A job for the stay at home

I got a job.  Sounds like a small accomplishment.  I mean I taught for over forty years.  Mostly middle school.  I even did adjunct work at three colleges.  I did insurance, prepped dishes in a restaurant and worked at Lego Land as a ride operator and busboy.  The problem is I am now 72 and most jobs allow me to apply then turn me down.  They probably figure and rightly so, that I will only be in the job for a short amount of time.  I do not blame them.  So when I got this job I felt useful again.

The job is tutoring children in China via Skpe.  Half hour shots.  Mostly basic reading and grammar.  It means early morning work but that is okay with me.  Anyone out there interested go to Vipkid and apply.  The money is fairly good and you work from your house.  So if you are young with a kid and need to be home this could be the job for you.  You will need a computer which if you are reading this is noted.  Headsets are good.  Check it out.  Hopefully someone gets a good push to do a job which is rewarding and good pay.  You do need a B.A. degree.  But no teaching certificate is required.


To curse or not to curse? That is the question.

Is there a correct time to use fowl words?

Or is the language only for the birds?

I only remark on this because Mr. West flew off the coop,

To what level I do not know, but some words flew around like in duck soup.

For goodness sake in the White House with the POTUS at the oval desk,

We are approaching the apex of absurdity as we enter the world of the grotesque.

John F. Kennedy would be turning in his grave,

Profiles in Courage would not have a chapter on West the Brave.

Curtail such language for it will eventually become acceptable to the young,

Negate such words of the back streets and let them not slip off your tongue.

Surely you must realize that you are not on the streets doing your filthy rap,

In the views of a sad nation you have humiliated the halls of decency with a backhand slap.

Depression is a cycle with three wheels.

It is a tough day in the neighborhood,

Even the simple language is misunderstood.

People live in disbelieve,

Their safety has been stolen by a silent thief.

They live constant turmoil and a drum beat of defeat,

That is life on the common ground and up the dirty street.

Life is looking for that ticket of gold or the golden fleece,

Their security is flimsy and they are scared of the police.

How does one get out of the hell hole of poverty and despair?

And for the few who make it, no one seems to care.

The depression of a humdrum life is common to the core,

Most of life is tedium and salted with boredom galore.

Smiles are rare and sprinkled with distain,

The boredom of watching the rain run down the window pain.

Our window is broken and there is no one to repair the glass,

Will our world survive?  How much longer will this torture last?

I am talking but no one is listening


Do I believe Dr. Ford?  Something occurred but the facts are really hazy.  A couple of points to consider.  She was in a swim suit.  A one piece.  Was it a pool party?  In that area that would make sense.  She was fifteen.  No chaperones at this party?  How did her parents allow her to be at the party?  Beer was in abundance at this party.  Technically if this event happened it was under the radar.  She was illegal since she was under sixteen.  If it happened the Judge and his friend were totally inept at their attempts.  They did not get her swim suit off.  She escaped from two bozos.  Who else was in the house?  How did she get home?  Something happened, but what?

If the Judge was such a boozer how did he do so well in college?  How come he became a non-drinker on the bench?  Or did he show up a boozer or a person who coped but was under the influence?

Did he have a clean drivers license?  No DUI’s, no arrests, no spousal abuse?

Did he clean himself up?  A drunk of sloppy proportions leaves breadcrumbs of his life style.  People know.

But of more consequence, how is he going to rule on abortion?  Will he be the swing vote?  Will women resort to going to clinics in foreign countries to abort a fetus?  Pregnancy happens.  Sometimes it is not more than a lustful moment.  The results are a lifetime of taking care of an unwanted baby which results in even more tragedy.  A woman has the right to her own body.  But the abortion of a fetus is murder, pure and simple.  If life is valued why is it torn apart?  These are the questions which can cause one to go crazy with logic.  Perhaps we are only creatures of convenience.  The baby is not wanted because of the financial cost, the time restraints, the knowing that sleep will be rare and tempers will flare.  All of this for a few minutes of pleasure.  A baby should be the fruitful experience of two people who love each other.  Nice to say but how often does it happen?  Adding booze to the mixture and where is the love?

But Kavanaugh has stated that a president in power cannot be questioned because it will interrupt the business of governing the country.  How would he have voted on Nixon?  Is he Trumps method of negating Mueller?  A backup plan?

Trump the bull in the china shop.  Even with all the breakage the country is thriving.  How is that possible?  Say what you want, but unemployment is the lowest it has been in many years.  The country is bouncing along in a good economic market.  As long as this goes on Trump is winning.  The hell with the environment.  It has become a boring topic.  There is garbage everywhere and the air will kill you if you breathe it.  So, the oceans are getting so bad that fish are floating upside down.  That storms are getting stronger, the ice caps are melting and Gore may have been right.  It is old hat with a faded brim.

