A part time job for teachers

Time has become pressed as I took on a part time job.  If you have a B.A. in education and have taught one year you too can apply to VIPKID.  This is a pretty good part time job but it requires a lot of patience as the gigs come in slowly at first and then increase as your exposure increases.

I teach English to Chinese students via the internet.  The computer is a requirement and headphones are a necessity.

In the beginning they put you through the paces.  I have been doing it for forty days and am now getting up to speed.  It is good at this point for one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars a week.  Nine dollars a half hour.  It is one on one with a Chinese student.  Most of the children are extremely polite and want to learn.  A lot different from a classroom with thirty students.  The lessons are set and on the screen. Most of the time you are correcting what they are reading.  It is not a hard gig.

The big problem is the time change.  You get most of the jobs at 5 or 6 in the morning and 8 or 9 at night.  It is a good supplement for a teacher trying to make ends meet.

If interested go to VIPKID and take a look.

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