Working for pleasure and not money.

I am in a dilemma concerning what I want to do.  I do not have to go back to work.  I have enough money coming in.  But I think I need to work to keep moving and thinking.  I get bored easily.  I am married and spend a lot of time with my wife.  But going out to eat and normal daily routines are drowning me into a routine life of ennui. I went for a job teaching Chinese students English over the computer.  It pays well but means I need to spend a lot of time chained to the computer.  It also means a lot of repetition and boring work.  Going over the letters for a five-year-old student and then the next student is five.  You gain no real connection with the student.  I like to kibitz with people and this does not fulfill this need.  No real facetime except for a small screen.  In my life I taught a lot of seventh grade.  The lessons were interactive and that was one reason I liked it.  But this is dull.  Like I said the money is good but the job is just not for me.  The problem is I am stubborn to the core and hate to admit I cannot do a job.  But I need to get something more stimulating.  I know you are going to suggest volunteer work but I am used to getting paid something for my time.  I just do not want to give it away.


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