The midterm vote

Yesterday I worked the polls.  At a precinct with three thousand plus voters, one third showed up.  That does not count the votes that came in by mail.  What ever the result America stood proud.  People were involved in a midterm.  Amazing considering how lax we have been.


Who won.  Does not matter.  We won.  We held our heads up and voted.  May this continue to be the trend.  I had one ninety plus age lady come in.  There were many first newbies vote.  We turned down no one.  Anyone who wanted to vote and could show id, voted.


It was a twelve hour shift.  And I am tired.  But I wanted to note how proud I was to be in the mix.

2 thoughts on “The midterm vote

    • Sometimes I agree with the concept and sometimes I do not. Each president does good and bad things. I remember the myth of JFK. It was suppose to be great but in reality he died before he could get much done. Johnson on the other hand, a president I did not like that much did a great job on race relations. FDR got us through the war but at the end gave away our bargaining chip towards the end. He was sick and dying. My two favorite presidents were Truman and Teddy Roosevelt. Yet they too had their flaws. Our country has gone through much but still learns few lessons of history. We have been in conflict every twenty years or so. That is the measuring stick. Does not matter who is in charge eventually history repeats the dynamic. We are a country founded by conflict.

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