathy of his audience.


From 1942–1956 Kelly performed with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, where he was a major attraction, though he took the 1956 season off to perform as the mascot for the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team. He also landed a number of Broadway and film roles, including appearing as himself in his “Willie” persona in Cecil B. DeMille‘s The Greatest Show on Earth (1952). He also appeared in the Bertram Mills Circus.

Kelly was a Mystery Guest on the March 11, 1956, broadcast of What’s My Line? and answered the panelists’ questions with grunts rather than speaking yes or no. When the round was over, panelist Arlene Francis mentioned that Kelly was not allowed to speak while in makeup. He also starred in the low-budget 1967 film, The Clown and the Kids, which was shot and produced in Bulgaria.[1]

Kelly is depicted in a famous photograph, still in full clown make-up and costume, trying to extinguish the flames of the devastating Hartford Circus Fire that struck the Circus on July 6, 1944, and killed 167 people during the afternoon performance in Hartford, Connecticut. According to eyewitnesses, it was one of few times in which he was seen crying.[2


On the afternoon of July 6, 1944–just one month after D-Day–more than 8000 Hartford residents, most of them women and children, scrambled to their seats beneath the Ringling Brothers big top for an afternoon at the circus.  As the audience waited for “the greatest show on earth” to begin, no one had any reason to suspect that the most destructive force in nature was bearing down on them, granting them only minutes to live.

Shortly after the matinee began, a ball of flame broke out high on the sidewall canvas.  As shock turned to horror, thousands of panic-stricken people began a desperate stampede to escape the flames that flowed like a breeze across the tent top, a square mile of canvas that had been waterproofed with a pasty mixture of 1800 pounds of paraffin wax and 6000 gallons of gasoline.  Hundreds swarmed the exits in a frenzy, but their path to safety was blocked by iron cage chutes filled with snarling lions and clawing panthers.

Engulfed by thunderous flame, the big top collapsed with a deafening roar, dooming those still alive inside.  in less than ten minutes, America’s most horrific tragedy had claimed 168 lives and destroyed the Ringling circus, leaving a trail of deadly secrets in the smoldering rubble.

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A life of retirement: what a drag!

When I was a young lad working and being in school,

I fantasied being retired and having no worry and nothing to do.


No money problems, no issues, no one nagging me to the core,

No problems to confront me, no nay -sayers hanging around.


Then I hit thirty, three kids and a wife anchored me in the sea,

I had learned that my penis had a function more than to pee.


I worked three jobs to get through those precious years of strife,

Worked from the early morning to the nighttime and cursed my life.


At forty I figured I was getting ahead of the game,

Gray hairs started to appear and my mind heard voices, how inane.


At fifty I looked forward to retirement and at sixty I tried it for a while,

But the bills kept a coming and the IRS man had a crocodile smile.


And then at sixty- five I figured I was done and could sit in the rocker with no care,

Stupid me, bald and toothless, the mind drifting to senility, life is not fair.


Now I am seventy- one and back to work, the body needs to move,

The mind needs to be worked, stop and die, stay in the groove.


No more thoughts of the rocker, I see it as a place to die,

I seek the tranquility of using the body and mind, as I soar towards the sky.