the money tree is in need of water


If I am drowning in debt do I sing “I am in the money?”

Why do we still make pennies when it cost over five cents to make a penny?

I must be a magic man for I can make money disappear?

A credit should be a plus so why is a credit card such a dark cloud on my credit?

I would not like being nickel and dimed to death.  Now, quarters and half dollars are more my status.

A penny for your thoughts does not buy my mind.

Pinch a penny pool products make no sense because you cannot pinch copper.

With money the adage should be the more the merrier.

In for a penny and in for a pound, I do not like British money.

Is the mint that makes dimes a diamond mint?

We celebrate famous people on our coins.  Will Trump visage be on a penny, a dime or a dollar bill?

I went into Save a Lot and Saved a little.

Which weighs more a ton of dimes or a ton of pennies?

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