the art of making money into crap

The world goes around in circles,

You start off and end at the same place.

You work, spend your money and end up broke,

Poverty is a no brainer when money is like smoke.


Buying impetuously as you walk down the aisle,

Knowing you shouldn’t buy this or that with that silly smile.

Reaching for the stars with your last penny,

Buying to much of anything, just a little more than many.


It is my favorite color and it fits so well,

The budget is blown and the money shot to hell.

We only eat out four times a week,

It is only done on a blue streak.


The credit cards are on a low interest diet,

But when the bills come in my husband and I have a riot.

Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul,

It will get you in the end, a rough haul.

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