to be or not to be, you be the judge

Boys will be boys.  That is the excuse of poor behavior.  As a youth I did not join a frat.  The point of a frat appeared to be crude.  Not that I was not crude.  I just did need a group to help that concept along.

Drinking beer and hard liquor was never a passion of mine.  I ended up in college and spent my time studying and working after classes to make rent money.  Maybe I did not have time to be a drunk womanizer.  I believed in the guy from That Girl.  Treat a woman with respect.  An old time concepts.

Our supreme court justice should not be above the law.  Yes, it is babyish to cop a feel, or push a woman around for sex.  What was he thinking?  What does love have to do with it/ Just about everything.  Without love it is just a physical thing and you might as well do it with a blow-up doll.

Just my opinion.  The worse fact is explaining his drunk weird actions to his daughters.  Would he accept what he had done to happen to his children?  Sad, very sad.  The inability to control one’s actions.

The consequences are enormous.  Do we allow a man who has acted so poorly to handle Roe versus Wade?

Or do we ignore it and chalk it up to a boyish prank.  The decision will be discussed per nauseum Thursday.  I do not look forward to the debacle.


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