Monsters galore

We love to scream at the top of our lungs at monsters that scare us,,

Monsters with many eyes and mouths that breath vile black pus.

Claws that rip and teeth that hack, the monsters want humans for a tasty snack.

How many monsters can you name at one sitting, how many can you think of with their venom spitting.

King Kong and Godzilla, and so many other giants one can not name them all,

The monsters in the mist, the monster under the bed, the monster that was fifty feet tall.

The blob with red slim, the crawling eye, the ghost of the past, the monster that move fast.

They all have in common a natural tendency to eat human meat,

They will start with your chest and even eat your toes on your feet.

Possession anyone, or a parasite in your brain, creatures that rain upon us and drive us insane.

Frankenstein and the Wolf man and even the Mummy enraged, monsters that have escaped the bars on their cage.

Some from outer space, some from under the ocean, some from another alien race and finally some from a magical potion.

At the end so many have been killed, so much blood has been spilled, we leave the theater and are happy we are just thrilled.

But after it is over and we are tucked in our beds, after the reels stop going over and over in your head, your nightmares come and make your twist and turn and finally now you have a concern.

What if the monster in the film is real, what if the comet is coming,

What if what you hear is the engine of a unidentified flying object humming.

Look all around and be scared for tonight could be the one,

Just remember they are just movies and they were made just in fun.


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