Time to move on to more important things, like sports, like movies, like television.  We are mindless like lemmings following the Pied Piper into the sea.  We will drown but we will argue that we have the right to drown.  Our enemies are stronger because we have reached out to them and gave them credit.  We sit with dictators and share food at the table of cordiality.  Even as they plot to destroy us.  Our friends we insult on a daily basis.  We are getting great deals but at what cost.  Upset the apple cart and see where the apples fall.  Maybe they will fall on our side but at what price is the apple sauce?



Why do dogs wag their tail and cats show anger with raised hair?  We raise the hair on the back of our necks.  But we do not wag our tail.

a human can be born with a tail. It happens more often than you’d think, but the parents generally opt to have it surgically removed. Human tails are far too short to be good for anything, and pretty ugly. Better to save the poor kid the embarrassment.

Mehmet Ozyurek, born in Turkey in 1949, has been confirmed as having the world’s longest nose. His nose measured 3.5 inches (8.8 cm) when it was last measured on July 6, 2007. He currently lives in Artvin, Turkey.Jun 16, 2015  I wonder if he can smell better than the average nose.  I believe he should be used in a tissue commercial.

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The Battle of Texel

Image result for a battle between a navy and a calvary


The Battle of Texel remains the only instance in history where a cavalry troop — horse-riding soldiers — captured a fleet of ships. It happened on this day in 1795, though it wasn’t exactly a battle.
No shots were fired and everyone awaited orders.  But it was a strange sight to say the least.  The ships surrounded by men on horses.

To judge or not to judge

Well, he was just doing what boys do,

Coping a feel, rubbing against skin.

That’s what little boys do, gross males.

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails,

Hands like an octopus  feeling the way,

Pushing restrictive clothing away.

All in fun, nothing amiss here,

Nothing so drastic, nothing that much to fear.


Take a step back and realize that this man now has two daughters,

Would he allow what he did to happen to them in their quarters?

Drinking makes one loss their inhibitions,

Blacking out and losing sight of decency, amok with ambitions.

And all of a sudden, the drinking stops,

All of a sudden, the suds have disappeared with a sweep of the mop.

How did the man change from sloppy drunk to a man of due diligence?

When did this man change from the toad with warts and become a prince?


And the sight of the face torn with outrageous denial,

The sickening face tortured with a twisted smile.

Have you not gotten stinking drunk he throws out a retort,

I now have to give props to a twisted view of what is to be bought.

He sweated, he drank like a fiend in a steam bath,

And yet his testimony did not add up even in simple math.

You hang out with drunks in at an orgy not a party for kids,

Sounds like a conformation of soda cans with punctured lids.

The sounds of gas exploded from these cans thunder in my head,

The concept of this being high school and college turns my blush to deep red.


Sick like a dog.

Under the weather.  What does that mean?  I mean we are all under the clouds.  Does that mean under the weather?  I have a had a bad cold for a couple of days.  Coughing is my pastime, my eyes glazed over like a donut.  Writing is difficult but a few words will do.  I am sick like a dog.  I wonder what dogs say, “sick as a human?”

Antibiotics in my system swishing through my body flushing out the bodies which are anti my health.  My mind is starting to clear up from the dullness of sickness which invaded me.  The only good thing is that once it is over you feel so much better.

Someone needs to invent a machine like an elevator.  You go in and as you go up floors you get better.  By the time you reach the fifth floor you are okay to go.


If it takes a village to raise a child then why so many children seem to have no adult supervision?

How can one out of five women have a nasty sexual intrusion into their lives?

One cannot cast the first stone for all have sins.   Did Christ die to erase the sin of sexual abuse from the world?

Do I believe the Doctor or the Judge?  One has to be lying.  Only one can benefit from the lie.  The other pays big penalties for telling the truth.  Sorry Brett but yelling like a lunatic about how innocent you are did not cut the mustard.

I also believed Anita Hill and Judge Thomas has been on the bench forever.  Now if Brett gets confirmed we will have two deficient people on the Supreme Court telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

Trump is in a predicament.  He too has been accused of sexual assault.  So now the blind lead the blind and the lies become the truths of fiction.

It will become more and more difficult to point to heroes and tell our youth to mimic them.  Most of the heroes have character flaws and just do not care.  They lie, cheat and bully all around them.

The man who can not change

I do not do well with authority,

Guess I am to old and like a dog cannot learn new tricks.

I have gone through life and been kicked down so many times,

I have never learned to accept knowledge from my superiors, I am a rose with a prick.

Stubborn to the core, a raging bore, and guilty making mistakes galore.

It has cost me, a fact not to be ignored,

I have been hit by the bulls horns my body has been gored.

Yet, I stumble from one pillar to post and back again like a drunken sot,

Hitting my head on the dashboard, a foolish man, a broken robot.

I only know, and advice is never taken,

I am like Bond, stirred and never shaken.

So, I go on, a little depressed and totally not in charge,

A boat with no oars and hitting the docks and the barge.

No hope says I, and I shut my eyes for my resistance to change is absolute,

I am a lonely warrior, with scars to prove my inadequacies and a deflated ego to boot.