Questions and answers of folly

Who makes up the choir of voices at Sing Sing?

Alcatraz is the word for Pelican Island, but you would think it would have sea gulls there?  Or am I too gullible?

The concept of the dark ages confuses me?  Is this the time period of “Only the Shadow Knows”?

Remember the phrase “Bread and Butter” well today it should be called “Bread and Oleo” because romance is so fake and relationships fail so often.

I want to know the situation of the marriage counselor.  How can he or she give me advice if their marriage is screwed up?

When my wife got pregnant I asked if she was kidding me?

If misery loves company then I am surrounded with depressed people.

Remember the song, “Fly me to the Moon” what airlines goes there?  Remember “Moon River”?  Who thinks there is a river on the moon?  Is it a cheese river?

I am tired of the Progressive girl and her name your price tool.  My price would be five dollars.

I went into Starbucks and gave them star bucks but they would not accept that currency.  I would love to see a team of Starbucks fighting the dunking team and see who would come out ahead.

I wonder if Pinocchio ever picked his nose?  Did he get splinters for his efforts?

I believe that Mary should check with the Butcher to find her lost sheep.

Little Jack Horner has small hands and sits in the corner on them.

How come Napoleon has his hand in his vest pocket?

Can birds fly backward?  Do black sheep have more wool than white sheep?

Is Shep named after Shepard and is he considered a stooge for the wolf?

Clinton played the sax and Trump plays the country.


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