Some reflections from the broken mirror.

Who wrote the op ed?  I do not feel it is a military man.  They are sworn to follow orders and not knife their upper ranks in the back.  Most of the people do not have the language skills.  I figure it has got to be someone who is fed up.  The person who has bitched the most prior to this? Taking a poly is ridiculous.  First they are not reliable.  Second some people can lie and get away with it.  President Trump would probably fail the test.  Are you a racist?  Gotcha!

Tired of sports.  Take a knee, bend an elbow, take a position.  What happened to sports?  Use to be play.  Now politics.  The Blacks are right, they are getting blown away like rabbits.  Some police overreact.  Some Blacks overreact.  Nobody is right.  Everyone is wrong.  Been going on forever.  No end in sight.  Sorry I have basically given up.

I recycle.  Why because my son who went to the orient said there is plastic bottles in the water there.  Coke has polluted the waters.  Those things holding an eight pack strangle fish.  Eventually humans eating these fish will get plastic poisoning.  Get ready for the explosion.

For some reason I miss Burt Reynolds.  He was a smile on a crocodile.  He did the canon ball with Dom.  Now both are gone.  Breaker, Breaker and there is silence.  Miss the guy from Genie.  He died at ninety one.  How did that happen?  Hell, Barbara Eden is an old lady.  Time has passed quickly and the stars of yesterday got wrinkles and some have passed on.  Robin Leach no longer goes into the homes of the rich and famous.  Peter Lawford’s son has died.  I did not know Lawford had a son.  McCain has left the Senate.Aretha has sung her last song.  KInd of depressing.

Tripped and fractured a bone in my foot. On the mend but it made me wear a boot. Pain is a note that you are human.  Pain is piss poor.  I empathize with those who live with it.

So many have hit the paper by suicide.  Seems to be a wave of this.  Mental distress is soaring and it is not good.  I blame Trump.  I feel he has made the mood of this country into something not nice.  He seems to depress me for his hate spew occurs so frequently.



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