The Philosophy of Life

As a philosopher of life, I wonder things that blow my mind,

Why do people act cruelly to each other when it is easier to be kind?

Why do we study and forget all that knowledge crammed into the brain?

Why go to college when it only causes your rational mind to go insane.


We binge on junk food, which is discarded orts,

We buy guns for the house and hold up in our fort.

We search for our dream mate as if it were a quest,

But sometimes we do take the one who is not the best.


We work in jobs we abhor and dread the commute to work,

We put down the people we work for and consider them a jerk.

We live in a world of scorn filled with drama,

We show our support not with hugs but with the hammer.


We go around in a cycle of torment and fear,

What we do to our enemies is blurry and not clear.

We sometimes treat our love ones with contempt and trample them to the ground,

And yet to find a true friend or love is difficult, a joy to be found.


We are a race of contradictions with thorns on our sides,

We move through life like debris on the waves of the moving tides.

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