Points of life

When ants elope they become antelopes.

Wedding bells chime in when single life dies.

The wedding ring should be put on the brides finger and through the grooms nose.

The bride wears white and the groom black.  They should have an oreo cake.

Why does the limo look like a hearse?

Why does the wedding car have shoes attached to the bumper at the end of the car?

If the couple are athletic should they wear sneakers at the wedding?

What happens when the priest asks, “Does anyone feel these two should not get married?” and someone speaks up. Do they halt the wedding and discuss the situation?

What happens if the best man does come, do they go to the second best?

How social is social media?  Does Instagram like yahoo?

If there is a protest, does that mean you are for the test?

I know people have failed the driver’s test, what about the pregnancy test?  Is a positive a failure?

When you test drive a car are the questions true or false?

I use to have ambition but now I have am bitching because life is so hard.


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