Goodbye 2018

It has been 365 days but why does this year seem so long?

Maybe it is me, and on occasion I have been very wrong.

But long and filled with anxiety and dread,

Glad it is almost over, enough said.


Could it be Trump and his style of chaos and fear,

Is that behind it as I numb my brain with rye and beer.

We once were looked on the moral thread of decency,

Now we smell like an outside toilet with the floor smeared with pee.


I do not know about you but I look for a silver lining,

The stock market is in the toilet and there is no longer fine dining.

The caviar has gotten rotten and the steak has flies,

I threw both out along with a dozen Trump ties.


May the new year be blessed with common sense,

Goodbye to Trump and his puppet, Mike Pence.

Bring back morality and truth and no more fake news,

Bring back reality to the front and realistic views.


Bring back our spirit and get rid of the stagnation,

Remember who we are, the best, the honorable, a unified nation.

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