The man who can not change

I do not do well with authority,

Guess I am to old and like a dog cannot learn new tricks.

I have gone through life and been kicked down so many times,

I have never learned to accept knowledge from my superiors, I am a rose with a prick.

Stubborn to the core, a raging bore, and guilty making mistakes galore.

It has cost me, a fact not to be ignored,

I have been hit by the bulls horns my body has been gored.

Yet, I stumble from one pillar to post and back again like a drunken sot,

Hitting my head on the dashboard, a foolish man, a broken robot.

I only know, and advice is never taken,

I am like Bond, stirred and never shaken.

So, I go on, a little depressed and totally not in charge,

A boat with no oars and hitting the docks and the barge.

No hope says I, and I shut my eyes for my resistance to change is absolute,

I am a lonely warrior, with scars to prove my inadequacies and a deflated ego to boot.


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