The Plan

The other shoe has dropped,

Another moral code has flopped.

We lie, we cheat, and we stink,

Like old socks on dirty feet.


We have now drowned in the swamp of our own making,

We have saturated our blood vessels with the fat of bacon.

Our greed has reached such great heights,

We now have justified this: for this is basic in our rights.


Please give my mind a break of what is right and what is wrong,

Stop singing those words of, “They are coming to take me away” that crazy song.

What is right is now wrong, and what is wrong is now right,

The mind is reading to explode in this bizzaro world of flee or fight.


I predict that some will be willing to let it go by the wayside,

Give me a break the code words and let me go out with the tide.

If you let me take a pass, and let me take my go free card,

I will resign quietly if you take off the cuffs and call off your guard.


Pence is measuring his new drapes in the halls of the White House,

He is playing quiet and making moves like a conniving mouse,

Ready to assume the throne and then a pardon on the orange man,

He will do this for this is the procedure and this is the plan.

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