One cannot move when paranoia strikes

“Where am I?” said the man in the fog.

I could be on the sea for there is salt in the air.

I could be on top of a mountain, or in an animal lair.

I could be asleep, and the fog is in my mind,

Or I could be on another planet of some kind.

I feel fear and there is sweat on my face,

I can feel the perspiration and it has an awful taste.

The fog is lifting, and I can see now I am just in a field of grass,

The feeling of anxiety is lifting, and I am free at last.

Yet just over the hill on my right,

Is an enemy reading to fight?

I must fight them with all my might,

For my paranoia is strong and will last the day and the night.

I trust no one and no man is my friend,

I am the deceiver of all and the enemy of men.


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