Three Billboards

Three Billboards:
In this Oscar winner’s darkly comic story, a woman is frustrated by the local sheriff’s ineffectual investigation of her daughter’s rape and murder, so she rents three billboards to make a public statement. Stars Francis Mcdormand.  I just saw this movie. Maybe it is just me but I saw a lot of religious connotations in the film.  First off it has three billboards.  The number three is used quite often to mean the Trilogy.  Then there is the constant theme of hate and then the acknowledgement of repenting for that hate is killing the hater.  Then an opening up to a change in behavior.  The gut wrenching suicide of the sheriff causes one to question if faced with inevitable death which will be prolonged and devasting to the family is suicide acceptable?  A very tough movie to watch and the end leaves you hanging.  But the cast is top notch.  Unfortunately it leaves you drained at the end.


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