The river of life

Grinding to a halt,

A life of one’s self, well taught.

I know now that I am not Superman,

Can not fly, or have eyes that x-ray and scan.


I work at many tasks, some good and some bad,

At times I am frustrated at myself, limits to the rad.

I have been a dad and a granddad and a husband to a wife.

I have great satisfaction and some hardships and even some strife.


But through it all life hums through its course,

Most of it now gone from memory like a salad toss.

A lot of talk mostly to no good end and then some deep thoughts,

I learned a lot of knowledge and the some self taught.


Life is in the jungle of enemies and shapes that you cannot define,

Some of life is gentle and some of it is rude, vicious and unkind.

But you go down the river, started at your birth,

Some of the twists of the river have caused you some hurt.


Some of the river is smooth and goes by gently as a soft stuffed animal,

And then there are the tricky parts, turbulent waters, and the deep canal.

At the end you reach the point of destination where the ticket says the end.

So many currents and you have gone through so many twists and bends.


The trip is concluded and the legacy has been secured,

Your boat is old and rickety but you now have been terminated and moored.

The cargo has reached the destination and will be dispersed,

Life is now over so many things that can never be reversed.




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