Non deep thoughts

If I had a genie in a bottle I would be arrested for kidnapping a free spirit,

The world spins around at the same pace and we end up in the same position every twenty four hours.

The consequences of our actions deem us to relive the past.

With time the past gets fuzzy with inaccurate information.

When were the really good years?  Pre wife, or pre children or pre grandchildren.

I have seen fire and I have seen rain.  Big deal.

Can an ulcer be a pain in the behind?

What exactly is NASCAR?  The cars go around and around.  Kind of like life.  What comes around will be and if not its Karma.

I do not like being enclosed.  No scuba diving in a tight wet suit.  No going into outer space in an enclosed capsule.  No flying on the airlines enclosed and breathing the same air for hours.

I have little patience.  I like to order my meal and not wait an hour to get it.  Than when it arrives hope it is correct.  Than pay for it and leave a tip to have it brought to the table.  I would rather give the tip to the guy or gal cleaning the dishes through the dish washer.  At least he or she is working hard.

Have you ever seen a female dish washer?


The dish washer detergent name is Dawn?  When Dawn is finished  is she  Eve?

What exactly is oil of olay?  Where do they get the oil from?

Can a magic man palm leaves of palm?

My son went to orient and said the oceans there are filled with plastic.

In other words you can pick up a cola bottle in the surf all over the world.

One day the environment will rebel and the earth will suffer the consequences.

Did Adam and Eve use precaution?

Did Eve nag Adam over the Garden of Eden?



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