I am talking but no one is listening


Do I believe Dr. Ford?  Something occurred but the facts are really hazy.  A couple of points to consider.  She was in a swim suit.  A one piece.  Was it a pool party?  In that area that would make sense.  She was fifteen.  No chaperones at this party?  How did her parents allow her to be at the party?  Beer was in abundance at this party.  Technically if this event happened it was under the radar.  She was illegal since she was under sixteen.  If it happened the Judge and his friend were totally inept at their attempts.  They did not get her swim suit off.  She escaped from two bozos.  Who else was in the house?  How did she get home?  Something happened, but what?

If the Judge was such a boozer how did he do so well in college?  How come he became a non-drinker on the bench?  Or did he show up a boozer or a person who coped but was under the influence?

Did he have a clean drivers license?  No DUI’s, no arrests, no spousal abuse?

Did he clean himself up?  A drunk of sloppy proportions leaves breadcrumbs of his life style.  People know.

But of more consequence, how is he going to rule on abortion?  Will he be the swing vote?  Will women resort to going to clinics in foreign countries to abort a fetus?  Pregnancy happens.  Sometimes it is not more than a lustful moment.  The results are a lifetime of taking care of an unwanted baby which results in even more tragedy.  A woman has the right to her own body.  But the abortion of a fetus is murder, pure and simple.  If life is valued why is it torn apart?  These are the questions which can cause one to go crazy with logic.  Perhaps we are only creatures of convenience.  The baby is not wanted because of the financial cost, the time restraints, the knowing that sleep will be rare and tempers will flare.  All of this for a few minutes of pleasure.  A baby should be the fruitful experience of two people who love each other.  Nice to say but how often does it happen?  Adding booze to the mixture and where is the love?

But Kavanaugh has stated that a president in power cannot be questioned because it will interrupt the business of governing the country.  How would he have voted on Nixon?  Is he Trumps method of negating Mueller?  A backup plan?

Trump the bull in the china shop.  Even with all the breakage the country is thriving.  How is that possible?  Say what you want, but unemployment is the lowest it has been in many years.  The country is bouncing along in a good economic market.  As long as this goes on Trump is winning.  The hell with the environment.  It has become a boring topic.  There is garbage everywhere and the air will kill you if you breathe it.  So, the oceans are getting so bad that fish are floating upside down.  That storms are getting stronger, the ice caps are melting and Gore may have been right.  It is old hat with a faded brim.

Time to move on to more important things, like sports, like movies, like television.  We are mindless like lemmings following the Pied Piper into the sea.  We will drown but we will argue that we have the right to drown.  Our enemies are stronger because we have reached out to them and gave them credit.  We sit with dictators and share food at the table of cordiality.  Even as they plot to destroy us.  Our friends we insult on a daily basis.  We are getting great deals but at what cost.  Upset the apple cart and see where the apples fall.  Maybe they will fall on our side but at what price is the apple sauce?



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