A job for the stay at home

I got a job.  Sounds like a small accomplishment.  I mean I taught for over forty years.  Mostly middle school.  I even did adjunct work at three colleges.  I did insurance, prepped dishes in a restaurant and worked at Lego Land as a ride operator and busboy.  The problem is I am now 72 and most jobs allow me to apply then turn me down.  They probably figure and rightly so, that I will only be in the job for a short amount of time.  I do not blame them.  So when I got this job I felt useful again.

The job is tutoring children in China via Skpe.  Half hour shots.  Mostly basic reading and grammar.  It means early morning work but that is okay with me.  Anyone out there interested go to Vipkid and apply.  The money is fairly good and you work from your house.  So if you are young with a kid and need to be home this could be the job for you.  You will need a computer which if you are reading this is noted.  Headsets are good.  Check it out.  Hopefully someone gets a good push to do a job which is rewarding and good pay.  You do need a B.A. degree.  But no teaching certificate is required.



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