The Art of the Lie

Lying as an art form,

Would I tell an untruth?

For sure if it gets me what I want, so uncouth.

Asked if the dress looks well on my wife,

I answered yes to avoid the strife.


Are not all children beautiful to the parents who bore them?

Does not the child performer do well for those who adore them?

Am I not beautiful asks your heavenly child?

Of course, is our response said emphatically and then filed.


We lie on a dime, a quarter or even a penny,

We lie so often not just once but many.

We lie to protect the precious from hearing the truth,

We lie through our lips, our forked tongue and our wisdom tooth.


We lie to our athletes who run to the goal line?

You are important to me and my admiration is a positive sign.

You are the best at the sport and I will pay big bucks to see you play,

I will admire you till you start to falter the very next day.


I will lie to the actors and actresses who grace the screen,

I like them when they are cutesy and even when they are mean.

They are the idols of play acting and rake the money in,

I even admire the animals like Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.

I pledge allegiance to the all might dollar that rings with a thud,

The egg on my face will attest to that for it has changed into mud.


So, trust me not and listen to me with an ear full of wax,

Lying are the words on my lips and that is the facts.


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