The Philosophy of Life

As a philosopher of life, I wonder things that blow my mind,

Why do people act cruelly to each other when it is easier to be kind?

Why do we study and forget all that knowledge crammed into the brain?

Why go to college when it only causes your rational mind to go insane.


We binge on junk food, which is discarded orts,

We buy guns for the house and hold up in our fort.

We search for our dream mate as if it were a quest,

But sometimes we do take the one who is not the best.


We work in jobs we abhor and dread the commute to work,

We put down the people we work for and consider them a jerk.

We live in a world of scorn filled with drama,

We show our support not with hugs but with the hammer.


We go around in a cycle of torment and fear,

What we do to our enemies is blurry and not clear.

We sometimes treat our love ones with contempt and trample them to the ground,

And yet to find a true friend or love is difficult, a joy to be found.


We are a race of contradictions with thorns on our sides,

We move through life like debris on the waves of the moving tides.



She is the apple of my eye.  Her core makes my core sore.

He went bananas over her eight frame.

I never gave a fig, but I tried to give a date.

It is apples and oranges and never the twain should meet.

Don Lemon bought a lemon and it threw its rods.

He that would eat the fruit must climb the tree but he should also avoid the splinters of the bark.

Making Fruitcake:  Whisk together flourbaking soda, salt, and cinnamon; mix into butter and sugar in three batches, alternating with molasses and milk. Stir in soaked fruit and chopped nuts.  Send it to people you do not like.


Ugli fruit.

Bears ugli children.



The midterm vote

Yesterday I worked the polls.  At a precinct with three thousand plus voters, one third showed up.  That does not count the votes that came in by mail.  What ever the result America stood proud.  People were involved in a midterm.  Amazing considering how lax we have been.


Who won.  Does not matter.  We won.  We held our heads up and voted.  May this continue to be the trend.  I had one ninety plus age lady come in.  There were many first newbies vote.  We turned down no one.  Anyone who wanted to vote and could show id, voted.


It was a twelve hour shift.  And I am tired.  But I wanted to note how proud I was to be in the mix.

the money tree is in need of water


If I am drowning in debt do I sing “I am in the money?”

Why do we still make pennies when it cost over five cents to make a penny?

I must be a magic man for I can make money disappear?

A credit should be a plus so why is a credit card such a dark cloud on my credit?

I would not like being nickel and dimed to death.  Now, quarters and half dollars are more my status.

A penny for your thoughts does not buy my mind.

Pinch a penny pool products make no sense because you cannot pinch copper.

With money the adage should be the more the merrier.

In for a penny and in for a pound, I do not like British money.

Is the mint that makes dimes a diamond mint?

We celebrate famous people on our coins.  Will Trump visage be on a penny, a dime or a dollar bill?

I went into Save a Lot and Saved a little.

Which weighs more a ton of dimes or a ton of pennies?

The songs of the trade:


“I have got you under my skin.”  The song the dermatologist sings as he cuts.

“I left my heart in San Francisco” the cardiologist croons.

“Luck be a lady tonight” a plastic surgeon refrain.

“Up the lazy river” the doctor of cholesterol softly voices.

“Three dog night” the vet remembers the night before.

“I am going to wash that man right out of my hair” the head doctor screams.

“Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up” said the pharmacist.


Chinese is a language hard to learn

Picking up a little Chinese, the conversation kind,

Not so simple for my old and ancient mind.

They have words and you can learn them by the pound,

But reflections of the stresses make me go around and round.


And writing the symbols is a complex matter,

Three thousand required to read newspaper data.

A squiggle here and a slanted line there,

Nothing looks easy and I have pulled out my hair.


Ni Hai Ma, is the first thing I learned to say,

It means have a good morning on this particular day.

I am urged to forget it as it is not as easy as pie,

But I am stubborn as the day is long, my curse, sigh

Cancer, even a little is a fright for Halloween.

I had a piece of cancer removed from near my ankle.  It was the size of a half dollar.

They took it out and sewed it up.  But I am sore as hell.  Of course, there was no choice in the matter. I cannot understand how one can get cancer there but I was told you can get cancer anywhere.  I saw a dozen or so people there with bandages covering their nose, a cheek or the top of their heads.  Cancer is a bitch.  It killed my Uncle, my daughter-in-law and tried to take my grandson. I am hoping in my lifetime that this disease is eliminated but I doubt it.

The one thing I noticed is the burning sensation.  It also does not allow for wounds for heal.

The docs gave me an opiod for the pain. It does not seem to work so I am going back to aspirin.

Getting old is a bitch.

A triple heart by pass and a fractured foot. And now cancer removed and hopefully over with.  You start to get the idea that you are mortal.

We are in a pickle ‘

You cannot make up history, well that is not true,

Lies are accepted as truth, the sky is falling in a piece of blue.

Lies from the top, lies from the bottom, lies from all the sides,

Life was formed on a test tube, just change the microscope slides.

We are clones of ourselves, with a few variations,

Most of Congress and even the leader take too many vacations.

How many laws were passed with little rhyme or thought,

We are a country of people who can be persuaded and bought.

Who to believe?  Santa Claus and the tooth fairy have married in the middle of the night,

The menace of Elm street is parading the halls of justice,

Our reason of thought is being made into mush like a tainted ball of rice.

the art of making money into crap

The world goes around in circles,

You start off and end at the same place.

You work, spend your money and end up broke,

Poverty is a no brainer when money is like smoke.


Buying impetuously as you walk down the aisle,

Knowing you shouldn’t buy this or that with that silly smile.

Reaching for the stars with your last penny,

Buying to much of anything, just a little more than many.


It is my favorite color and it fits so well,

The budget is blown and the money shot to hell.

We only eat out four times a week,

It is only done on a blue streak.


The credit cards are on a low interest diet,

But when the bills come in my husband and I have a riot.

Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul,

It will get you in the end, a rough haul.

Damn these immigrants

They are lined up and ready to come to the states,

They come alone or in families, some even with their mates.

But we do not want them for a few might have done some wrong,

We stare at them on the trail to freedom and tell them move along.


Now some might be the bad seeds as if our country does not have any,

But the majority seems impoverished and deprived of coin and penny.

Did not so many immigrants come to this country in the exact same mode,

Where there not slums across the landscape to house them in a filthy abode.


We were a nation of throwaways who came here for the chance at a new life,

We were so many who came here disenfranchised from a country which caused so much strife.

We greeted them at Ellis Island, deloused them and sent them to hard labor in factories or the mines,

Employment to many was low wages, poor working conditions and endless standings in long lines.


The truth of the matter is deep rooted in a cluster of hate,

It is the sinew of hatred that race mongers put on the line like bait.

They speak Spanish, and they are not pure white, lingers in the air like stink,

They wear common clothes on their bodies not perfumed and wearing mink.


We have become a nation of snobs and strayed from the morals of the past,

We were a beacon of refuge for the betrodden and now that is eroding fast.

Set up the tents and put them in camps, surrounded with wire and guarded with guns,

Gone is the empathy for people damn them all especially their daughters and sons.


Lady Liberty stands in the harbor her face with a rusty tear,

Her words on her pedestal now muddied up with a nasty smear.

They should erase the words and etch in “Do not send us your poor”,

We have become a nation that loves only purity anything else is  something we abhor.