My take on the shape of water. A teardrop in a spoon.

I just saw “the shape of water”.  A little yawn.  It is definitely the creature from the black lagoon.  Taken out of its environment and taken to an American city…  Add to that fact the creature regenerates itself when wounded and can heal other people… reflections of Swamp Thing, a television show of the past.  Add to that a crazy guy in the government who is a bully with a prod, shades of a German commander, and a few Easter eggs and you have the picture.  The girl has vestigial marks on her neck, like pre-gills.  She is mute just like the creature.  They have interanimal sex.  Against the law.  They both get killed and come back to life, very Christ like.  They both like shades of green.

You got to bend over quite a bit to accept the premise.  The body count is sparse.  I cried over the cat.  I thought the creature might have been a veggie man eating mostly eggs.  I imagine he has a cholesterol problem. How did the water in the bathroom fill the room without flowing out completely through the cracks?  How did the scene of the water leaky out go into the movie theater? It showed it under the apartment and it was not, it was quite a distance away.

I was surprised that the evil agent did not take out his gun and threaten the Black people.  How did the help get in constantly to a facility unattended?  You would feel that security would be tighter.  What would be the product of the sex?  Is this the birth of Aqua man?

Del Toro is a fitting director.  He is like a bull killing reality in this film.

The acting is really good.  Just keeping a straight face must have been challenging.

The creature by the way is the same guy as in Hellboy.

Where are the regular mill people?  I guess they are in the mill. Talk about stereotypes.  A mute, a homosexual, a Black Woman with an attitude, a scientist on the brink of being a spy and a maniac with a vicious streak.  All the other characters are incidental.  One line or two and they leave the scene.




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