Damn these immigrants

They are lined up and ready to come to the states,

They come alone or in families, some even with their mates.

But we do not want them for a few might have done some wrong,

We stare at them on the trail to freedom and tell them move along.


Now some might be the bad seeds as if our country does not have any,

But the majority seems impoverished and deprived of coin and penny.

Did not so many immigrants come to this country in the exact same mode,

Where there not slums across the landscape to house them in a filthy abode.


We were a nation of throwaways who came here for the chance at a new life,

We were so many who came here disenfranchised from a country which caused so much strife.

We greeted them at Ellis Island, deloused them and sent them to hard labor in factories or the mines,

Employment to many was low wages, poor working conditions and endless standings in long lines.


The truth of the matter is deep rooted in a cluster of hate,

It is the sinew of hatred that race mongers put on the line like bait.

They speak Spanish, and they are not pure white, lingers in the air like stink,

They wear common clothes on their bodies not perfumed and wearing mink.


We have become a nation of snobs and strayed from the morals of the past,

We were a beacon of refuge for the betrodden and now that is eroding fast.

Set up the tents and put them in camps, surrounded with wire and guarded with guns,

Gone is the empathy for people damn them all especially their daughters and sons.


Lady Liberty stands in the harbor her face with a rusty tear,

Her words on her pedestal now muddied up with a nasty smear.

They should erase the words and etch in “Do not send us your poor”,

We have become a nation that loves only purity anything else is  something we abhor.

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