Looney Tunes of the World of the Pun

In Jamaica the mongoose is the mangoose.

Can the snow leopard use an ice pack?

Was the Peking Duck arrested for spying?

Can a war be started because of missiletoe?

In a war of words are pens weapons?

Is compassion a love story between two dot coms?

Is the passion fruit sometimes to passionate and is it in the Fifty Shades of Gray?

Can a mustang be used in a posse of cars?

Did you hear what the buffalo herd?

Can Stove Top be microwaved?

If a person’s last name is Miser would his daughter be named Penny?

If it cost three cents to make a penny why does our government do round up to the nearest nickel?

If the Count dies is it a miscount?

Is the wife of the Count the Mrs. Count?

What is a wide spread? Is it a waste area concept?

Does the skunk smell his reeking odor?

Does anyone out there remember taking two pieces of bread, a few slices of cheese in between and placing it on the radiator of the room to melt it into a grilled cheese sandwich?

If you grill a cheese sandwich does it talk the secrets of cheese?


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