Sick like a dog.

Under the weather.  What does that mean?  I mean we are all under the clouds.  Does that mean under the weather?  I have a had a bad cold for a couple of days.  Coughing is my pastime, my eyes glazed over like a donut.  Writing is difficult but a few words will do.  I am sick like a dog.  I wonder what dogs say, “sick as a human?”

Antibiotics in my system swishing through my body flushing out the bodies which are anti my health.  My mind is starting to clear up from the dullness of sickness which invaded me.  The only good thing is that once it is over you feel so much better.

Someone needs to invent a machine like an elevator.  You go in and as you go up floors you get better.  By the time you reach the fifth floor you are okay to go.


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