I am so tired of it all

Can the President lie to his country and dispute the facts?

I am still awaiting the publication of Trump and his disputed tax?

I am a waiting for the infrastructure that will mend our roads.

I am a waiting the relief to those people in Puerto Rico who live with molds?

I a wait eagerly for the unveiling of the new health policies which will service all,

I am waiting for someone to note that not much is done in Congress, just nothing at all.


Gone will be Rowe versus Wade and women will get butchered by quacks,

I am waiting for the polls where the numbers will be skewed into alternative facts.

I am waiting for the divergence of the writer of that op ed is given a poly graph test,

I figure he will resign quickly and his name will fade as all those who left the White House, the best of the best.


I count the days to the election of the midterms,

To see if this country will survive the upheaval.

Will this gloom and doom disappear, this silence of evil.



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