Get ready for the heat

The single highest land skin temperature recorded in any year of the study was found in the Lut Desert in 2005 and measured a stunning 159.3 F (70.7 C). Lut had the highest surface temperature in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009 as well.

The earth is going to boil away,

It is slowly getting hotter day by day.

Temperatures soaring and the heat wave coming,

The air conditioners are constantly humming.


But there will be a time when the heat will be to much,

Things will be so hot that people will be told, “Do not Touch”

Do not go into your car without the air conditioner on full throttle,

You might die from the heat as your skin melts and mottles.


Water will disappear from the planet and the price will go up to the skies,

Each day the red dot on the temperature gauge will hit new highs.

A hundred will be common in every city on the earth,

It will effect all from the old to those who gave birth.


Hell on this planet spinning like a ball of fire,

The devil will live on the land and you know he is no liar.

For even he admits climate change has occurred and that is just a fact.

People will die everywhere and the bodies will be stacked.


Burn, baby, burn will be the motto of the masses,

Earth is doomed and there are no free passes.


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