Looking for the honest man

I was looking for an honest man,

Honesty does not abound in this abundant land.

What a person of the north, south, east or west,

Attest to being honest and not the best of the best.


A humble man who counts his cents,

A man who does not live in the mansion but in tents.

A man who ad libs virtue words and does not lie,

A man who sits and not judges as life passes by.


A man who is admired by all,

A man whose wisdom is ten feet tall.

A man who can be the captain of the skies,

A man who tells the truth and seldom lies.


But the rub is in the pudding of slime,

There is no such man at this particular time.

No man, at all, who stands erect in the judgement hall,

No man with voice but a woman after all.


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